Tricky situations

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“You speaking to Jay babe, I love your voice Hun . You wanna have some fun with me?  My cocks throbbing for you ”

” Sounds good jay, what do you have in mind?”

“Baby you gonna”

Then suddenly there was a voice in the background

” Jay, jay, you here ?

“Wait , I’m on the phone bro”

” Phone? Who is it ?”

” It’s only Emira ”

” Emira! Let me say hello, I ain’t spoken to her in ages man ”

” No bro, she’s busy. Go wait for me ”

well words obviously fell on deaf ears because suddenly.

“Hey, Emira how you doing babe? It’s Imran ”

“Um, hello Imran , I’m fine thanks ”

” what’s wrong with your voice babe , you got  a cold or something , you sound different?”

” Yes. Yes I have a cold Imran”

” Imran gimme the fucking phone man , come on fuck off ”

” what’s going on jay? That ain’t Emira”

That was enough for me, I quietly replaced the receiver


Ring Ring

” Hello , who am I speaking too?”

” Is that mistress Sofia?”

“it is”

” Hello mistress, its sissy Jessica”

“Hello Jessica , what are you wearing for me?”

“I have my pink silk panties on, matching bra, pink satin dress, white  stockings and high heels ”

” What a little slut . How high are those heels Jessica ?

” They’re six inches mistress”

sissy had obviously been practicing, her voice sounded very feminine and squeaky

“I’m impressed Jessica , I can hear you walking up and down , your obviously used to those heels ”

“Yas mistress it’s no problem for me , I wear them every day”

there was suddenly a loud crash

” Ow, fuck me , I think I’ve broken my fucking ankle ”

jessica had suddenly most certainly become John !!!

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