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18 Sep 2017

Puppy play

He was naked on his hands and knees . His mistress walked around him her high boots clicking on the floor . She stopped behind him, he felt nervous. He heard a rustle , then a box thrown on the floor. Still he did it move, didn’t turn his head , although god knows he wanted too.

“bend down puppy”

Puppy? What does that mean, he knew it wasn’t an endearment, not by the tone of her voice

“yes mistress”

He bent until his forehead was on the floor. Within a second he felt the searing pain. It was as quick as a flash and took his breath away.

“wag your tail puppy”

He felty the sharp tap of a whip on his buttock. He immediately wagged his ass from side to side . To his surprise he felt the swishing of a tail as he moved. He heard mistress Sofia laugh .

” Ha ha , well puppy, how do you like your tail?”

his face felt hot and he knew it was turning red with humiliation.

” Thank you mistress, I love it”

sofia walked around in front of him. He watched as she put her hand into a box , then produced a rubber bone . She bent down and placed it into his mouth.

“Under no circumstances are you to drop your bone puppy, do you understand ?”

he grunted and nodded his head. His mistress bent down and placed a pink sparkly collar around his neck. Then she attached a lead to it and gave it a hefty tug . He had no choice but to trot forward, it was a painful experience and he wondered just how big the plug to his tail was. It certainly made its presence felt. Sofia led him to the front door and opened it. Puppy looked out. He could see people walking past , cars driving on the road, even people walking their dogs .

suddenly, without warning , his mistress grabbed the rubber bone, pulled it from his mouth and hurled it into the air. She had a powerful arm and it landed about 4 metres away. To his dismay a dog raced towards it but was immediately called back by its owner.

” That’s what you call an obedient dog puppy, now go and fetch your bone”

He hesitated for a second , long enough to feel sofias cane whip down across his back. He leaped out of the door, his eyes firmly fixes on the rubber bone. Now completely oblivious of all the people staring open mouthed . Even the dog had stopped dead in its tracks head cocked on its side , staring at this strange spectical. Puppy preyed to god the dog wasn’t a male. He picked up the rubber bone between his teeth , now aware of laughter in the distance. But he was focused, he was hell bent on pleasing his mistress. He leaped through the door and knelt at his mistresses feet .

” Good puppy ”

sofia ruffled his hair , gently took the bone from his mouth , she smiled affectionately . That was enough for him and he felt himself becoming aroused for the first time, damn it , that would spoil everything. He knew he had pleased her and he wanted to keep it that way. But to his relief and surprise his mistress chose to ignore it . Instead she led him through to the kitchen.

“You have been such a good puppy, you deserve a treat.” She picked up a can, pulled the ring on it and emptied it into a bowl. She placed it on the floor in front of him. He smelt the strong aroma of dog food and it caught in his throat . But he bent down and began to eat it. A couple of times he thought it would get the better of him but he managed to finish it all. He felt sick , but one look at her face and it was gone. She smiled.

“you have been such a good puppy, made your mistress proud, but now it’s time to go ”

She took him back into the playroom removed his collar and tail.

“shut the door on your way out”

Then she was gone. He got dressed , opened the door , stepped out . Closed the door, he was smiling

09 Sep 2017

The making of a sissy

He knocked on the glass door,looking through he could see mistress Sofia sitting on what appeared to be a throne , black with red leather upholstery. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, white fitted blouse , black stockings and shiny black stilettos. Her long hair was loosely pinned up and she wore thick black rimmed glasses. She was busy writing and barely seemed to acknowledge him , then slowly she raised her head and beckoned him in with her long red painted fingernail. He opened the door, stepped in and fell to his knees at her feet . Sofia was very astute and it hadn’t taken her long to asses him. She was pleased , he was tall, slender and pretty, a wonderful blank canvas . Everything she looked for in a sissy. He would not have a choice in the matter.

” Stand up”

He obliged immediately

“Take off your clothes”

There was a slight hesitation, it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Do I have to repeat myself?”

” No mistress. Forgive me”

He quickly removed his clothes but to his dismay, try as he might to avoid it, he had become aroused . Sofia had continued writing but now peered at him over the top of her glasses, a smile crossed her face.

“oh dear, we can’t have that can we , come here . He approached her quickly and in a flash she had whipped his cock with a little black whip that seemed to appear from nowhere. It hurt like hell but to his amazement just made his cock harder.

” Put these on”

Sofia passed him a pair of black silk panties. He did as he was told . Next she produced a pair of black silk stockings and a suspender belt.

” Turn around”

she deftly hooked the belt around his waist then passed him the stockings

” put these on carefully, if you ladder them you will pay for them, is that clear?”

” Yes mistress ”

He had never worn stockings before and nervously put them on luckily without any damage.

” Turn around sissy”

He turned around to face her, a jolt of excitement running through his body as the expletive sissy was addressed to him .

” Well this won’t do.”

She pulled down his panties and slapped his cock. He flinched , Sofia produced a metal chastity cage. Expertly she pushed the ring over his cock and roughly pulled his balls through , she smiled cruelly. Next she pushed the metal cage over his erect cock forcing it down hard until the two little bars engaged with the holes on the ring, then she inserted the padlock and clicked it into place.

” There sissy, that should sort out any ideas you might have. How does it feel sissy?”

” It’s very uncomfortable mistress, thank you ”

She passed him a black bra to match his panties, he put his arms through.

” Turn around”

He did as instructed and Sofia clipped it into place . Then Sofia stood up and walked across the room to where there was a rail holding an array of different sissy dresses . She looked through and pulled out a beautiful pink satin maids dress with matching apron and frilly petticoat .

“Put this on sissy ”

At this point he was transfixed and would have done anything for her. By the time she had finished with him , he was transformed, makeup, long black wig,black stilettos . He felt incredible and so submissive, he wanted to please his mistress. This was a new experience for him and one that had taken him by surprise. He felt , at last last, he had found his place and he marvelled at the fact that his mistress had taken minutes to see it in him when he had taken years.

” Well girl,  don’t just stand there looking gormless,  there’s work to be done , come along”

” Yes mistress”

“sissy followed his mistress tottering a little on her heels but feeling ten feet tall.

” Here we are sissy, bathroom,  clean it, scrub the floor . I will check it after and wo betide you if it’s nor spotless.”

” Yes mistress, thank you mistress”

She worked like a Trojan , bathroom , lounge, kitchen and loving every minute of it. When she was finished she stood waiting while her mistress inspected her work .

” Well girl, not bad for a first visit , but there is a spoon on the side , you will be punished for that , follow me sissy”

Sofia took sissy back into the playroom. She sat on her chair .

” Come here girl, over my knee”

Sissy was embarrassed but knew better than to object . She bent over and felt her mistress pulling down her panties . Then she felt the first stinging slap , it took her breath away , then there was another and another , she lost count , it went on until her bottom was hot and her eyes were stinging with tears .

“Now get up girl, ”

Sissy stood up

“Thank you mistress. I’m sorry I disappointed you, I promise to do better next time ”

” You will indeed sissy. Now remove your clothes , as part of your punishment you will wear your chastity until I see you next week is that clear?”

“yes mistress, perfectly, thank you. ”

Sissy removed all her clothes , then put on his own.

“You may leave”

” Thank you mistress”

He opened the door, stepped outside closing it behind him. He felt exhilarated.

29 Jul 2017

Slave gets what he deserves

He tried to adjust his position, but even the slightest movement resulted in the tight leather collar rubbing on his neck. He had no idea how long he had been in bondage. The cage,although a good length, was low as he was on his knees it meant he was bent too low for his frame, his back had begun to ache a long time ago. His arms were bent up behind him, he was cuffed and a thick chain secured them high . His eyes were covered with a thick leather mask making it impossible for him to tell day from night . He wore a  horse bridle which bit into the sides of his mouth and caused him to dribble making his mouth sore.

It had been so sudden. One moment he was on his knees worshipping his mistresses feet , the next moment she had flown into a rage . He took his punishment, although perplexed, he would never think to question his mistresses motives. His mistress was always right.

The door opened and Slave was aware of his mistress before he heard her heels on the floor, her perfume had already filled the room .she approached his cage and despite his painful discomfort he could feel himself becoming aroused. Damn it why did she have this effect on him. He tried to suppress it , he knew without a shadow of a doubt she would notice and he would suffer the consequences. She spoke softly.

“l thought you would have learned your lesson Slave , that you would show a little humility, I see I was wrong, did you think I would not notice ”

She laughed, but it was without humour and cruel. This was when he feared her the most . He could hear her undoing the chains , She opened the lid of the cage, removed his bridle and mask .

“stand up”

She didn’t shout, there was no warmth in her voice . Her sadistic side had completely taken over and he resigned himself to the pain that was to come . He stood up with difficulty, his body stiff and aching , his hands still cuffed behind his back. He felt her hand take hold of his cock , she pulled him towards her squeezing it tightly. He watched as she slowly slid her index finger into her mouth . Slowly pulling it out she smiled cruelly then just as slowly she pushed her long nail down his japs eye. He bit down on his lip until he could taste the blood, rather that than to utter a cry. She toyed with him for a few seconds but it seemed like forever. Then she let go , not before giving his cock a painful slap.

” Bend over the bench , he saw her reach for her favourite thick dragon cane. The first strike came like a flash of lightening. The welt was there immediately. Sofia licked her finger and traced it along the length of it.

” Oh , what a lovely raised line , but I think I can improve on that ”

” Yes mistress, thank you”

The blows came , he counted aloud and thanked his mistress for everyone . Then it stopped , just as he began to feel relief he saw her hang up the cane and reach for the viper. His mouth went dry immediately. He felt the first excruciating sting,  he hoped the cane would have prepared him but it wasn’t to be ,. The blows were relentless until he could feel the blood flowing . As quickly as she had started she threw down the viper .

“clean up Slave”

” yes mistress, thank you”

Sofia turned and left

27 Jul 2017

What a dickhead

Ring Ring

“hey, I’m parked up, got my dick in my hand , it’s big and wet and throbbing ”

Nothing like getting straight to the point. He’s obviously parked down a country road or driven down a dirt track into a wood . Did I say obviously?

” Mmmm, that sounds horny,where are you sugar?”

” I’m on the hard shoulder of the M4″

“What? Do you think that’s wise? Sounds a bit dangerous , what if a lorry ploughs into you? You could end up with your dick half way down your throat”

” Nah, its fine, too horny to worry about that . Come on babes tell me about your wet pussy ”

” look, whatever your name is , much as I would love to indulge you, I would much rather you left the motorway, park up somewhere quiet , then phone me back and we can have some fun”

” Come on baby, don’t disappoint me, my dick is dripping for you”

This is what I call a real dick head , no brain, all dick . Much as I think he deserves to be run off the road, my thoughts are with other motorists .

“Look, I’m serious now. What your doing is extremely dangerous ”

He cut me off

“Oh fuck there’s a police car just pulled up behind me, I’m never going to get my dick back in my jeans ”

” Oh well I better leave you to it. See you on the news maybe”


The moral of the story. If it was for wankers , it would be called hard dick, not hard shoulder .

15 Jul 2017

Miss Sofia and her unplanned 69

my new cage bed arrived today , curtesy of @mivfurniture , it’s excelled all expectations but also inspired me to explain why I needed a replacement in the first place

I have used my bondage bed for many years , it was in fact a massage bed with a pvc covering . A few weeks ago I had a new slave who was interested in bondage and cbt . When he walked into my playroom I had a fleeting disturbance flash through my mind, hoping my bed would take his weight. He was 6ft 5ins , a rugby player, probably around 23stone of solid muscle

i ordered him to strip naked, then with my cane I pointed to the bed , but before I could open my mouth and order him to climb carefully onto the bed , his enthusiasm took over. His feet left the floor as he launched himself like an all blacks rugby tackle . As he landed the bed took on a life of its own and began to travel forwards towards the window . I felt a surge of panic as I waited for him to dissapear through it, my mind working overtime as to wether I could fit his body into my car to dump at the quarry. Then just as suddenly it came to a halt , I breathed a sigh of relief , it seemed pretty stable so I decided to continue.i made my way to the top end , standing behind his head I took his wrists and cuffed him to the bed . Just as I clicked the second wrist I became aware that his head , which had been on a par with my waist , was now the same height as my crotch . I looked under the bed only to see the two front legs slowly buckling inwards causing slave to start sliding towards me . By this time his head had become lodged between my thighs and I appeared to be face sitting ( a service I do not provide I might add) . As I lifted my head I saw that because the bed was sinking slaves lower body began curling towards me , as he rose off the bed I could see a large pair of rugby balls sailing through the air towards me . I knew without some dire action I was about to end up on the floor executing a very unplanned 69 ( another service I definitely do not offer) .In a flash I shouted

“Slave, you need to get up”

“I would mistress but you’ve cuffed me to th bed”

Meanwhile his bollocks were getting closer .i’ve read in the past about situations where adrenaline kicks in and amazing feats of strength are achieved. Well I pushed my knees under the bed and took his 23 stone onto them . I managed to uncuff him and he rolled off . He lifted the bed from me then fell to his knees

“oh mistress forgive me ”

i was busy trying to straighten my legs and my bruised ego

” how careless of you slave, punishment is in order”

“yes mistress and I’ll fix the bed I promise”

he would have had more success straightening the leaning tower of Pisa. I’m sure that bed has some stories to tell over the years but onwards and upwards . Love my new cage bed, pure perfection

10 Jul 2017

First Dates .” She’s good to go baby”

Now here’s the thing, if your a dominatrix and appear in a television show , then it stands to reason you need to be prepared to receive some flack . Of course that’s what I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for was the absolute arrogant self righteous twerp , who as soon as I mentioned the fact that I was a dominatrix giggled like a school boy caught masturbating

i have a sense of humour , lord knows I need one with the phone work , but there is a big difference between laughing with someone and laughing at them . He laughed at everything I said , was extremely patronising, exclaiming when I said I had to continue working ” well we’ll talk about it later ” as if it was his business

The editing was superb, consequently the public didn’t have to sit through his boorish boasting about his holidays in Gambia . How they always keep his special room in the hotel , bars on the windows I would hope. I excused myself to go to the ladies with his voice ringing in my ears ” not going to ring your clients are you” Thankfully I kept on walking , but that was a close moment

The waiter chose that moment to go over to him , before he had chance to speak my “date” chimed “She’s a dominatrix, she’s good to go baby ” like I was a number 39 in a Chinese take away. Sam, the lovely waiter was lost for words , what could he possibly say in response . Trying to diffuse the situation Sam asked,” so what would your safe word be?” ” sex” said the silly man . Meanwhile I am in the ladies talking to my daughter on the phone telling her what a disrespectful , rude , arrogant man he was

The outcome of the date was a foregone conclusion , I would rather stick pins in my eyes than meet this thoroughly obnoxious man again , he took the news like a petulant school boy. “A thousand others out there ” god help them is all I can say.

Feed back from my experience has been mostly overwhelmingly positive , but of course there are always the haters , although surprisingly few for which I am grateful . I am proud of what I do and I enjoy it . Life is good after many years of feeling unfulfilled. The best thing to come from the experience are the many emails I received and stil receive from ladies my age who have similar experiences and tell me after seeing the program it has made them take stock of themselves and realise there is life after divorce , a very happy one

17 Apr 2017

Tricky situations

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“You speaking to Jay babe, I love your voice Hun . You wanna have some fun with me?  My cocks throbbing for you ”

” Sounds good jay, what do you have in mind?”

“Baby you gonna”

Then suddenly there was a voice in the background

” Jay, jay, you here ?

“Wait , I’m on the phone bro”

” Phone? Who is it ?”

” It’s only Emira ”

” Emira! Let me say hello, I ain’t spoken to her in ages man ”

” No bro, she’s busy. Go wait for me ”

well words obviously fell on deaf ears because suddenly.

“Hey, Emira how you doing babe? It’s Imran ”

“Um, hello Imran , I’m fine thanks ”

” what’s wrong with your voice babe , you got  a cold or something , you sound different?”

” Yes. Yes I have a cold Imran”

” Imran gimme the fucking phone man , come on fuck off ”

” what’s going on jay? That ain’t Emira”

That was enough for me, I quietly replaced the receiver


Ring Ring

” Hello , who am I speaking too?”

” Is that mistress Sofia?”

“it is”

” Hello mistress, its sissy Jessica”

“Hello Jessica , what are you wearing for me?”

“I have my pink silk panties on, matching bra, pink satin dress, white  stockings and high heels ”

” What a little slut . How high are those heels Jessica ?

” They’re six inches mistress”

sissy had obviously been practicing, her voice sounded very feminine and squeaky

“I’m impressed Jessica , I can hear you walking up and down , your obviously used to those heels ”

“Yas mistress it’s no problem for me , I wear them every day”

there was suddenly a loud crash

” Ow, fuck me , I think I’ve broken my fucking ankle ”

jessica had suddenly most certainly become John !!!

15 Apr 2017


He’d hardly slept, he knew he had to present himself at mistress Sofias classroom at eleven sharp , the thought had both terrified and excited him . He showered then dressed carefully in his crisp school shirt and his grey trousers , he knew he had to be smart , he was in enough trouble and didn’t want to antagonise teacher even more.

He stood outside the door and peeped through the glass . Miss Sofia was sitting cross legged , her black skirt had ridden up showing her shapely lags , he gulped. She wore a white blouse and the two top buttons had been left undone showing her ample cleavage. Her long hair was clipped loosely at the back of her head, her lips were red and she wore black rimmed glasses. She was busy writing in an excercise book. He tapped nervously on the door

” Come”

He stepped in closed the door and stood in front of her hands clasped . She didn’t look up , she just kept on writing for what seemed like an eternity

” Well boy , what time do you call this ?”

“It’s 11 o’clock miss”

“It’s one minute passed boy ”

She raised her head and looked at him . There was a slight smirk on his face as he thought how authentic she looked , that was a big mistake. Quick as a flash Sofia was up and he felt a sharp crack  as her hand smacked the back of his head.

” Are you smirking at me boy?”

“Yes miss, sorry miss”

“You will be sorry, you are one minute late. Take down your trousers and bend over my knee ”

He did as he was told. She pulled down his pants and he felt the first sting as she slapped his bottom with the flat of her hand . Thirty times she spanked him until his bottom was red and hot .

” Now get up boy and sit at the desk ”

He walked to the desk resisting the temptation to rub his stinging bottom. He pulled out the chair and gingerly sat down.

” Open the desk top, take out the excercise book . You will write until I tell you to stop I will not be insolent to miss Sofia ”

“Yes miss”

He started to write , from the corner of his eye he watched as Miss Sofia took a rattan cane with a curved handle out of its container . She stood up and lovingly stroked the length of the cane, it was her turn to smile.

” You see this cane boy?”

“yes miss”

” This is why you are here , to learn your lesson and when I think you are ready you will feel the sting of my cane , do I make myself clear?

” Yes Miss thank you miss”He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a shiny red apple , placed it on the desk and pushed it towards her.

” For you miss ”

She looked disdainfully at the Apple , chose to ignore it , then she approached him, he continued writing but his hand began to tremble . Sofia took hold of his ear and pulled.

” Stand up boy”

He did as he was told, any thoughts of this being a game had long dissappeared .

“pull down your trousers and bend over the desk ”

As he bent he felt her pull down his pants . The first blow from her cane landed right across the middle of his bottom , he bit his lip as the pain seared through him.

” Now boy, you will receive 50 strokes , I want to hear you count each one and thank your mistress”

” Yes miss , thank you miss”

He heard the swish of the cane each time before it found its target . Neat even strokes , each one leaving a purple welt across his bottom . He counted each one as instructed and thanked his mistress . At one point she suddenly stopped and he felt her finger tracing along the welts . He knew she was enjoying administering each and every stroke. At last, just when he thought his legal would buckle he heard his voice.

” Fifty, thank you miss”

“Stand up, pull up your trousers ”

He did as he was told, all too aware of the searing pain he was feeling .

“look at me boy, never ever smirk at me again , do I make myself clear?”

“Yes miss, I never will, thank you miss”

” now you may leave”

He opened the door and left. Sofia sat back down , picked up the apple and took a bite

11 Apr 2017

Don’t mix your cocks with your hens

it’s been quite a while , so I thought I  would get back to basics , especially as calls have been a little humorous of late

Ring Ring

” Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” D’ya want ma big fat cock hen?”

“I beg your pardon? No, I’m sorry I can’t talk about animals or birds”

“what? I didna mention any birds or animals hen”

“Ahh, I get it, your a scot aren’t you?”

” Aye ya ken”

” yes I understand perfectly now ken”

” No hen, ma names Leonard ”

” Right then Leonard , I suggest we start again”

Heres another, only short, but they make me smile, hope they will you too.

Ring Ring

” Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” This is your lucky day babe . I got a big hard throbbing cock here , hard as a rock and I’m gonna fuck that tight little pussy of yours ”

“oooooooh wonderful. How big is that hard cock?”

” It’s a big throbbing four inches Hun”

” Lol , oh you want small cock humiliation?”

” What? Small? Is it small?”

” No no , of course not , that was just a joke , really.”  Click  oops


22 Mar 2017

Punishment fits slaves desire 

He woke early, his cock throbbing,partly from punishment but mostly from unsated desire . His joints were stiff , the chain searing through him was short and left him little room to manoeuvre . His mind was racing , he knew if he was to escape more abuse then he must contain his urges .

Sofia stretched , pushed back the quilt and slipped out of bed. She ran her hands over her naked body . A new slave always heightened her sensuality. She enjoyed the thought of punishing him , she loved hearing the muffled cries as he tried to contain himself, knowing that to show suffering would make his punishment tenfold . Sofia stepped  into the shower , turned on the tap and let the warm water to cascade over her body . For a brief moment she allowed her mind to wander , thinking about the night she had spent locked in her slaves arms . It was short lived before anger took over . Anger at herself for allowing the encounter to happen . She stepped out of the shower dried off and put on her robe.

Sofia entered the kitchen, she silently walked over to to slave , picked up the key and unlocked the padlock removing the chain. Then she perched onto the stool . She crossed her legs and her silk robe slipped down exposing her long legs up to her hip making her nakedness all too obvious.

“Get up slave I want coffee ”

He rose up and went over to the percolator 

” You are like a dog on heat slave”

“I’m sorry mistress,I’m trying to contain myself and avert my eyes but your presence overpowers me ”

Sofia smiled to herself , she was cruel and heartless and would certainly enjoy teaching this slave a lesson. She wanted him to suffer , she knew he was already devoted and would take her sadism without complaint. He placed her coffee in front of her as he did she slipped her robe down passed her shoulders 

” My neck and shoulders are aching this morning slave , massage them for me”

He stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders , her skin felt soft and smooth and he could smell her fragrance . He was careful to stand back , conscious of his arousel , if she felt it he knew he would pay dearly . But Sofia was aware of his desire, her gown slipped further down exposing her breasts , she was enjoying teasing him and she knew she would enjoy punishing him even more . He caressed her shoulders, her back, resisting the temptation to bend and kiss her neck , but he already knew he had transgressed , she had warned him the night before, maybe his lips on her neck would be worth the punishment.

Suddenly her demeanour changed , she slipped from the stool seemingly unaware that her robe was now open exposing her tanned naked body.try as he might slave could nor avert her eyes and that was all Sofia needed.

“How dare you, you disgusting low life , how dare you let your eyes linger on my body”

“Please forgive me mistress, I tried not too but you are just too beautiful”

She fastened her robe , picked up the lead and attached it to his collar. She led him to her dungeon. It was dark, just a little low lighting. Slave looked around , it hadn’t changed,still as foreboding as ever. Memories came flooding back . He had endured many punishments in here and was only too aware of his mistresses sadistic nature , in his eyes it made her the goddess she was.

“Take off your shorts slave”

He peeled them down and stepped out of them, his cock sprang out hard and erect, precum glistening on the end. Sofia stepped forward and wrapped her hand around it squeezing tightly .

” This is the cause of your punishment slave, be very aware of that ”

He lowered his eyes

”  yes mistress ”

He watched as she unhooked a shiny leather viper from its home. His heart sank , he remenbered all too well the searing pain it could and did inflict. He had a sudden urge to turn and flee , but it was only for a fleeting moment 

” Bend over the bench slave ”

H did so and felt the cold steel cuffs clamp around his ankles. Then his mistress secured each wrist 

” I am tempted to remove your mask slave ”

He felt a surge of panic , knowing that if that was to happen then all would be lost .

” But I will honour my promise to mistress Matilda ”

Relief flooded through him, but was short lived as he felt the first agonising sting as Sofias viper found its mark. Time after time it reigned down on him , his back, his thighs , his ass, the pain was excruciating but he didn’t flinch or utter . When Sofias appetite was satisfied she stopped . She dropped the viper , walked up to him and almost gently caressed his shoulder 

” Well done slave ,you took your punishment as I would expect ”

She unlocked him .

“Go and wash slave, I want lunch at one ”

Then she left. He stood up , felt the blood running down his legs , this was the worst beating he had endured , but the touch of her hand on his shoulder made every stroke of her viper worthwhile .