Slaves punishment 

After kneeling on the floor for two hours his knees felt like they were becoming an extension of the cold stone tiles.  She hadn’t needed to chain him, that was the absurdity of it, she knew without a doubt he would be in exactly the same position when she returned.

His mistress had surrounded him with flour, so there was absolutely no room for error,his punishment would be severe if he lost concentration and moved involuntarily. He knew his situation was his own doing , the compulsion to peep through his mistresses bedroom door as she was undressing was overwhelming . She had caught him and now he must take the consequences.

His mind began to wander.How had he become so totaly dedicated to a woman who had so little regard for him except to treat him as the slave he had become . A powerful man in business, she had reduced him to nothing in her presence and made him aware of the total submissive nature he had concealed all these years, but from the minute he had set eyes on her his life was no longer his own 

He was desperate to move, his legs had become unbearably heavy, but to disobey her command would be totaly unthinkable.  He longed for her return, but with nervousness anticipation , would she be forgiving, teasing , or worse would she ignore him, go to her room, that would indeed be unbearable, rather he were the brunt of her aggression than to be ignored 

Two more hours then he heard the key in the door , heard the click of her stilleto heels as she walked towards the kitchen door  ” well now little puppy, have you been a good slave for me? 

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