Swindon Mistress Sofia

28 Jun 2019

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17 Mar 2019

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18 Sep 2017

Puppy play

He was naked on his hands and knees . His mistress walked around him her high boots clicking on the floor . She stopped behind him, he felt nervous. He heard a rustle , then a box thrown on the floor. Still he did it move, didn’t turn his head , although god knows he wanted too. “bend down puppy” Puppy? What does that mean, he knew it wasn’t an endearment, not by the tone of her voice “yes mistress” […]

09 Sep 2017

The making of a sissy

He knocked on the glass door,looking through he could see mistress Sofia sitting on what appeared to be a throne , black with red leather upholstery. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, white fitted blouse , black stockings and shiny black stilettos. Her long hair was loosely pinned up and she wore thick black rimmed glasses. She was busy writing and barely seemed to acknowledge him , then slowly she raised her head and beckoned him in with her […]

29 Jul 2017

Slave gets what he deserves

He tried to adjust his position, but even the slightest movement resulted in the tight leather collar rubbing on his neck. He had no idea how long he had been in bondage. The cage,although a good length, was low as he was on his knees it meant he was bent too low for his frame, his back had begun to ache a long time ago. His arms were bent up behind him, he was cuffed and a thick chain secured […]

27 Jul 2017

What a dickhead

Ring Ring “hey, I’m parked up, got my dick in my hand , it’s big and wet and throbbing ” Nothing like getting straight to the point. He’s obviously parked down a country road or driven down a dirt track into a wood . Did I say obviously? ” Mmmm, that sounds horny,where are you sugar?” ” I’m on the hard shoulder of the M4″ “What? Do you think that’s wise? Sounds a bit dangerous , what if a lorry […]

15 Jul 2017

Miss Sofia and her unplanned 69

my new cage bed arrived today , curtesy of @mivfurniture , it’s excelled all expectations but also inspired me to explain why I needed a replacement in the first place I have used my bondage bed for many years , it was in fact a massage bed with a pvc covering . A few weeks ago I had a new slave who was interested in bondage and cbt . When he walked into my playroom I had a fleeting disturbance […]

10 Jul 2017

First Dates .” She’s good to go baby”

Now here’s the thing, if your a dominatrix and appear in a television show , then it stands to reason you need to be prepared to receive some flack . Of course that’s what I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for was the absolute arrogant self righteous twerp , who as soon as I mentioned the fact that I was a dominatrix giggled like a school boy caught masturbating i have a sense of humour , lord knows […]

17 Apr 2017

Tricky situations

Ring Ring “Hello, who am I speaking too?” “You speaking to Jay babe, I love your voice Hun . You wanna have some fun with me? ┬áMy cocks throbbing for you ” ” Sounds good jay, what do you have in mind?” “Baby you gonna” Then suddenly there was a voice in the background ” Jay, jay, you here ? “Wait , I’m on the phone bro” ” Phone? Who is it ?” ” It’s only Emira ” ” Emira! […]

15 Apr 2017


He’d hardly slept, he knew he had to present himself at mistress Sofias classroom at eleven sharp , the thought had both terrified and excited him . He showered then dressed carefully in his crisp school shirt and his grey trousers , he knew he had to be smart , he was in enough trouble and didn’t want to antagonise teacher even more. He stood outside the door and peeped through the glass . Miss Sofia was sitting cross legged […]