Swindon Mistress Sofia

28 Nov 2015

Then there was Archibald 

Where do I start about Archibald! What an absolute sweetie. Ring Ring!  “Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” it’s Archibald my dear, ” “Hello Archibald, or may I call youArchie?” “Oh of course my dear” “What can I do for you Archie?” “Well my dear, I’m feeling rather amorous and my penis is quite erect ” ” oh Archie, how very saucy of you, may I ask how old you are?” “Yes my dear, I’m 87, but it’s ok […]

26 Nov 2015

Slaves punishment 

After kneeling on the floor for two hours his knees felt like they were becoming an extension of the cold stone tiles.  She hadn’t needed to chain him, that was the absurdity of it, she knew without a doubt he would be in exactly the same position when she returned. His mistress had surrounded him with flour, so there was absolutely no room for error,his punishment would be severe if he lost concentration and moved involuntarily. He knew his situation […]

25 Nov 2015

The art of domination 

It didn’t take very long before I came across a submissive caller, this was new territory for me and I think I should have googled a few things before I started. It also bacame clear to me that I had found my vocation and soon I acquired my very own slave harem, but we’ll talk about that later. My beginning wasn’t quite so successful  Ring Ring  “Hello, who am I speaking to?” ” this is Gerald,  is that Sofia?”  ” […]

24 Nov 2015

Be sure your sins will find you out 

I guess I’m like most people , I hate and detest liers , but in this job you have to be prepared to please the caller and if that means being a little liberal with the truth then so be it, I like to call it poetic licence and doesn’t do anyone any harm except you have to have a good memory and your wits about you to get away with it , as I found out to my cost.  […]

24 Nov 2015

Attempt number two 

Well a new day . Gave myself a good talking to and decided to give it another go , after all how hard can it be . This time I’m going to approach it from another angle . Sober !!  Ring ring  “Hello who am I speaking too?”  “This is Paul”  “Hello Paul , I’m Sofia . What can I do for you ?” “I got a great big throbbing  cock , I want you to get your mouth ” […]

23 Nov 2015

Water sports with Henry

The first think I needed to do was find myself an alter ego . I settled on Sofia. as I had always admired Sophia Lorens amazing beauty and perfect body. Oh, I’m going to love this, I can be everything I’m not , I can have my own little fantasy . There was very little training and I was more one less the own in at the deep end Ready as I’ll ever be, I necked almost a full bottle […]

23 Nov 2015