The making of a sissy

He knocked on the glass door,looking through he could see mistress Sofia sitting on what appeared to be a throne , black with red leather upholstery. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, white fitted blouse , black stockings and shiny black stilettos. Her long hair was loosely pinned up and she wore thick black rimmed glasses. She was busy writing and barely seemed to acknowledge him , then slowly she raised her head and beckoned him in with her long red painted fingernail. He opened the door, stepped in and fell to his knees at her feet . Sofia was very astute and it hadn’t taken her long to asses him. She was pleased , he was tall, slender and pretty, a wonderful blank canvas . Everything she looked for in a sissy. He would not have a choice in the matter.

” Stand up”

He obliged immediately

“Take off your clothes”

There was a slight hesitation, it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Do I have to repeat myself?”

” No mistress. Forgive me”

He quickly removed his clothes but to his dismay, try as he might to avoid it, he had become aroused . Sofia had continued writing but now peered at him over the top of her glasses, a smile crossed her face.

“oh dear, we can’t have that can we , come here . He approached her quickly and in a flash she had whipped his cock with a little black whip that seemed to appear from nowhere. It hurt like hell but to his amazement just made his cock harder.

” Put these on”

Sofia passed him a pair of black silk panties. He did as he was told . Next she produced a pair of black silk stockings and a suspender belt.

” Turn around”

she deftly hooked the belt around his waist then passed him the stockings

” put these on carefully, if you ladder them you will pay for them, is that clear?”

” Yes mistress ”

He had never worn stockings before and nervously put them on luckily without any damage.

” Turn around sissy”

He turned around to face her, a jolt of excitement running through his body as the expletive sissy was addressed to him .

” Well this won’t do.”

She pulled down his panties and slapped his cock. He flinched , Sofia produced a metal chastity cage. Expertly she pushed the ring over his cock and roughly pulled his balls through , she smiled cruelly. Next she pushed the metal cage over his erect cock forcing it down hard until the two little bars engaged with the holes on the ring, then she inserted the padlock and clicked it into place.

” There sissy, that should sort out any ideas you might have. How does it feel sissy?”

” It’s very uncomfortable mistress, thank you ”

She passed him a black bra to match his panties, he put his arms through.

” Turn around”

He did as instructed and Sofia clipped it into place . Then Sofia stood up and walked across the room to where there was a rail holding an array of different sissy dresses . She looked through and pulled out a beautiful pink satin maids dress with matching apron and frilly petticoat .

“Put this on sissy ”

At this point he was transfixed and would have done anything for her. By the time she had finished with him , he was transformed, makeup, long black wig,black stilettos . He felt incredible and so submissive, he wanted to please his mistress. This was a new experience for him and one that had taken him by surprise. He felt , at last last, he had found his place and he marvelled at the fact that his mistress had taken minutes to see it in him when he had taken years.

” Well girl,  don’t just stand there looking gormless,  there’s work to be done , come along”

” Yes mistress”

“sissy followed his mistress tottering a little on her heels but feeling ten feet tall.

” Here we are sissy, bathroom,  clean it, scrub the floor . I will check it after and wo betide you if it’s nor spotless.”

” Yes mistress, thank you mistress”

She worked like a Trojan , bathroom , lounge, kitchen and loving every minute of it. When she was finished she stood waiting while her mistress inspected her work .

” Well girl, not bad for a first visit , but there is a spoon on the side , you will be punished for that , follow me sissy”

Sofia took sissy back into the playroom. She sat on her chair .

” Come here girl, over my knee”

Sissy was embarrassed but knew better than to object . She bent over and felt her mistress pulling down her panties . Then she felt the first stinging slap , it took her breath away , then there was another and another , she lost count , it went on until her bottom was hot and her eyes were stinging with tears .

“Now get up girl, ”

Sissy stood up

“Thank you mistress. I’m sorry I disappointed you, I promise to do better next time ”

” You will indeed sissy. Now remove your clothes , as part of your punishment you will wear your chastity until I see you next week is that clear?”

“yes mistress, perfectly, thank you. ”

Sissy removed all her clothes , then put on his own.

“You may leave”

” Thank you mistress”

He opened the door, stepped outside closing it behind him. He felt exhilarated.

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