A mermaids tail, or maybe I should say tale 

Here’s another fishy story . I’m sure by this time you are starting to doubt my sanity, or at very least assume I have a vivid imagination. But , be it as unbelievable as it seems , these are all genuine calls.

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello mistress, my name is Peter ”

“What can I do for you Peter?”

“I’d like to tell you about my fetish , although I’m a little embarrassed about it, I think it’s probably very unusual”

” believe me Peter, there is very little I havnt heard before”

“That’s very reassuring mistress. I’d like to be a mermaid”


“Hmm, ok so what does that entail ?” Oops no pun intended!!

“I wear a mermaid tail mistress”

“How often? Do you have it on now?”

“Yes mistress, I have about ten, all different colours and designs, I wear one most days”

This got me thinking and I just had to ask the question

” does it arouse you Peter?”

“Very much ”

“Doesn’t that pose a problem for you? I mean after all you are wearing a tail”

” well I worked out a system mistress, took me a while ”

Do I really want to hear about his system? 

” what’s that noise Peter? It sounds like water”

” that’ll be my inflatable pool mistress , I love to sit in it and splash my tail ”

Ok , beam me up Scotty !! 

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