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26 Jul 2022

Guest Speaker: Women of Pensionable Rage


I am a guest speaker in the post show Q&A of t he play entitled ‘Women of a Pensionable Rage’ on Sunday 21st August. Come along. You will learn something!

26 Oct 2016

Back from Marbella

Tanned and refreshed after four weeks, too long without my whips and chains. Available for sessions as from now , seven days a week . img_5849

14 Aug 2016

Your Swindon Mistress

Swindon Mistress Sofia



I am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix based in Swindon. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet.

I can be a cold heartless bitch, in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools.

I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my boots.

If you are new to the scene I am not a total ogre, you may find my maturity an appealing concept when understanding your limits, but in saying that I do expect my slaves to be pushed to their limits.

Do I have a softer side? Click here to find out.