He’d hardly slept, he knew he had to present himself at mistress Sofias classroom at eleven sharp , the thought had both terrified and excited him . He showered then dressed carefully in his crisp school shirt and his grey trousers , he knew he had to be smart , he was in enough trouble and didn’t want to antagonise teacher even more.

He stood outside the door and peeped through the glass . Miss Sofia was sitting cross legged , her black skirt had ridden up showing her shapely lags , he gulped. She wore a white blouse and the two top buttons had been left undone showing her ample cleavage. Her long hair was clipped loosely at the back of her head, her lips were red and she wore black rimmed glasses. She was busy writing in an excercise book. He tapped nervously on the door

” Come”

He stepped in closed the door and stood in front of her hands clasped . She didn’t look up , she just kept on writing for what seemed like an eternity

” Well boy , what time do you call this ?”

“It’s 11 o’clock miss”

“It’s one minute passed boy ”

She raised her head and looked at him . There was a slight smirk on his face as he thought how authentic she looked , that was a big mistake. Quick as a flash Sofia was up and he felt a sharp crack  as her hand smacked the back of his head.

” Are you smirking at me boy?”

“Yes miss, sorry miss”

“You will be sorry, you are one minute late. Take down your trousers and bend over my knee ”

He did as he was told. She pulled down his pants and he felt the first sting as she slapped his bottom with the flat of her hand . Thirty times she spanked him until his bottom was red and hot .

” Now get up boy and sit at the desk ”

He walked to the desk resisting the temptation to rub his stinging bottom. He pulled out the chair and gingerly sat down.

” Open the desk top, take out the excercise book . You will write until I tell you to stop I will not be insolent to miss Sofia ”

“Yes miss”

He started to write , from the corner of his eye he watched as Miss Sofia took a rattan cane with a curved handle out of its container . She stood up and lovingly stroked the length of the cane, it was her turn to smile.

” You see this cane boy?”

“yes miss”

” This is why you are here , to learn your lesson and when I think you are ready you will feel the sting of my cane , do I make myself clear?

” Yes Miss thank you miss”He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a shiny red apple , placed it on the desk and pushed it towards her.

” For you miss ”

She looked disdainfully at the Apple , chose to ignore it , then she approached him, he continued writing but his hand began to tremble . Sofia took hold of his ear and pulled.

” Stand up boy”

He did as he was told, any thoughts of this being a game had long dissappeared .

“pull down your trousers and bend over the desk ”

As he bent he felt her pull down his pants . The first blow from her cane landed right across the middle of his bottom , he bit his lip as the pain seared through him.

” Now boy, you will receive 50 strokes , I want to hear you count each one and thank your mistress”

” Yes miss , thank you miss”

He heard the swish of the cane each time before it found its target . Neat even strokes , each one leaving a purple welt across his bottom . He counted each one as instructed and thanked his mistress . At one point she suddenly stopped and he felt her finger tracing along the welts . He knew she was enjoying administering each and every stroke. At last, just when he thought his legal would buckle he heard his voice.

” Fifty, thank you miss”

“Stand up, pull up your trousers ”

He did as he was told, all too aware of the searing pain he was feeling .

“look at me boy, never ever smirk at me again , do I make myself clear?”

“Yes miss, I never will, thank you miss”

” now you may leave”

He opened the door and left. Sofia sat back down , picked up the apple and took a bite

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