Swindon Mistress Sofia

21 Jan 2016

Me Matt and the hotel toom 

Guys sometimes ask me what a normal call is like, is there such a thing?  So, here is a call without any comical intervention  Ring. Ring “Hello, who am I speaking to?” “Hello , it’s Matt ” “Hello Matt, what  can I do for you?” ” do you role play Sofia?” “Yes, of course Matt, tell me the scenario” ” I’d like us to be meeting in a hotel, can you take it from there” “We meet in the bar […]

20 Jan 2016

The morning after 

Sofia woke, stretched her arms, then the memories came flooding back. She looked to her left, he was still asleep, his dark lashes long and curled . He was quite beautiful, she allowed herself a moment to remember his passionate lovemaking . She quietly pushed back the quilt , knowing she needed to leave the room , ignoring the stirring she felt in her groin. She sat up , slipped on her robe and silently left the room.  She was […]

18 Jan 2016

A mermaids tail, or maybe I should say tale 

Here’s another fishy story . I’m sure by this time you are starting to doubt my sanity, or at very least assume I have a vivid imagination. But , be it as unbelievable as it seems , these are all genuine calls. Ring Ring  “Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” hello mistress, my name is Peter ” “What can I do for you Peter?” “I’d like to tell you about my fetish , although I’m a little embarrassed about […]

17 Jan 2016

There’s a what in my hot tub? 

There are some weird and wonderful fetishes about , I guess the same can be said for fantasies , but this one had me in stitches although the caller took it very seriously  Ring Ring  “Hello, who am I speaking too?” “I’m josh” “Hello josh, what can I do for you?” “Do you have a hot tub Sofia?” Now as luck would have it I do although it’s empty at the moment , but even if I didn’t I would […]

16 Jan 2016

Misunderstandings, I guess it sounds better than f…k ups 

There are occasional calls that end in a complete balls up. That’s all I can say really , best to just get on with it  Ring Ring  “Hello who am I speaking too!” ” I am Abawabadaby ” ” pardon?” “Abawabadaby ” Well I can’t say pardon again “Hello Abawabadadawabrt ”  oh god  ” what can I do for you?” “I want fuck you” ” oh wonderful Abda,, um  sweetie , How would you like to fuck me!” “You want […]

15 Jan 2016

Light my celery baby 

Every so often I get a caller with a smoking fetish, this can take on all sorts of forms , but this one was a little taxing  Ring Ring “Hello, who am I speaking to?” ” your speaking to David” ” hello David , what can I do for you?” “Do you smoke Sofia?” Once a question like that has been asked , it’s pretty obvious the answer has to be yes, even though I gave up smoking many years […]

11 Jan 2016

He said,”omg, your pussy’s amazing”

I have 2 beautiful Bengal cats, but they are very naughty. Consequently, when I’m working they are banned from the bedroom. But on this one occasion Pooky was fast asleep on my bed , so I figured it would be pretty safe. Half way through my second call she woke up, but she just moved closer against my hip and snuggled back down, great, no problem. Things were hotting up and as far as the caller was concerned I was […]

07 Jan 2016

There’s something about Mary 

Sofia stood at the end of the kitchen . She knew Mary was unaware of her presence, too busy cleaning the worktop, so she was able to study her without being noticed . Mary’s little black dress , although short, was neat and the little apron on the top was gleaming white . She wore black stockings, her legs were very shapely. She walked surprisingly well in her black heels. Her makeup was immaculate and she wore her hair in […]

05 Jan 2016

A male escort ? In your dreams 

I thought I was the one creating the fantasies , but I do get the occasional wannabees. Ring. Ring “Hello, who am I speaking too?” “I’m jason” “Hello jason, what can I do for you?” “I’m just at home today chilling . Thought I’d ring up for a chat.” “Hmm, that’s nice jason , so a day off. What do you do?” “A bit of this and that , but mainly I’m an escort” Well I nearly chocked , an […]

02 Jan 2016

Under a minute? Are you kidding me ! 

Short calls are very frustrating  for us girls. We get paid nothing for the first minute , so if I had 6 consecutive calls under a minute, God forbid, I’d be climbing the walls , but in saying that it can be quite amusing  Ring Ring  “Hello , who am I speaking too?” “Hello it’s Tony, could you give Emily a message for me?” “I’m sorry Tony I’m not in an office with other girls, we work from home ” […]