Swindon Mistress Sofia

02 Jan 2016

Under a minute? Are you kidding me ! 

Short calls are very frustrating  for us girls. We get paid nothing for the first minute , so if I had 6 consecutive calls under a minute, God forbid, I’d be climbing the walls , but in saying that it can be quite amusing 

Ring Ring 

“Hello , who am I speaking too?”

“Hello it’s Tony, could you give Emily a message for me?”

“I’m sorry Tony I’m not in an office with other girls, we work from home ”

“Oh. So where’s Emily then?”

“I can only assume she is in her own home ”

“Damn it, so you can’t get a message to her then ?” 

“No Tony , I can’t ” 

“Ok “. Click, charming ! 

Ring Ring 

“Hello Yvonne . We got cut off, it’s Steve, I’ve got the whipped cream , the funnel and the latex gloves you asked for”

“Erm , that’s nice Steve but this is Sofia ”

“Oh bollocks ” click 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Hello Sofia, it’s Jeremy . I’m just phoning to see if your on tonight ?”

“Yes Jeremy , I’m on every night ”

“Jolly good, I’ll try and keep it up till later then”


Ring Ring 

“Hello , who am I speaking to?”

“It’s John Sofia , we spoke about a month ago , remember ?”

I get hundreds of calls a week 

” Um yes John , of course I remember . What can I do for you?”

“well, just wanted to let you know , that bread poltice worked a treat , it’s totaly cleared up , hardly left a mark ”

” That’s wonderful , I’m so pleased”

” Bye then Sofia.”

“Bye John”   Bread poltice? What the fuck was that about ! 

Then there’s even shorter ones 

Ring Ring 

“Hello , who am I speaking too?”

“Hi it’s Ian, my dicks hard . Can you be my mummy?”

” No, I bloody well can’t” click 

Ring Ring 

” Hello  , who am I speaking too?”

” Hello, it’s Jake ”

” What can I do for you Jake?”

“I’m gonna tie you down and get 10 men to gang rape you ”

 ” Fuck off Jake ” click 

Hmm ! Short but not so sweet huh! 


18 Dec 2015

‘Twas the night before Christmas. 

Twas the night before Christmas and I’m home alone 

I’d just settled down for a night on the phone 

It started to ring , ’twas a horny old git 

He wanted me naked and to suck on his dick 

I said ” oh come on then , but let’s make it quick

I’m expecting a visit from Santa, st Nick ”

The next one was dressed in his mother-in- laws frock 

And wanted me wanking his very small cock 

And so it went on till it was late and so dark 

And I said to myself “fuck this for a lark”

A nice cup of tea and a home made mince pie 

But as I started to move a light caught my eye 

And out on the lawn I espied st Nick 

But to my surprise he was holding his dick 

He laughed when he saw me , how his belly did wobble 

“Ho Ho Ho Sofia’ any chance of a gobble?”

“But I thought you had come to just fill my stocking ”

“I will Sofia , in exchange for a fucking ”

So after the deed and with incredible speed 
He jumped on his sleigh and cried”up up and away”

And I thought to myself as he flew out of sight 

Shouting ” thanks for the fuck Sofia , have a good night 

Santa only took three minutes to cum 

And the wily old git didn’t wear a condom !!! 

15 Dec 2015

Sofia’s slave becomes her lover 

He stood outside her bedroom door, his mind lost in thought . How long he had waited for this moment , now it was here he felt fear and apprehension . What if he disappointed her , what if she really were as cold and unfeeling as she portrayed herself to be . 

Inside the bedroom , Sofia stood in front of the mirror . She was all too aware of the difference in their ages , she was a striking woman , but even so the tell tale signes of her age were very apparent to her.she had not had a lover since her marriage ended and that was a good few years ago . Her sex life with her ex husband left a lot to be desired . She had spent many years faking her pleasure in order to end the ordeal . She had also spent 25 years being constantly belittled and bullied . Sofia vowed that no man would get the better of her again , her life experience with him had totaly changed and hardened her. 

He resisted the urge to knock on the door, no, he had made it quite clear that he would be in full control this evening . He quietly turned the handle and walked in . His mistress was standing in front of the mirror , obviously deep in thought . He walked over to her and gently placed his hands on her shoulders . He felt her flinch at the unfamiliar touch . She raised her head and looked at him through the mirror . For the first time he had the right to look at her face and so he gazes into her eyes. He was surprised when she shyly lowered her eyes. Oh my god , he thought, she’s vulnerable . He slowly turned her around , lifting her chin he bent his head and his lips touched hers , almost like a whisper, then his tongue slowly traced around her lips and when he felt them part he gently pushed it into her mouth and found hers . He caressed her tongue with his until he felt it become hard and he knew she was becoming as aroused as he was . He pulled the thin straps of her negligee down her shoulders and it slid to the floor . He took a step back , he had seen her body many times before but had never been permitted to gaze intently . She saw the desire in his eyes and felt compelled to bring her arms up to cover herself , but he took her wrists and gently guided them away as he whispered ” your beautiful ” 

He picked her up and carried her to the bed kissing her as he laid her down . He lay down next to her , she could feel his hardness against her leg . His hand began caressing her breasts , then she felt his soft mouth as it took her nipple sucking it until it became hard like a rosebud. His hand slowly stroking down her flat stomachs untill it found her beautiful mound and he began gently playing with her clit, teasing caressing . As his fingers moved down to her cunt he was surprised how wet she was becoming . He moved down pushing her knees apart his tongue was quick to enter her , moving in and out of her , he felt her body writhing , heard her gentle moans and was aware how desperately he longed to be inside her . He could taste her sweet juices and it made him feel lightheaded . He wanted nothing for himself , this was all for her , he wanted to watch her face as she reached the orgasm he knew she was close to . Then he felt her pulling him to her and he knew the time was right , he pulled his body up onto hers , his cock found its home immediately and he slowly entered her . He began moving rhymically inside her , never taking his eyes from hers . He saw a tear slide down her cheek , he bent and kissed it away , moments later he watched as she climaxed taking him with her . When they were spent and he lay on her gently caressing her she heard him whisper in her ear “I love you Sofia” But those words were to seal his fate 

15 Dec 2015

A couple of obscurities

Here are a couple of calls that I guess I can only refer to as rather odd fetishes, or maybe it’s just my perception , anyway check them out and make your own mind up.

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

, “Hello, this is David ”

“Hello David, what can I do for you?”

There was a nervous laugh and some hesitation.

“Actually Sofia , I have a rather strange fetish , but it’s very specific ”

“Then I’m your girl David , fire away, I’m not easily shocked”

‘Ok, I want you to be wearing a 1970s long white polo neck jumper, I’m also turned on by the word busy “. Hmm ok let’s have a stab at this then

“Oh , I’m such  a busy girl in my flat , wearing my 1970s white polo neck long jumper , busy, busy, busy, I love my long polo neck jumper ” then I heard.

“Oh well”

I thought, oh bummer , I’d obviously got it wrong, I hate failure

“That’s me done then “. With that he started to laugh

“I know, it’s very odd isn’t it ? I can’t explain it ”

Next thing , I was laughing . He’s called several times since and always the same scenario and we’ve never managed to say goodbye because we’re both laughing so much.

Here’s another strange one

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Hello, I’m mark”

” what can I do for you mark?”

“I know this is a bit strange Sofia but I have an obsession with the word jail . Also the magazines , cosmopolitan and Marie Clare . I want you to take me to the worst jail imaginable , talk about the magazines too and compare them .

Bloody hell, no pressure then, why can’t he just settle for a quick wank like most of them . I’d need a degree in political journalism to sort this one out

” Mark, you have been sentenced to life in jail , I’m sending you to bank ok”. Hah, very appropriate name , nice touch on my part.

“It’s the worst jail in the world , cockroaches, rats, pigs swill for food, riddled with desease . Not to mention gang rapes , murders , it’s the worst possible jail you could possibly imagine. We will travel by train I’ve bought a couple of magazines , cosmopolitan and Marie Clare for you do read . There’s an article in cosmopolitan about the very jail your going to ”

” oh Sofia, that was amazing . Thank you so much I loved it ” What any of that had to do with sex is beyond me  but I’m not to reason why . Still don’t know wether he had an orgasm but he went away happy .

13 Dec 2015

Slave and mistress Matilda 

He stopped the car at the wrought iron gates, pressing the intercom he steeled himself for the acknowledgment , but was surprised when the gates just opened. He drove down the long winding drive until the house was in sight . It was quite breathtaking although to him it felt intimidating. He parked and walked to the front door, it was several minutes before he could bring himself to ring the bell and that was only after he had given himself the pep talk he needed. This was important to him and failure was not an option , but although he was determined he also knew that his body would only obey if the desire was there, that was seeming very unlikely to him.

He rang the bell. The door was opened by a stunningly beautiful oriental girl which surprised him, for some reason he was expecting a butler. 

“You are slave?”

” yes I am, mistress Matilda has sent for me”

” yes, enter please, I have instruction to prepare you for my mistress”

He walked behind her , her body was exquisite, she wore a tight white dress with a split at the side showing a long tanned thigh, he couldn’t help wishing his task involved her, he knew if it did he would be bound to succeed . She took him into a room furnished quite sparcly with just a long sofa and a wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and took out a white towelling robe. 

“I am Star, I take care of you , prepare you, ”

Star began to undress him, she unzipped his jeans and pulled them to his ankles”

“Step please”

Then she pulled down his boxers, a smile crossed her face. He stepped out of them and as he did he felt her hand wrap around his cock.

“Mmm , you will please my mistress I think”

She began to stroke him slowly, he felt his cock begin to grow as her stroking became more intense . Then just as quickly she released him. 

” my mistress would be cross with me, playing is forbidden for me.”

Star held the robe open. He put his arms in and she deftly tied the belt, giving him a last playful stroke. He willed the hardness to remain but the nervousness he felt in his gut was no aphrodisiac and he was soft before they reached the door of mistress Matilda’s room. Star pushed the door open. 

“Slave is here and ready mistress”

Matilda was sitting at a small table, she was wearing an orange kaftan , her hair was in a large bun on the top of her head. Time and the debauched lifestyle had not been kind to her. Too many cosmetic procedures had left their mark as she tried to hold back the ravages of time, but for all of this he could see that she had once been a very beautiful woman 

“Well Star, did you manage to keep your hands to yourself?”

” sorry mistress”

“Get out , I’ll deal with you later”

” well slave, come here, let me take a look at you, open your robe”

He slowly untied it and pulled it apart to enable Matilda to see hid body. He felt humiliated , like he was a prize bull on show .

“Don’t look so terrified slave I don’t bite.so would you like to go up in your mistresses estimation?”

“Yes mistress, it’s my dearest wish”

“Then I think we will both get what we want. Much as I admire your beautiful body slave I have no desire to be intimate with you or anybody else, but I have a reputation to uphold and so as far as your mistress and all who are told this meeting was extremely sexually successful, do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal clear mistress”

“Good, now then, do you play chess slave?”

” yes of course mistress”

Several hours later he was in his car driving home. How surprised he had been, what a pleasant few hours and he had built quite a rapport with Matilda, so much so that she had asked to see him again. 

Sofia was sitting on a stool in the kitchen obviously waiting for his return.

“You have excelled yourself slave , mistress Matilda has already phoned me, she is very happy and wishes to see you again , well done. Yes I remember I promised you a reward of your choice and I will stick to my word. What would you like slave?”

“Mistress Sofia, you said I could choose anything I desired.”

“I did , would you like a female slave? Or two perhaps?”

“No mistress, I want a night with my mistress, not as a slave but as your lover”

He watched as the colour drained from her face. 

13 Dec 2015

You want me to take my what out? 

I have to say, some calls leave me speechless. I’m totally confused as to what turns some guys on.

Ring, Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

“Hello, this is Raymond, are you old?”

“Well Raymond, I wouldn’t describe myself as old, but I’m certainly a more mature lady”

“Oh great, big saggy tits then?”

Great! No I don’t have big saggy tits but what the caller wants the caller gets.

” Yes Raymond they are humongous , in fact if I’m not careful they get caught in my zip”

“Oh my god amazing,  you got a big fat belly?”

God could this get any worse 

“Yep, huge saggy belly can’t remember the last time I saw my pussy”

” God Sofia , that’s got me so hard, I want you to suck my big hard cock , but take your teeth out first, put them in a glass by the side of the bed, then give me a real hard gummy suck”

This guy is really taking the piss. I don’t mind that my tits have started to resemble roofers nail bags , or that my belly now obscures my feet, but my teeth are my pride and joy and are most definitly my own . But his next request was even more bizarre .

“I want to hear you saying something without your teeth in”

Hmm, how does , ” you are a fucking twat” sound , coming from a toothless old hag with body issues?

Anyway , I won’t bore you with the gory details of toothless fellatio , but he made enough noise about it , so there’s nothing wrong with this old hags hearing. 

” yeah, that was great doll, cheers”

” just a minute, before you go”

” yeah?”

“I’d like my teeth back please”

Bloody Cheeck 

09 Dec 2015

The start is her slaves challenge 

He woke early very concious of the pain in his knees. It was the legacy from his punishment the night before , he was determined to redeem himself today. He stood up and pulled his jeans on , silently opened his bedroom door intent on heading for the kitchen , but on noticing his mistresses bedroom door was ajar he crept across the landing and looked through the crack. Sofia was lying on her back , the quilt had been pushed down , one leg was hanging over the bed , long , tanned, her nails painted deep red. He could just see the rise of her left breast and realised that she was naked. His hand went to his crotch as he was aware of the stirring beneath his jeans as his cock began to harden. Sofia turned over and a little moan escaped her lips which was enough to bring him to his senses and he quickly made his way to the kitchen . Sofia sat up stretched and slipped on her white silk robe. She was pondering on her next move, her meeting hadn’t gone well but she had received a call from Mistress Matilda, an honour indeed as she was the matriarch of all mistresses, this could be just the feather in her cap that she needed. 

He didn’t hear her enter the kitchen , busying himself preparing breakfast for his mistress.

“So slave, I hope you are prepared to redeem yourself today?”

” yes mistress , I want to please you anyway possible” He had looked at her for only a moment , her robe had slipped  off one shoulder , she was perched on a stool and the robe had fallen open to reveal the smoothness of her pussy. Damn it, he felt the familiar stirring , unfortunately for him it had not gone unnoticed. Sofia slipped off the stool , a little smile crossed her face , she walked across to him and deftly unzipped just jeans slipping her hand inside she released his cock, which was now hard and throbbing . He waited for the dissaproval but was surprised when instead her smile widened. 

” I’m glad to see your cock is playful today slave, he is going to be busy”

“Yes mistress. Always ready to please”

” you are aware of mistress Matilda slave?”

” yes mistress, of course”  what slave hadn’t, the most feared but reveared mistress , well into her 70s  maybe even 80s . 

” well slave, she has heard I have a new slave and is keen to try you out. Don’t let me down slave , I want you to please her. Obey her as you would me, if you are successful then I will grant you a wish”

“A wish mistress?”

“Yes, anything you desire . Go and get ready . She wants you for the day”

“Yes mistress, I won’t let you down”

He left the kitchen , he already knew what his wish would be. But could he be successful, could he fuck a wizened old lady in her 80s . His heart sank  

06 Dec 2015

Love a judge in a basque 

I never cease to be surprised by some of my callers , just when you think you’ve heard it all. 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello I’m Sebastian ”

“Hello Sebastian , I’m Sofia , what can I do for you?”

” I’m wearing pink panties and a basque, I want to be your sissy”

” where are you ? What are you doing sissy?”

“Well actually , I’m a judge it’s  my lunch time”

Bloody hell, I thought I’d heard it all , I hope it wasn’t the judge that presided over my divorce, it wouldn’t surprise me, I thought his mind was on something else, didn’t think it was my knickers though. 

” so you want to be my sissy do you slut? Well let’s get rid of that cock first, I don’t suppose you have any cling film?”

“Well actually I do mistress. I have a little kitchen here”

” good, get some and wrap it around that disgusting little cock”

“Yes mistress”

I could hear him doing just that , then I had him on his hands and knees , well you wouldn’t want to know all the ins and outs , suffice to say it would have made a judge blush”

“Ok Sebastian , I think you’ve earned your reward , do you want to cum for your mistress?”

” oh god, yes please mistress, but could I take the cling film off first?”

” omg, I’d forgotten about the bloody cling film”

” only the thing is mistress, it’s got really tight and my cocks very swollen ”

Jesus, I’ve killed the bastard. I had a sudden vision of me in the dock “Sofia, you’ve been charged with murder, and that you did wilfully strangle judge Sebastian’s cock with cling film . Shit.

“Go to the sink and stick your cock under the cold tap, it’ll bring the swelling down”

” yes your right mistress, it’s beginning to come down, ah that’s better, it’s loosening now”

Thank fuck for that

“Well sissy, we better leave your orgasm, didn’t you say it was your lunch time?”

” yes mistress , but it’s ok, I’m in my chambers,”

Good god, some poor bastard is going to be sentenced by this pillar of the community this afternoon . Speaks volumes .

“Ok Sebastian , here we go then”

04 Dec 2015

Sofia returns to her slave 

Sofia walked through the door and down the hall, she had no doubt he would be in exactly the same position and it irked her somewhat. She had not had a successful meeting and needed to vent her anger. She opened the kitchen door 

“Has my little puppy been a good slave?”

He was still in exactly the same position , his knees hurt like hell and he could feel his calves beginning to cramp . Beads of sweat lined his top lip and he licked it away , tasting the saltiness he fleetingly wished it was her saltiness he was tasting. She stood looking down at him and he thought how incredibly sexy and powerful she looked, he was aware of his shorts tightening as his cock began to harden and too late he realised he had been staring into her eyes.

“What do you think you are doing slave? How dare you presume to be good enough to look into my eyes ”

“I’m sorry mistress, your so beautiful I forgot my place, please forgive me”

“I don’t want pathetic excuse. This could have been so different as I see you haven’t moved since I went out and would have rewarded you . Remove your shorts slave. You will go into chastity for 5 days . It will serve as a reminder, never lift your eyes to mine again . Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes mistress, very clear, ”

He stood up and removed his shorts and Sofia put the cumbersome cage around his throbbing cock. He was desperate to cum but knew, due to his transgression , that would be a long way off.  He was so disappointed , he’d tried so hard to please her . He could kick himself and vowed that tomorrow he would do better. 

02 Dec 2015

Corner shops can certainly hold some surprises 

This could be from an X rated Open all hours. It’s my little corner shop Raj, although if he’s to be believed then not so little.

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello, it’s Raj, I’m really  horny baby”

“Mmmmm just how I like it sugar, tell me what I should do to you”

” oh baby, I wanna  fuck you , hard and deep, hard and deep, oh just a sec. Lentils, bottom shelf my love, there, next to the rice”

Then, to my amazement I heard a till open, then Raj was back like he’d never been away. 

” yeah deep and hard, fuck you deep and hard, oh just a sec, ”

Then he was gone again , this time I heard a guy laughing and

” your not on that phone again are you Raj?” 

“No, not me sir”

Then he was back, this time I said”

“Raj, are you in a shop? ”

“Yes, it’s ok, I come out the back . Now I’m gonna fuck you with my ten inch cock , deep and hard, deep and hard, oh just a sec.  Yes madam, what you looking for?”

I hope madams eyes didn’t wander too far down because if Raj rally does hav e a ten inch cock then she’s in for a nasty surprise . Then he’s back again. 

“Deep and hard, deep and hard, bet you never had a guy like me baby?”

Well he’s not wrong there. Most guys aren’t that good at multitasking . That call lasted 35 minutes. Raj and I spoke for 4 of them . Still I guess he lasted a minute longer than most men.