First Dates .” She’s good to go baby”

Now here’s the thing, if your a dominatrix and appear in a television show , then it stands to reason you need to be prepared to receive some flack . Of course that’s what I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for was the absolute arrogant self righteous twerp , who as soon as I mentioned the fact that I was a dominatrix giggled like a school boy caught masturbating

i have a sense of humour , lord knows I need one with the phone work , but there is a big difference between laughing with someone and laughing at them . He laughed at everything I said , was extremely patronising, exclaiming when I said I had to continue working ” well we’ll talk about it later ” as if it was his business

The editing was superb, consequently the public didn’t have to sit through his boorish boasting about his holidays in Gambia . How they always keep his special room in the hotel , bars on the windows I would hope. I excused myself to go to the ladies with his voice ringing in my ears ” not going to ring your clients are you” Thankfully I kept on walking , but that was a close moment

The waiter chose that moment to go over to him , before he had chance to speak my “date” chimed “She’s a dominatrix, she’s good to go baby ” like I was a number 39 in a Chinese take away. Sam, the lovely waiter was lost for words , what could he possibly say in response . Trying to diffuse the situation Sam asked,” so what would your safe word be?” ” sex” said the silly man . Meanwhile I am in the ladies talking to my daughter on the phone telling her what a disrespectful , rude , arrogant man he was

The outcome of the date was a foregone conclusion , I would rather stick pins in my eyes than meet this thoroughly obnoxious man again , he took the news like a petulant school boy. “A thousand others out there ” god help them is all I can say.

Feed back from my experience has been mostly overwhelmingly positive , but of course there are always the haters , although surprisingly few for which I am grateful . I am proud of what I do and I enjoy it . Life is good after many years of feeling unfulfilled. The best thing to come from the experience are the many emails I received and stil receive from ladies my age who have similar experiences and tell me after seeing the program it has made them take stock of themselves and realise there is life after divorce , a very happy one

4 thoughts on “First Dates .” She’s good to go baby””

  1. I’ve just watched the programme, my partner and I used the exact words as you do above to describe the dick head you got lumbered with.
    We also both hoped you’d go on the programme again, hopefully with more luck and lets face it, there just CAN’t be 2 like him in the world.