Swindon Mistress Sofia

11 Apr 2017

Don’t mix your cocks with your hens

it’s been quite a while , so I thought I  would get back to basics , especially as calls have been a little humorous of late Ring Ring ” Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” D’ya want ma big fat cock hen?” “I beg your pardon? No, I’m sorry I can’t talk about animals or birds” “what? I didna mention any birds or animals hen” “Ahh, I get it, your a scot aren’t you?” ” Aye ya ken” ” […]

22 Mar 2017

Punishment fits slaves desire 

He woke early, his cock throbbing,partly from punishment but mostly from unsated desire . His joints were stiff , the chain searing through him was short and left him little room to manoeuvre . His mind was racing , he knew if he was to escape more abuse then he must contain his urges . Sofia stretched , pushed back the quilt and slipped out of bed. She ran her hands over her naked body . A new slave always […]

17 Mar 2017

Slaves first night

The car stopped, slave got out and opened the door for his mistress . Sofia stepped out , she stopped for a moment and looked at him. ” I made a promise to mistress Matilda and I will keep it. Your mask will stay on , but don’t for a moment deem it a sign of weakness on my part. It is out of respect for mistress Matilda, is that clear?” Slave lowered his head. ” Yes mistress, thank you […]

14 Mar 2017

Independent, dominant and proud 

This is for women , women like me and believe me there are plenty of them.  Just approaching my 60th birthday and my husband unceremoniously dumped me for a younger model. Being left at any age is devistating , but when your in your senior years , when you’ve planned your retirement with your partner then it’s monumental  It would have been so easy to just bury myself, give up on life and for a short while I did. It […]

11 Dec 2016

Just when I think I’ve heard it all

Its been a while hasn’t it! Time for a catch up I think . Back to the realms of fantasy , or should I say from the sublime to the ridiculous. Ring Ring ” Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” Hello mistress, I’m jethro” “What can I do for you jethro?” “I’m wearing a chastity cb6000 mistress” “Good choice slave” ” Yes miss, I thought so” “Very secure slave, won’t get loose from that in a hurry” “No miss, […]

05 Dec 2016


Sofia woke early, she had slept well, the forthcoming day had not perturbed her, it needed to be done and she certainly hadn’t lost sleep over the prospect.she showered, then dressed slowly, shiny black cat suit , no need for any lingerie, she pulled on her thigh length boots and went down stairs Sofia went into the utility, picked up the box and headed for the kitchen. She placed the box on the table made coffee, then sat down on […]

03 Dec 2016

Mistress Sofia’s Blog www.sofiasdilemmas.com Slaves Transgression …

23 Nov 2016

Slaves transgression

He stood in front of Sofia, six foot two, broad shoulders, handsome, she guessed around twenty eight. His head was bowed, she surveyed him carefully as she sat crossed legged on her punishment bench. ” You wish to serve me, to be my slave?” ” Yes mistress, if you’ll have me” ” Remove your clothes and get to your knees” He did as he was told then fell to his knees . Sofias noticed he had become aroused, that didn’t […]

26 Oct 2016

Back from Marbella

Tanned and refreshed after four weeks, too long without my whips and chains. Available for sessions as from now , seven days a week . 

14 Aug 2016

Your Swindon Mistress

Swindon Mistress Sofia   I am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix based in Swindon. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. I can be a cold heartless bitch, in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools. I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my […]