Punishment fits slaves desire 

He woke early, his cock throbbing,partly from punishment but mostly from unsated desire . His joints were stiff , the chain searing through him was short and left him little room to manoeuvre . His mind was racing , he knew if he was to escape more abuse then he must contain his urges .

Sofia stretched , pushed back the quilt and slipped out of bed. She ran her hands over her naked body . A new slave always heightened her sensuality. She enjoyed the thought of punishing him , she loved hearing the muffled cries as he tried to contain himself, knowing that to show suffering would make his punishment tenfold . Sofia stepped  into the shower , turned on the tap and let the warm water to cascade over her body . For a brief moment she allowed her mind to wander , thinking about the night she had spent locked in her slaves arms . It was short lived before anger took over . Anger at herself for allowing the encounter to happen . She stepped out of the shower dried off and put on her robe.

Sofia entered the kitchen, she silently walked over to to slave , picked up the key and unlocked the padlock removing the chain. Then she perched onto the stool . She crossed her legs and her silk robe slipped down exposing her long legs up to her hip making her nakedness all too obvious.

“Get up slave I want coffee ”

He rose up and went over to the percolator 

” You are like a dog on heat slave”

“I’m sorry mistress,I’m trying to contain myself and avert my eyes but your presence overpowers me ”

Sofia smiled to herself , she was cruel and heartless and would certainly enjoy teaching this slave a lesson. She wanted him to suffer , she knew he was already devoted and would take her sadism without complaint. He placed her coffee in front of her as he did she slipped her robe down passed her shoulders 

” My neck and shoulders are aching this morning slave , massage them for me”

He stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders , her skin felt soft and smooth and he could smell her fragrance . He was careful to stand back , conscious of his arousel , if she felt it he knew he would pay dearly . But Sofia was aware of his desire, her gown slipped further down exposing her breasts , she was enjoying teasing him and she knew she would enjoy punishing him even more . He caressed her shoulders, her back, resisting the temptation to bend and kiss her neck , but he already knew he had transgressed , she had warned him the night before, maybe his lips on her neck would be worth the punishment.

Suddenly her demeanour changed , she slipped from the stool seemingly unaware that her robe was now open exposing her tanned naked body.try as he might slave could nor avert her eyes and that was all Sofia needed.

“How dare you, you disgusting low life , how dare you let your eyes linger on my body”

“Please forgive me mistress, I tried not too but you are just too beautiful”

She fastened her robe , picked up the lead and attached it to his collar. She led him to her dungeon. It was dark, just a little low lighting. Slave looked around , it hadn’t changed,still as foreboding as ever. Memories came flooding back . He had endured many punishments in here and was only too aware of his mistresses sadistic nature , in his eyes it made her the goddess she was.

“Take off your shorts slave”

He peeled them down and stepped out of them, his cock sprang out hard and erect, precum glistening on the end. Sofia stepped forward and wrapped her hand around it squeezing tightly .

” This is the cause of your punishment slave, be very aware of that ”

He lowered his eyes

”  yes mistress ”

He watched as she unhooked a shiny leather viper from its home. His heart sank , he remenbered all too well the searing pain it could and did inflict. He had a sudden urge to turn and flee , but it was only for a fleeting moment 

” Bend over the bench slave ”

H did so and felt the cold steel cuffs clamp around his ankles. Then his mistress secured each wrist 

” I am tempted to remove your mask slave ”

He felt a surge of panic , knowing that if that was to happen then all would be lost .

” But I will honour my promise to mistress Matilda ”

Relief flooded through him, but was short lived as he felt the first agonising sting as Sofias viper found its mark. Time after time it reigned down on him , his back, his thighs , his ass, the pain was excruciating but he didn’t flinch or utter . When Sofias appetite was satisfied she stopped . She dropped the viper , walked up to him and almost gently caressed his shoulder 

” Well done slave ,you took your punishment as I would expect ”

She unlocked him .

“Go and wash slave, I want lunch at one ”

Then she left. He stood up , felt the blood running down his legs , this was the worst beating he had endured , but the touch of her hand on his shoulder made every stroke of her viper worthwhile .

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