What a dickhead

Ring Ring

“hey, I’m parked up, got my dick in my hand , it’s big and wet and throbbing ”

Nothing like getting straight to the point. He’s obviously parked down a country road or driven down a dirt track into a wood . Did I say obviously?

” Mmmm, that sounds horny,where are you sugar?”

” I’m on the hard shoulder of the M4″

“What? Do you think that’s wise? Sounds a bit dangerous , what if a lorry ploughs into you? You could end up with your dick half way down your throat”

” Nah, its fine, too horny to worry about that . Come on babes tell me about your wet pussy ”

” look, whatever your name is , much as I would love to indulge you, I would much rather you left the motorway, park up somewhere quiet , then phone me back and we can have some fun”

” Come on baby, don’t disappoint me, my dick is dripping for you”

This is what I call a real dick head , no brain, all dick . Much as I think he deserves to be run off the road, my thoughts are with other motorists .

“Look, I’m serious now. What your doing is extremely dangerous ”

He cut me off

“Oh fuck there’s a police car just pulled up behind me, I’m never going to get my dick back in my jeans ”

” Oh well I better leave you to it. See you on the news maybe”


The moral of the story. If it was for wankers , it would be called hard dick, not hard shoulder .

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