Puppy play

He was naked on his hands and knees . His mistress walked around him her high boots clicking on the floor . She stopped behind him, he felt nervous. He heard a rustle , then a box thrown on the floor. Still he did it move, didn’t turn his head , although god knows he wanted too.

“bend down puppy”

Puppy? What does that mean, he knew it wasn’t an endearment, not by the tone of her voice

“yes mistress”

He bent until his forehead was on the floor. Within a second he felt the searing pain. It was as quick as a flash and took his breath away.

“wag your tail puppy”

He felty the sharp tap of a whip on his buttock. He immediately wagged his ass from side to side . To his surprise he felt the swishing of a tail as he moved. He heard mistress Sofia laugh .

” Ha ha , well puppy, how do you like your tail?”

his face felt hot and he knew it was turning red with humiliation.

” Thank you mistress, I love it”

sofia walked around in front of him. He watched as she put her hand into a box , then produced a rubber bone . She bent down and placed it into his mouth.

“Under no circumstances are you to drop your bone puppy, do you understand ?”

he grunted and nodded his head. His mistress bent down and placed a pink sparkly collar around his neck. Then she attached a lead to it and gave it a hefty tug . He had no choice but to trot forward, it was a painful experience and he wondered just how big the plug to his tail was. It certainly made its presence felt. Sofia led him to the front door and opened it. Puppy looked out. He could see people walking past , cars driving on the road, even people walking their dogs .

suddenly, without warning , his mistress grabbed the rubber bone, pulled it from his mouth and hurled it into the air. She had a powerful arm and it landed about 4 metres away. To his dismay a dog raced towards it but was immediately called back by its owner.

” That’s what you call an obedient dog puppy, now go and fetch your bone”

He hesitated for a second , long enough to feel sofias cane whip down across his back. He leaped out of the door, his eyes firmly fixes on the rubber bone. Now completely oblivious of all the people staring open mouthed . Even the dog had stopped dead in its tracks head cocked on its side , staring at this strange spectical. Puppy preyed to god the dog wasn’t a male. He picked up the rubber bone between his teeth , now aware of laughter in the distance. But he was focused, he was hell bent on pleasing his mistress. He leaped through the door and knelt at his mistresses feet .

” Good puppy ”

sofia ruffled his hair , gently took the bone from his mouth , she smiled affectionately . That was enough for him and he felt himself becoming aroused for the first time, damn it , that would spoil everything. He knew he had pleased her and he wanted to keep it that way. But to his relief and surprise his mistress chose to ignore it . Instead she led him through to the kitchen.

“You have been such a good puppy, you deserve a treat.” She picked up a can, pulled the ring on it and emptied it into a bowl. She placed it on the floor in front of him. He smelt the strong aroma of dog food and it caught in his throat . But he bent down and began to eat it. A couple of times he thought it would get the better of him but he managed to finish it all. He felt sick , but one look at her face and it was gone. She smiled.

“you have been such a good puppy, made your mistress proud, but now it’s time to go ”

She took him back into the playroom removed his collar and tail.

“shut the door on your way out”

Then she was gone. He got dressed , opened the door , stepped out . Closed the door, he was smiling

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