Swindon Mistress Sofia

22 Jan 2016

Matt , Sofia and the hotel room 

From the stool at the bar I sit waiting, sipping my gin and tonic , watching the people come and go. Other single men on business trips, couples of all ages, tourists, groups of co-workers. In town for corporate training , they all come and go while I wait. 

I’m nervous, the drink should be calming my nerves but it isn’t. I order a second, or is it my third, I’m not sure. Will she arrive? We said 8.30 in the Marriott bar.

“I’ll be wearing a pair of dark jeans , a whites shirt and a deep red tie, I’ll sit at the bar and I’ll drink gin and tonic”

“Ok sugar , I’ll be there, 8.30, I can’t wait ”

I check my phone again , 8.53 no message, no call, no sign. A change of heart, cold feet? I hope not.

Then movement out of the corner of my eye, the door opens and I look up as you walk in. My heart leaps, my stomach tightens. Long elegant legs in sheer black stockings that ends in a dangerously sexy pair of black heels. A figure hugging red dress , the same deep red of my tie. 

You glide up to me and slide onto a waiting stool . I smile, you smile back. My eyes wander as I watch  you crossing your legs, the tight skirt riding up your smooth thighs revealing the lacy tops of your stockings. My mind wanders as I start to imagine  just how fantastic you’d look in your lingerie. I want you.

I feel your foot gliding across the back of my calf , broken from my reverie , I return my gaze to yours. Your smile has been replaced by a mischievous smirk. You know exactly what your doing to me. 

I offer you a drink 

” that’s kind of you , I’ll have a gin and tonic” as you reach for mine on the bar. I watch as you lift the cool glass to your lips, your mouth opening slowly, your tongue sliding out between full red lips, slowly tracing a circle around its rim. The sight is provocative , intense , my stomache tightens. I feel my cock begin to stiffen and swell against the fabric of my jeans . Then I catch your gaze drifting towards my groin. It’s obvious you see what your doing to me, the thoughts in my head, my want for you.

You smile again , setting the drink back down on the bar. You take my hand as you slip from the stool, your dress returning to its natural position. I too stand, somewhat awkwardly and follow as you lead us towards the lift . My eyes focus on your form , slender tight calves leading to defined muscular thighs, round tight bum , curving hips, petite waist and long dark hair flowing down your back.

Inside the lift I press the button to the 4th floor, as the door slides shut on the bar. I begin to feel your body pressing on mine. Your bum , that I had admired , begins to apply a gentle pressure against my groin, although the touch is light it feels heavenly . As you increase the pressure  your intoxicating perfume fills my nostrils , a small sigh of pleasure escapes my lips . I want you now in this lift. 

The doors open , you step out , your hand leading me once more down the corridor . I fumble the key card from my pocket, unlock the door . You open it and step in , I follow and the door shuts. 

Your standing there, at the foot of the bed, God I want you, I’ve been wanting you all day. Your back is turned , I unzip your dress , there’s no resistance , the zip comes down , the dress falls to the floor. Then your standing in front of me, black shoes , black stockings bra and panties, red lips. I pull you close, my hands around your waist. My lips find yours, the taste of gin, bitter and sweet at the same time, your lips are warm and soft against mine. I pull you closer to me , out tongues meet hard against each other, your arms encircle me. 

I unhook your bra, it falls to the floor between us. Soft round breasts exposed , nipples erect . I stoop , cupping one in my warm hand , my lips part , I gently caress it with my tongue . Now I feel your hands on my shoulders  pushing me eagerly to the floor. On my knees before you my face so close to your groin. Slowly , gently I begin to kiss your thighs . Tiny lite kisses , up to your panties . Your hands are on the back of my head now, fingers entwined in my hair , encouraging, wanting, begging me to explore further. 

Your panties are wet against my lips and I smile as I begin to taste you on my tongue . My hands find your hips , my fingers hook into the silk and slowly I slide them down over your stockings untill they reach the floor . I’m on my knees before you , gazing at you, wanting you more than I’ve ever wanted anything. 

Leaning forward you begin to unbutton my shirt , I stand pulling off my tie , your hands work fast ripping off the remaining buttons.. Then your pulling the zip on my jeans , you grab my arse forcing my jeans down to the floor where they join my shirt and your discarded lingerie . 

I stand there before you in my boxers as you stood before me in your stockings . My cock is hard and I want you badly. I feel your fingers grip my boxers and you.pull them to the floor , I gasp as I feel the cool air on my pre-cum covered glans. You place your hand in the centre of my chest and I slowly sink back onto the bed . You join me , your body pressed hard against mine , your skin soft and warm . I turn to face you , my cock coming to rest between your thighs and I immediately feel you tighten around you . I’m filled with yearning for you 

No sooner do I feel your legs embrace , I feel your body start to move , slowly, as you rotate your hips against mine. Now I feel your lips s on my chest , soft at first but hungry with desire . Your kisses move across my body , down my stomach , their touch like the butterflies I felt while waiting at the bar . I tense as I imagine the feel of your tongue on my cock. You pause for what feels like a life time , then I feel your hand on my shaft, tight firm and solid. I want to cry out your name. 

I feel your lips , soft and moist , my bum tenses, forcing my cock up to meet your mouth . Now I feel your tongue as you lick your way round the tip of my cock , the same way you licked around the top of my gin and tonic . It moves on , snaking it’s way down the length of my cock , at which point you take my balls into your mouth , I lay there unable to move. 

You look at me with a wry smile on your face . I moan In ecstasy , your tongue retraces its path to the tip of my cock . Your mouth opens , my eyes roll back and my fingers grab feverishly at the sheets . I feel your lips , your tongue , the roof of your mouth . I hear me call out your name , my body tenses , you hold my hips fast , your head comes up, my cock quivers, your head goes down , I gasp, your head comes back up , a deep moan of pleasure escapes my lips , your head slowly slides back down , my entire body shakes as. I cum , my hot spunk filling your mouth as I call out your name . Your hand now stroking my cock to the end of my orgasm

From Matt 

21 Jan 2016

Me Matt and the hotel toom 

Guys sometimes ask me what a normal call is like, is there such a thing?  So, here is a call without any comical intervention 

Ring. Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

“Hello , it’s Matt ”

“Hello Matt, what  can I do for you?”

” do you role play Sofia?”

“Yes, of course Matt, tell me the scenario”

” I’d like us to be meeting in a hotel, can you take it from there”

“We meet in the bar don’t we Matt?”

“Yes we do Sofia ”

“I’m wearing black silk panties , matching bra , black stockings and a tight red pencil dress. I have black stilletos with a peep toe and an ankle strap. I push myself onto a stool next to you and cross my legs. I’m aware of your eyes on me and I discreetly pull my dress a little higher. Oh, I love to tease you Matt”

I hear Matt swallow and his breathing quickens, no, not yet Matt , I havnt even started. 

” you ask if you can buy me a drink and I say , that’s kind of you , l’ll  have a gin and tonic thank you. You watch as I slowly lick around the rim of the glass, my eyes locked onto yours . I glance down and see the bulge steadily growing in your trousers. I slip off the stool and take your hand . You show no resistance as we enter the lift. I keep my back to you but press myself hard against your body, I hear a small groan escape your lips as your body sinks against mine .the lift opens and I lead you to the room. Once inside I let you unzip my dress, you watch as I step out of it, then I feel your arms slip around me. Your lips are on mine , hot and wanting , your tongue hard and searching . You unhook my bra and bending your head take my erect nipple in your mouth . The feeling is exquisite and I feel a tingling between my thighs . I push you down to your knees, your lips are on my stocking tops , then I feel your tongue on my bare flesh slowly licking up until you find my clit through my panties.i push your head against me and you can feel the wetness as my juices begin to flow onto my panties . You slide my panties down and I step out of them leaving me naked except for my stockings. ”

I hear Matt gasp

“Then I undo your shirt, pulling it off your shoulders, followed by your trousers, I can see your cock hard beneath your boxers and the little wet patch indicating the level of your arousal . I pull them down and your magnificent cock springs out . I push you onto the bed, lying next to you pressing my warm body tight against yours. Opening my legs slightly I slide your hard cock I between my thighs and grip it tightly . I feel it swelling as  I slowly gyrate my body encasing your shaft as I move backwards and forwards. Then I kiss down your body untill my head is close to your cock. I wrap my hand around it and squeeze . Then you feel my soft lips around your glans , my tongue licking and probing your japs eye, sliding my tongue down your shaft I start to lick your balls , gently taking them into my mouth and sucking them , then I slide my tongue back up and take your cock and push you right to the back of my throat 

That proved too much for Matt with an “oh my god” he was gone.

So I guess that gives you an idea of the average ‘normal’ call. Smile !! 

20 Jan 2016

The morning after 

Sofia woke, stretched her arms, then the memories came flooding back. She looked to her left, he was still asleep, his dark lashes long and curled . He was quite beautiful, she allowed herself a moment to remember his passionate lovemaking . She quietly pushed back the quilt , knowing she needed to leave the room , ignoring the stirring she felt in her groin. She sat up , slipped on her robe and silently left the room. 

She was confused , unsettled, had it been just a night of passion she knew they would move on, but his declaration had totaly changed the dynamics , there situation was no longer tenable . Sofia walked into the kitchen, turned on the percolator . By the time he came into the kitchen she was on her second cup of coffee . 

“Mistress, forgive me, I slept too deeply, I should have been here to serve you”

“No, I am no longer your mistress, you have made it impossible to continue. Pack your things , I want you gone by lunchtime”

He looked at her, her face was blank , no signe of emotion, he knew to argue would be fruitless , with a heavy heart , he turned and left the kitchen. 

18 Jan 2016

A mermaids tail, or maybe I should say tale 

Here’s another fishy story . I’m sure by this time you are starting to doubt my sanity, or at very least assume I have a vivid imagination. But , be it as unbelievable as it seems , these are all genuine calls.

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello mistress, my name is Peter ”

“What can I do for you Peter?”

“I’d like to tell you about my fetish , although I’m a little embarrassed about it, I think it’s probably very unusual”

” believe me Peter, there is very little I havnt heard before”

“That’s very reassuring mistress. I’d like to be a mermaid”


“Hmm, ok so what does that entail ?” Oops no pun intended!!

“I wear a mermaid tail mistress”

“How often? Do you have it on now?”

“Yes mistress, I have about ten, all different colours and designs, I wear one most days”

This got me thinking and I just had to ask the question

” does it arouse you Peter?”

“Very much ”

“Doesn’t that pose a problem for you? I mean after all you are wearing a tail”

” well I worked out a system mistress, took me a while ”

Do I really want to hear about his system? 

” what’s that noise Peter? It sounds like water”

” that’ll be my inflatable pool mistress , I love to sit in it and splash my tail ”

Ok , beam me up Scotty !! 

17 Jan 2016

There’s a what in my hot tub? 

There are some weird and wonderful fetishes about , I guess the same can be said for fantasies , but this one had me in stitches although the caller took it very seriously 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“I’m josh”

“Hello josh, what can I do for you?”

“Do you have a hot tub Sofia?”

Now as luck would have it I do although it’s empty at the moment , but even if I didn’t I would be saying yes, it’s the same principle as with the cigarettes , it’s what the caller wants to hear

“Yes josh, of course I have a hot tub”

“That’s great, so you slowly slide your body into it , When suddenly , through the bubbles you see a shark ”

What , well I wasn’t expecting that, is this guy on crack or something 

“Why would I get into my hot tub if there’s a shark in it ?”

“You didn’t know it was there”

“So where did it come from? How did it get in there?”

“Does it matter sofia ?The fact is its there”

“Ok josh”

” then I see you in the hot tub and I notice the shark fin , I hear you scream. ……….. Scream then Sofia ”

“Oh, ahhhhhhhhhh”

“So, I jump into the hot tub and grab the shark round the neck”

“Neck josh? I don’t think a shark has a neck”

“Ok, body then , I hold it down under the water and drown it”

“Hang on a minute josh, a shark is a fish, how can you drown it ?”

“It’s not a fish it’s a mammal”

“I beg to differ josh, I think you’ll find it’s definitely a fish ”

“For fuck sake Sofia, ok so I pick the fucking thing up and chuck it over the wall ok?”

God , what will the neighbours think 

“Ok, oh josh , your so big and strong , you’ve saved my life, how can I ever repay you ?”

“Well Sofia , you can come over here and suck on this big hard cock ”

“Ha ha ha ha ha “.  Click

Damn it, how unprofessional , I guess even I lose the plot sometime . I’m just going to have a quick look in my hot tub !! 

16 Jan 2016

Misunderstandings, I guess it sounds better than f…k ups 

There are occasional calls that end in a complete balls up. That’s all I can say really , best to just get on with it 

Ring Ring 

“Hello who am I speaking too!”

” I am Abawabadaby ”

” pardon?”

“Abawabadaby ”

Well I can’t say pardon again

“Hello Abawabadadawabrt ”  oh god 

” what can I do for you?”

“I want fuck you”

” oh wonderful Abda,, um  sweetie , How would you like to fuck me!”

“You want me come your house?”

Oh my god here we go again. 

“No, no, Abadabwhatsit , I’m not an escort, it’s phone sex”

“Oh sorry madam, you find me girl then?”

“I beg your pardon , I’m not a madam either , or a pimp for that matter, find your own bloody girl”  click 

Ring Ring 

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Um , it’s jason ”

” hello jason , how old are you sugar?”

” I’m seventeen, oh I mean eighteen , oh shit.”  Click 

Ring Ring 

” hello , who am I speaking too?”

“Hello I’m Arnold ”

“Hello Arnold , I’m Sofia , what can I do for you ?”

“Hello Cynthia ”

Huh? Cynthia? What the fuck?

“Well Cynthia , I want you to suck my big cock”

“Could we just get something cleared up Arnold, it’s Sofia not Cynthia . I think your confusing me with Cynthia Payne , I’m more Sofia Loren ok?”

“Oh sorry Sofia , I must have misheard ”

” that’s ok Arnold, no harm done . Now let’s get back to the matter in hand. Hmm nice hard cock Arnold , really want to get my lips around that, oh Arnold, so big and hard, I want to suck that spunk out of you”

“Oh oh , I’m cuming , oh yes Cynthia “.  Oh bollocks !! 

15 Jan 2016

Light my celery baby 

Every so often I get a caller with a smoking fetish, this can take on all sorts of forms , but this one was a little taxing 

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

” your speaking to David”

” hello David , what can I do for you?”

“Do you smoke Sofia?”

Once a question like that has been asked , it’s pretty obvious the answer has to be yes, even though I gave up smoking many years ago.

“Yes David, I smoke”

“Are you a heavy smoker?”

There again, a leading question

“Yes I smoke around 25 or 30 a day”

” which brand do you smoke?”

“I smoke dunhill David ” for gods sake don’t let him ask me how much they are because I wouldn’t have a clue 

“Dunhill huh? You must be a very classy smoker?”

“I like to think so David”

“Are you smoking now?”

“Oh what a shame , I’ve just put one out”

“I don’t suppose you’d like to light another one Sofia?”

I felt a surge of panic . Then I saw the lighter on the mantelpiece , I use it to light my scented candles . 

“I want to hear you light it, take a big drag on it down to your lungs , then slowly blow it out ”

Bloody hell, he doesn’t want much . Suddenly I saw the half eaten piece of celery still on the plate from earlier . I picked it up, flicked the lighter , put the celery in my mouth, had a long hard drag and took that celery right down to my lungs .

“Oh Sofia that was so horny, your such a sexy smoker. Tell me exactly what your doing? Do you have high heels on? Tell me?”

“Yes David,I’m sitting in my chair , with my legs crossed black stockings and stilletos on , my cigarette held between 2 straight fingers , drawing on it and watching the smoke curl as I slowly blow it out”

In reality, I was sitting on my sofa , in my tigger onesy ( with ears) puffing away on a limp piece of celery and hoping none of my kids come in and cart me off to the funny farm . Also thinking I might give up this celery, filthy habit!! 

11 Jan 2016

He said,”omg, your pussy’s amazing”

I have 2 beautiful Bengal cats, but they are very naughty. Consequently, when I’m working they are banned from the bedroom. But on this one occasion Pooky was fast asleep on my bed , so I figured it would be pretty safe. Half way through my second call she woke up, but she just moved closer against my hip and snuggled back down, great, no problem. Things were hotting up and as far as the caller was concerned I was on the brink of orgasm ( yeah right) suddenly Pooky lifted her head and started frantically chewing her side , unfortunately she has a nasal problem so it always sounds like a cow stuck in quick sand. Too late I realised my caller had heard but before I could make my apologies he said. 

” oh baby, your pussy is so wet for me, you’ve made my cock as hard as fuck”

Well now, there’s a result , but I must deflea her tomorrow.

Sound effects can play a big part in some calls . But like everything there are sometimes malfunctions . Some callers like to heat a vibrator and firmly believe I’m using it , I used to use my electric toothbrush but come the morning when I went to clean my teeth the battery would die a death. So I invested £2.99 in a vibrator from Hong Kong, big mistake, after 2 calls it died a death . Do you think I can find batteries to fit the bloody thing, and I’m damned if I’m going into a shop and asking 

” excuse me sweetie , have you got a battery’s to fit this?”

So for the time being its back to the tooth brush !! 

07 Jan 2016

There’s something about Mary 

Sofia stood at the end of the kitchen . She knew Mary was unaware of her presence, too busy cleaning the worktop, so she was able to study her without being noticed . Mary’s little black dress , although short, was neat and the little apron on the top was gleaming white . She wore black stockings, her legs were very shapely. She walked surprisingly well in her black heels. Her makeup was immaculate and she wore her hair in a long bob and had a cute way of flicking it back off her face. In fact the only giveaway was the bulge in the front of her black panties. Sofia had noticed it and it unsettled her, she tensed her thighs together trying to dispel the growing desire she felt between them, what the fuck was happening? . This was her sissy maid , fully made up , her slave, her sub, there to do her bidding and all Sofia wanted to do was rip her clothes of and fuck her. It had been a long time since she had felt this much intense desire and it irked her. It made her angry, she felt she was losing control and she didn’t like it.

“Mary, have you cleaned the floor?”

“Yes miss”

“But it’s streaky Mary”

“Is it miss, I’m sorry l’ll do it again”

“No Mary, that’s not good enough, it should have been done properly in the first place, you know I need to punish you don’t you ?”

Mary kept her eyes to the floor 

“You know the rules Mary”

” yes miss, forgive me miss”

“Bend over Mary”

Mary bent over showing her firm lean buttocks and Sofia brought her leather whip down hard across them , much harder than she would normally have done . She heard Mary’s sharp intake of breath but she never uttered a sound . Sofia saw the ugly red welt appear almost immediately across Mary’s ass .

“Stand up Mary, now has that taught  you a lesson ?”

“Yes mistress, thank you mistress”

Sofia knew Mary was fully erect now and it was too much for her to bare

“Finish your jobs Mary”

“Yes miss”

Sofia went to her room . Damn it, damn it, she knew she couldn’t let that happen again. 

05 Jan 2016

A male escort ? In your dreams 

I thought I was the one creating the fantasies , but I do get the occasional wannabees.

Ring. Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“I’m jason”

“Hello jason, what can I do for you?”

“I’m just at home today chilling . Thought I’d ring up for a chat.”

“Hmm, that’s nice jason , so a day off. What do you do?”

“A bit of this and that , but mainly I’m an escort”

Well I nearly chocked , an escort , with a day off ! So he phones a sex line, doesn’t sound very likely.

“Wow, that sounds exciting . So how many clients do you have a day Jason?”

“Usually three or four ”

“My, your a busy guy”

“Yeah, I’m popular with the older ladies ”

“How old are you Jason?”

“I’m twenty six”

“What would you do to me if I were one of your clients?”

Hmm, professional male escort this is going to be horny

“I’d grab your ass cheeks , pull them apart ”

What the fuck! So this is foreplay is it.

“Well Jason, you seem to have done your homework , do you do that to all your clients?”

“Yeah, pretty much”

“How much do you charge for such an erotic experience?”

“Um, five hundred pounds”

“My word Jason, cheap at half the price, you should be in 50 shades of grey”

Jason gives a nervous laugh

“How long have you been an escort Jason ?”

“Oh years”

“You must be pretty wealthy now then ??”

“What? Oh yeah”

” you seem to have had my ass cheeks pulled apart for some time Jason , any chance we could move on a bit?”

“Yeah sure, gonna shove my cock up your fanny”

Oh joy be unconfined , it’s a long time since I’ve been erotically stimulated , I can hardly contain myself . Jason on the other hand didn’t even try , as I listened to his moans , I couldn’t help thinking maybe I should be the one getting the five hundred pounds .