Slave gets what he deserves

He tried to adjust his position, but even the slightest movement resulted in the tight leather collar rubbing on his neck. He had no idea how long he had been in bondage. The cage,although a good length, was low as he was on his knees it meant he was bent too low for his frame, his back had begun to ache a long time ago. His arms were bent up behind him, he was cuffed and a thick chain secured them high . His eyes were covered with a thick leather mask making it impossible for him to tell day from night . He wore a  horse bridle which bit into the sides of his mouth and caused him to dribble making his mouth sore.

It had been so sudden. One moment he was on his knees worshipping his mistresses feet , the next moment she had flown into a rage . He took his punishment, although perplexed, he would never think to question his mistresses motives. His mistress was always right.

The door opened and Slave was aware of his mistress before he heard her heels on the floor, her perfume had already filled the room .she approached his cage and despite his painful discomfort he could feel himself becoming aroused. Damn it why did she have this effect on him. He tried to suppress it , he knew without a shadow of a doubt she would notice and he would suffer the consequences. She spoke softly.

“l thought you would have learned your lesson Slave , that you would show a little humility, I see I was wrong, did you think I would not notice ”

She laughed, but it was without humour and cruel. This was when he feared her the most . He could hear her undoing the chains , She opened the lid of the cage, removed his bridle and mask .

“stand up”

She didn’t shout, there was no warmth in her voice . Her sadistic side had completely taken over and he resigned himself to the pain that was to come . He stood up with difficulty, his body stiff and aching , his hands still cuffed behind his back. He felt her hand take hold of his cock , she pulled him towards her squeezing it tightly. He watched as she slowly slid her index finger into her mouth . Slowly pulling it out she smiled cruelly then just as slowly she pushed her long nail down his japs eye. He bit down on his lip until he could taste the blood, rather that than to utter a cry. She toyed with him for a few seconds but it seemed like forever. Then she let go , not before giving his cock a painful slap.

” Bend over the bench , he saw her reach for her favourite thick dragon cane. The first strike came like a flash of lightening. The welt was there immediately. Sofia licked her finger and traced it along the length of it.

” Oh , what a lovely raised line , but I think I can improve on that ”

” Yes mistress, thank you”

The blows came , he counted aloud and thanked his mistress for everyone . Then it stopped , just as he began to feel relief he saw her hang up the cane and reach for the viper. His mouth went dry immediately. He felt the first excruciating sting, ┬áhe hoped the cane would have prepared him but it wasn’t to be ,. The blows were relentless until he could feel the blood flowing . As quickly as she had started she threw down the viper .

“clean up Slave”

” yes mistress, thank you”

Sofia turned and left

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