Swindon Mistress Sofia

17 Apr 2016

Naughty neighbours

This is very popular, so for any ladies approaching middle age, or even older, take note, if you have a young horny neighbor he may well be holding a passionate yearning for you.

Ring Ring

” Hello,  who am I speaking too?”

“Hello, I’m Simon , is that Sofia?”

“It is indeed, what can I do for you Simon?”

“I take it from your introduction your an older woman?”

“your absolutely right ”

“That’s great , Can I as how old?”

“Of course you may, I’m 64 Simon”

“That’s brilliant, do you enjoy role play Sofia?”

“of course , it’s my specialty Simon , what would you like to do?”

“I would like you to be my next door neighbor. She’s 57, very fit, married, but I fantasise about her all the time. I’m 33 by the way.”

“ok Simon, do you have a senario in mind?”

“I’m a bit embarrassed Sofia , I don’t want you to think I’m a Perv or anything, but I would love her to seduce me”

“That’s not Pervy at all, you’d be surprised how popularity is. What’s her name Simon?”

“She’s called Sarah”

“Ok Simon, your just knocking on my door to borrow some milk”

“yes ok”

i tap the table next to the phone

“Hello Simon, havn’t seen you for a while, what can I do for you?”

“Hello Sarah, just wondered if you could spare a drop of milk?”

“Of course, come on in, excuse my state of undress, you just caught me stepping out of the shower , the towel only just covers my modesty I’m afraid”

“Um, I don’t mind at all Sarah”

I laugh softly

” So I see Simon ”

“I’m so sorry Sarah”

“no need to be sorry Simon, just proves your a full red blooded male. I find your blushing very endearing ”

“Your so attractive Sarah, I see you coming back from the gym with those tight leggings on”

“really Simon, have you been spying on me?”

“no no Sarah, I didn’t mean that”

“It’s ok Simon , I’m just teasing, it’s a while since anyone has payed me any attention, all my husband talks about these days is golf”

“He must be mad, if you were my wife I wouldn’t leave you alone for a minute.”

“That’s a lovely thing to say. Come here Simon”


“I said come here. Put your arms around me.”

Of course it can’t all be conversation, you have to remember this is all on the phone and as men are very visual beings a little embellishment is usually called for .

“at this point Sarah’s towel slowly slips to the floor”

I hear Simons breathing quicken and think maybe I should slow down , there’s so much more to come and I don’t want him peaking too early

“Simon , have I flustered you sugar?”

“No , no, it’s just!”

“you like what you see?”

“I love what I see Sarah”

“Sarah slowly moves her hand down Simons body until she comes to his hard cock which is straining agains his shorts     Simon, he wants to come out to play , should we let him?”

i hear Simon gulp

“Yes please Sofia, I mean Sarah”

“Out you come , mmm what a beauty, Sarah has a nice cosy home for you to visit. Sarah presses her warm body against Simons hardness and!!!”

“oh fuck, oh Sarah!”

Damn it, am I ever going to get to finish one of these senarios

“Thank you Sofia’s, that was so horny”

“Your welcome Simon, don’t forget your milk”

Simon chuckles.  Click


19 Mar 2016

God I’ve missed you Matt

the train seems to take forever. I try to keep my mind occupied , if it wanders too much I end up thinking about my destination and I become anxious . It’s been months since my last meeting with Matt . I’ve thought about it so much , reliving the tiniest detail , longing for his touch , remembering how it felt having him inside me , his lips on mine , his muscular body pressed on mine while his shaft moved rhythmically . My reverie is rudely interrupted by the loudspeaker announcing we have reached Paddington . I raised my head and realised the man opposite was watching me intently with a bemused look on his face . I blushed, concious that my expression may just have portrayed the content of my daydreaming . He smiled , aware that he had caught me in my fantasy .

I arrived ar the hotel early , I wanted time to freshen up and change into something more appealing than skinny jeans . I dressed carefully , black matching lingerie , black stockings and a red fitted pencil dress. My shoes were high, I was tall but Matt was much taller so I could afford to indulge myself .

i made sure I was a little late , in fact I waited untill I received his text ” are you here sugar ?” I didn’t answer , just made my way to the lift. I saw him as soon as the door opened , sitting on the stool , running his finger around the rim of his glass and glancing down at his watch . He didn’t see me approach. My stomache was doing somersaults and I felt like the first time we met.

“Hello Matt

“Hello Sofia , I was miles away ”

he slowly looked me up and down, pulled me close and kissed my neck

” I’ve got you a gin and tonic, that’s right isn’t it?”

“lovely thanks.”

i lifted myself onto the stool , crossed my legs and sipped my drink aware of his eyes watching my every move.

“I’ve booked a table for dinner”

” Oh have you”

the thought of eating made my throat constrict. My body was reacting to his closeness , the smell of his aftershave , the same aftershave he had worn the last time we met. I wanted his arms around me, his lips on mine , his body possessing mine. I raised my eyes and they met his , we gazed at each other for what seemed like a lifetime untill he took the glass from my hand. He stood up gently pulled me from the stool but instead of guiding me towards the dining room he steered me towards the lift . Just as he went to press the button another couple entered. I moved back untill I was pressed against him , I could feel his hardness , his breathing became heavy next to my ear. I slowly put my hand behind me and placed it over his hard cock , he pushed against it and let out a soft moan . The lift opened and he pushed me out more urgently this time . Taking my hand he led me down the corridor . He stopped at the room , swiped his key , the door opened , we entered , it closed.

Matt turned to me , pushed me against the wall , his lips came down on mine hot and wanting . I stretched my arms around his neck , I felt him fumbling with his belt , then his zip. He fervently pulled my dress up , lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him as I felt him pulling my panties to the side . His lips were on my neck , biting, licking. I was wet with desire for him as I felt his hard throbbing cock enter me , I cried out with passion as he pushed his shaft deep inside me . He took me hard and fast against the wall . I felt my body begin to tremble . Then the exquisite feeling of my impending orgasm , he drew back , looked into my eyes as he thrust deep inside me as we both came together . We were still for a time then he gently kissed my cheek

“Dinner I think Sofia”

i laughed

” Yes sugar, that would be nice. God I’ve missed you Matt”

06 Feb 2016

Mistress Matilda takes charge 

Matilda was sitting in the same chair wearing a red kaftan , her hair was scraped back and covered with a turban in the same red. She was sipping a dry martini with a green olive . The door opened and she slowly raised her eyes from the glass.

“Come slave, I don’t bite. I have been reviewing my strategy . It’s not often I am beaten at chess. You present me with a challenge and I like that . Sit. Why such a somber face slave?”

“I’m sorry mistress, my mind has been somewhat distracted lately.”

“Would you care to enlighten me slave? I’m not one to pry , a simple no will suffice and I will not mention it again”

He looked at her, she was not at all pleasing to the eye, but every so often, in the right light, it was quite apparent that she had once been a woman of great beauty. But beside that he had become very fond of her and knew that in spite of her pretentious vanity she was a very wise and placating old woman . He felt that if he shared his troubled mind she may well sooth his smouldering anger. He told Matilda his sorry tale, leaving nothing out , even though in doing so it portrayed him in a very desperate and pathetic light, but Matilda took that in her stride, when all was said and done he was after all a mere slave. 

Matilda was silent for some time . He began to think all her thoughts were concentrated on the chess board . When she eventually spoke he was surprised to note that her voice held an element of compassion .

“Do you trust me slave?”

The question took him by surprise, but he had no hesitation in his answer.

“Yes mistress, I trust you implicitly ”

” good . Then slave you will go home , pack a bag and return here . From this moment you belong to me. No questions , am I clear?”

“Yes mistress, absolutely .”

Sofia was quite surprised to receive the phone call . It had been many years since Matilda had held one of her soirées. They had always been the talk of the town and she was pleased and excited to have been invited , but she was intrigued to know what could have prompted Matilda to come out of her seclusion 

02 Feb 2016

Sofia and the seven dwarfs 

How on earth I’m going to make you understand the thought behind this when I can’t make sense of it myself. What goes round in a mans head leaves me more and more perplexed 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“It’s Sneezy”

“Huh? I beg your pardon?”

“It’s Sneezy, is that Snow White?”

“Erm! Yes of course I am, what can I do for you Sneezy?”

“It’s not just me Snow White , there’s seven of us ”

“Yes, I thought there might be, I don’t suppose there’s any sign of the handsome prince ?”

No why would there be!!!

“We’re all lying in a big bed , we might be small but we’ve got seven big hard cocks”

Well that’s my evening taken care of and I have a strange feeling this won’t pan out like the fairy tale

“Hmm, who am I going to start on first I’m spoils for choice?”

“You choose Snow White”

“I think I’ll start on Happy , he has such a cute smile”

“Yeah but it’s my fantasy”


“That’s after I’ve worn you out Sneezy”

I’ll leave it there because it just gets more and more bizarre 

Hi ho, hi ho, we’re going to fuck you know 

With a dildo and a whip and a great big stick 

Hi ho high ho !!! 😏😏

30 Jan 2016

Anyone for Dogging ?

I like to think I am very professional in my work , but there are times when a call is more like a comedy playhouse. This one was probably the most bizarre and I’m ashamed to say I totaly lost the plot. 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking g too ?”

“Hello there, I’m Roland ”

” hello Roland , what can I do for you?”

“Well Sofia, I’d like to share my experience of dogging with you”

Oh joy be unconfined, just what I need to hear after an hour of traipsing around sainsburys 

“Hmmm do go on Roland ”

“I don’t like to go too close , so I parked the car down the lane and walked the rest of the way , it’s well known so I was pretty confident I’d be lucky. As I approached the bushes , sure enough I could hear a rustling and some very heavy breathing . I got my cock out , which was already hard with anticipation .  But suddenly this huge cow appeared from behind the bushes. God knows how it got out of the field”

” whoah, wait, no no Roland , we can’t go any further with this conversation , this is definitely out of bounds”

“Oh not you as well Sofia. No it’s nothing like that. The fucking thing chased me down the lane. I got to the car, I was in such a panic  I dropped the keys. When I bent down to pick them up she butted me in the ass. I felt the impact when my head hit the car”

By this time I could feel the laughter building from the pit of my stomach , I bit down on my hand as Roland continued.

“I woke up in hospital . There were two police officers waiting to talk to me, one was a woman which didn’t help. When they found me the cow was standing over me and of course I still had my cock out, so they wanted to know what my intention was towards the cow”

” mmmmmmm oh” 😂😂😂😂😂

“I mean , have you seen the state of a cows ass Sofia ? I wouldn’t touch it with theirs let alone mine. They took some convincing I can tell you. Anyway , I think it was a sign from god telling me I shouldn’t go dogging anymore, what do you think Sofia ?”

” ummmmmm yep” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

“It means I’ll have to learn to play chess as that’s where my wife thinks I am every week , but I guess I need a new hobby anyway ”

“Mmmmmm yep ” 😂😂😂😂😂

“Thanks for your advice Sofia . I’ve enjoyed out chat . I might phone you again if that’s ok ?”

“Sure, bye Roland” 

“Bye sofia’. Click 


29 Jan 2016

ODDBALLS ! ( Not The Genital Kind)


Time I caught up on a few odds and sods I think. This is just a few of my strange and bizarre calls.

Ring, Ring.

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“This is Armond” “Hello Armond, what can I do for you?”

“I want my hard cock in your wet pussy baby”

Before I had chance to respond and tell him how wonderful that would be, I heard

“Well now Mrs. Rumbold that would depend on what kind of conservatory you had in mind”

” um Armond?”

“Yes baby?”

” please tell me your not in a call centre”

” yeah, but it’s ok we have our own little cubicle”

Un bloody believable

“Don’t you think the calls are going to show up on the records?”

“That’s ok babe, I’ll be long gone by then”


Ring, Ring

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Norman mistress”

” what can I do for you Norman?”

“I want to take your big strapon mistress”

” are you naked and on your knees for me Norman?”

“No mistress”

” why not slave?”

” it’s a bit awkward mistress as I’m in the park walking the dog”

Hallelujah !!

” what? Are you walking in the park with your cock out Norman?”

” oh no mistress, it’s ok, I’ve got a big hole in my jeans pocket”

Bloody wonderful!!

Ring Ring

“Hello , who am I speaking too?”

“Arthur mistress” ” what can I do for you Arthur?”

” I want to be dominated mistress, I love CBT ”

” very well Arthur. Are you naked on your knees?”

“Not quite mistress, I’ve got a jumper on as its not too warm. I can’t get on my knees as I’ve not long had a knee replacement”

” how old are you Arthur?”

” 83 mistress”

What the bloody hell am I going to do here without giving the old boy a heart attack, better take it steady “What sort of CBT did you have in mind Arthur ?”

“I want you to tread all over my cock with your stiletto heels push your heel into my cock till it bleeds”

Good god, what happened to little old grandads and werthers originals!

“Right then Arthur, brace yourself!”

Armond is still hanging onto his job at the call Centre, coz he’s back

Ring Ring

“Hello who am I speaking too?”

“Hi baby, it’s Armond”

“Hello Armond, how are you today?”

” horny baby, wanna fuck that pussy”

Wonderful ”

Oh yes Armond, you nice and hard for me?”

” oh yeah baby, push three fingers in that pussy”

At the time I’m aware of girls chatting on the phone in the background, but Armond is oblivious. Then the competition starts.

Me”oh Armond, are you going to cum for me?”

Him “yeah baby, but I want you to cum first”

Me “oh Armond, I’m going to”

Him “cum for me baby”

Me”I am Armond, oh oh”

Him” are you gonna cum for me baby?”

Me “yes Armond, I said I did, are you going to cum for me?”

Him “you cum first”

Me”Armond, I have”

Him ” cum for me baby”

Me ” Armond, I have, I’ve bloody well cum for you, now are you going to cum for me?” Him ” you cum first”

Me  “Are you deaf Armond ? I just have”

For fuck sake! Click!!


28 Jan 2016

Face Sitting And Slags


After a weekend of food poisoning, I was brought out of my sultry mood by the unexpected call from my Mr Dyer, swoon. That’s all your going to hear about that (smile) Then it was back to stranger than fiction.

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello Sofia, it’s Terry, have you got a huge bottom darling?”

Oh god here we go

“Of course Terry, it’s enormous”

“That’s wonderfu sophia, will you squash it down on my face until I suffocate?”

I can think of better things to be doing with my time, let alone my little size 12 bum

” Ok Terry, I’m going to sit on your face until you stop squirming, until I sqaush the life out of you”

” oh yes Sofia”

What the hell was that about, although come to think about it, there are a few guys I would like to squash the life out of. This next one is quite possibly one of them

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” you must be a real slag to be doing this”

” if I’m a real slag , your ringing me, so what does that make you?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do YOU mean?”

” I said, you must be a real slag”

” I heard what you said, I’m just not sure what constitutes a real slag”

” what?  you do of course”

” I see, so I could be a hooker and not be a real slag then?”

” no, I didn’t say that ” then explain what you mean?”

” but, you know what I mean.”

” actually, I dont, but I’m more than happy to listen to your analagy ”

” what the fuck does that mean?”

” look, I’m busy, now do you want to come or not?”

” yes”

” bloody well get on with it then

” Twat!!

26 Jan 2016

Feather Duster In One Hand C..k In The Other


Now, here’s the thing, I have the ideal job, but, you have to be able to multitask. I can give the most amazing blow job and still have my feather duster in my hand dusting the curtain pelmets, now, not many women can say that. I can hear a guy cum and know it’s my own handy work and I’ve still managed to clean my oven at the same time, gives me a feeling of power, as soon as I have the caller on the phone, he is mine, I can make him do what I want, it’s very empowering, until he shoots his load of course, then, it’s not even kiss my ass, ignorant bastards, you think I have a low opinion of men? Lol not at all, I just know what they are good for. Smile!!

Ring, Ring

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Steve, suck my big hard cock”

oh, how joyful, just what I need when I’m trying to clean the cooker, some caller with illusions of grandeur who thinks his semi flaccid 4 inch dick is a  big hard cock

” oh steve, let me slide my wet lips around your glistening bell end,feel my wet tongue, licking probing”

” fucking hell”

click Oh well, back to the cooker then

26 Jan 2016

The Master And The Girl


Aww baby, I move the cover down a bit, you get into bed, get on top of me with your legs either side and I pull the covers over our heads. We giggle kissing each other as I slowly caress your hips and thighs, running my hands so gently and slowly, sending tingles up your spine, making goosebumps across your beautiful soft skin. You pull away from my lips and bury your head in the crook of my shoulder, kissing, licking and biting my neck. You put your hand in between us, dragging your nails down my chest and stomach until you reach the hard outline of my solid cock in my trousers. You grab it, making me lean towards your ear, holding you tighter I growl “So, you want to tease do you?” I dig a little deeper with my nails, as I run them down your spine, until I reach your panties, then I gently slide them down to expose your peachy bum, I want to play with it, grab it with my hands, mould it between my fingers. Our hands are over each other, like it was the first time for both of us. Kissing, our lips lock and our tongues spiralled and danced out of control. Our breathing begins to accelerate, becoming deeper faster, little moans of pleasure echo round the room.. I slowly bring my fingers to rest on your soft warm pussy. Then slowly, gently, at first, I begin little circular motions around your clit. I feel you arching your back as you start to move in unison against my fingers. It doesn’t take long before I can feel the sweet wetness as your cunt  swollen and receptive. I take hold of my hard throbbing cock and start to rub it against your swollen clit. Your moans become more intense and spur me on, rubbing harder, God, I so want to fuck you now. You start to grind your hips against my cock, but I stop you. Now, I was in control. I wanted to tease you, play with you until the waiting is unbearable. That’s when I produce the cord. I tie it around your hands, making sure your knees are tucked up against your chest. I want a perfect view of your cunt and your arse, your sweet glistening juices running from your aching pussy to your enticing arsehole. I give your arse a stinging slap leaving welts the shape of my fingers across your cheeks. I move my cock across to your arse so I can feel the burning heat triggered by my slap. Then I push your legs apart, taking hold of my shaft,I begin rubbing from your arse to your pussy lips, feeling your juices running onto my cock, I begin to tease , rubbing first your little rosebud, then up to your pussy lips, I hear you moaning, wriggling, trying to free yourself from the confines of the cord wrapped tightly around you. I stop and watch your struggle for awhile realising your frustration just increases my desire. Then I crouch down and grab your legs pulling your whole body towards me. I hover over your clit breathing warm air onto it. My long wet tongue stretched out to tease it, circling the tip of my tongue around and around. Then, I pull out my little bag of tricks, I see the look of fear cross your face, it makes me as horny as fuck. I pull out a blind fold, wrap it around your head, kissing and biting your lip as I secure it A few antagonising minutes later, you feel something soft brush along the soles of your feet, around your ankles and up your thighs. It’s really light and the bristles teasingly tickle your skin, it finds its way to your inner thigh, stopping just short of your pussy. I hear you whimper as I move up and softly brush the bristles across your erect nipples. I can feel your legs shaking with desire. You feel a warm heat over your nipple leaving you puzzled, without warning I take your nipple in my mouth biting it sharply. My nails claw down the centre of your beasts and down your stomach, making you arch your back pushing yourself towards me. I pull away and you sigh deeply, this torture is almost too much to bear. I grin seductively as I watch your body twitching , yearning for more attention. You feel my teeth bite down on your inner thigh, shocking you slightly, you groan “I want you now” ” oh no, I don’t take orders from my pet” I take something cold and smooth , pressing it against your clit , you feel my tonge press deep inside your pussy. A sudden vibration pulsates through your body, your head thrusts back onto the pillow. I turn the control up higher. Your legs shake violently tightening around my head aas I push my tongue deeper inside you. I pull away, grabbing your legs tighter and sliding the metal deep inside your cunt I turn the control as high as it will go. I watch as you curl your toes up and I hear you cry out my name, making me want you more and more. I know you are on the verge of cumming, but not yet baby. I stop again, relishing the knowledge of my complete control over you, the pleasure and excitment is still coursing through your body, your legs shaking, your body contorting, wriggling and tensing on the bed. I touch you softly, unexpectedly and you almost jump, your body ultra sensitive, I decide it’s time to relieve you of the blind fold. The light temporarily blurs your vision, but you soo focus on my stiff cock. I see your mouth open, your tongue licking your lips, then I  slide my shaft between your lips, you take it hungrily, pushing me right to the back of your throat. I feel your teeth biting into me, punishing me for  the torture I’ve put you through, denying your orgasm. I undo the cord, and place it around your neck, pulling you down I take a handful of your hair and pull you onto my cock, pushing my shaft harder and faster into your mouth, I want you to swallow all of my cum. I’m so hard for you now, as my spunk hits the back of your throat I see it running down your chin, tease me baby, play with me. Let me see you spread that hot cum over your lips, I want to taste it, I tongue it from your lips. Now, swallow the rest bitch, let me see it’s all gone. You smile like an innocent girl, proudly showing her master that she had taken it all. I’m not finished yet and you know it. I bend you over and sink my teeth into your peachy bum, then I smack it hard, you let out a yell, but that just makes me slap you again. You’ll take your punishment like a big girl, no crying, you feel the heat of my hand stinging you again, I hear you yelp. I want you to scream my name the next time I slap you ” please master, I’ll be good, I’ll obey you master” I smile as I wet my fingers and rub them over the stinging welts on your arse ” good girl, you handled your punishment well” I tease my cock against your swollen pussy, then plunge it deep inside your cunt. I push in deeper, leaving your nails to rake down my back, your hips grinding on mine. I fuck you hard now, feeling your tight pussy around my shaft. I grab your hips and pull you back and forth against my pulsating member. I hear you crying out ” oh god baby, I wanna cum all over your cock” I dig in harder, feeling my swelling deep inside you about to explode and knowing that you will too. Your breathing is laboured and fast, you grab my neck and pull me close kissing me passionately. I whisper in your ear ” not yet baby, hold it, I’m close, let’s cum together” Then, your pussy , shaking and tightening, locked around my cock, as my hot cum shoots deep inside you and your cum trickles downthesides of my cock Passion spent, we lie in each other’s arms, but the girl is looking at me in a new light !

25 Jan 2016

Masked Malcolm , super hero 

I love my job , because it makes me laugh so much . Not always , of course I take it seriously and I’m very professional but some aspects of it are hilarious 

Ring Ring 

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello , it’s Malcolm the masked hero ”

It’s ok he’s a regular , so nothing surprises me 

” oh master , I’ve been waiting  for you”

” have you my dear? Well I’m here now, with my mask on and my cape and my big erect penis”

” oh master, how wonderful that erect penis looks”

” so my dear tell. masked Malcolm what your wearing ”

” black lace panties matching bra, black lace stockings, a red pencil skirt and a black top”

” take that top off for your master”

“Yes master, it’s off master”

“Now let me hear you pull the zip down on that beautiful skirt”

Shit, I’m wearing leggings , so I quickly improvise and scrape my long nail down a magazine . Luckily it works 

” Sofia that sounds divine , slip those panties off too”

” yes. Master”

” your masters penis is ready for you Sofia”

” yes master I’m waiting ”

” then you must beg for your masters penis Sofia”

Oh bugger, do I have to 

” master please I beg you , let me have your hard penis” I bloody hate that word

“Very well Sofia , get ready for your master to fuck you Sofia , you know what to say”

Oh god

” please my masked super hero Malcolm I beg you to fuck me ”

” oh well done Sofia , now your masked hero is going to cum for you  oooooooooooooh ”

Just one little point , masked. Malcolm is 78 so fair play to him