Miss Sofia and her unplanned 69

my new cage bed arrived today , curtesy of @mivfurniture , it’s excelled all expectations but also inspired me to explain why I needed a replacement in the first place

I have used my bondage bed for many years , it was in fact a massage bed with a pvc covering . A few weeks ago I had a new slave who was interested in bondage and cbt . When he walked into my playroom I had a fleeting disturbance flash through my mind, hoping my bed would take his weight. He was 6ft 5ins , a rugby player, probably around 23stone of solid muscle

i ordered him to strip naked, then with my cane I pointed to the bed , but before I could open my mouth and order him to climb carefully onto the bed , his enthusiasm took over. His feet left the floor as he launched himself like an all blacks rugby tackle . As he landed the bed took on a life of its own and began to travel forwards towards the window . I felt a surge of panic as I waited for him to dissapear through it, my mind working overtime as to wether I could fit his body into my car to dump at the quarry. Then just as suddenly it came to a halt , I breathed a sigh of relief , it seemed pretty stable so I decided to continue.i made my way to the top end , standing behind his head I took his wrists and cuffed him to the bed . Just as I clicked the second wrist I became aware that his head , which had been on a par with my waist , was now the same height as my crotch . I looked under the bed only to see the two front legs slowly buckling inwards causing slave to start sliding towards me . By this time his head had become lodged between my thighs and I appeared to be face sitting ( a service I do not provide I might add) . As I lifted my head I saw that because the bed was sinking slaves lower body began curling towards me , as he rose off the bed I could see a large pair of rugby balls sailing through the air towards me . I knew without some dire action I was about to end up on the floor executing a very unplanned 69 ( another service I definitely do not offer) .In a flash I shouted

“Slave, you need to get up”

“I would mistress but you’ve cuffed me to th bed”

Meanwhile his bollocks were getting closer .i’ve read in the past about situations where adrenaline kicks in and amazing feats of strength are achieved. Well I pushed my knees under the bed and took his 23 stone onto them . I managed to uncuff him and he rolled off . He lifted the bed from me then fell to his knees

“oh mistress forgive me ”

i was busy trying to straighten my legs and my bruised ego

” how careless of you slave, punishment is in order”

“yes mistress and I’ll fix the bed I promise”

he would have had more success straightening the leaning tower of Pisa. I’m sure that bed has some stories to tell over the years but onwards and upwards . Love my new cage bed, pure perfection

One thought on “Miss Sofia and her unplanned 69”

  1. Lol.

    Hope your legs are ok – sounds like it could have been very painful.

    Speaking of which, I would love to hear about his punishment!