Swindon Mistress Sofia

15 Apr 2017


He’d hardly slept, he knew he had to present himself at mistress Sofias classroom at eleven sharp , the thought had both terrified and excited him . He showered then dressed carefully in his crisp school shirt and his grey trousers , he knew he had to be smart , he was in enough trouble and didn’t want to antagonise teacher even more.

He stood outside the door and peeped through the glass . Miss Sofia was sitting cross legged , her black skirt had ridden up showing her shapely lags , he gulped. She wore a white blouse and the two top buttons had been left undone showing her ample cleavage. Her long hair was clipped loosely at the back of her head, her lips were red and she wore black rimmed glasses. She was busy writing in an excercise book. He tapped nervously on the door

” Come”

He stepped in closed the door and stood in front of her hands clasped . She didn’t look up , she just kept on writing for what seemed like an eternity

” Well boy , what time do you call this ?”

“It’s 11 o’clock miss”

“It’s one minute passed boy ”

She raised her head and looked at him . There was a slight smirk on his face as he thought how authentic she looked , that was a big mistake. Quick as a flash Sofia was up and he felt a sharp crack  as her hand smacked the back of his head.

” Are you smirking at me boy?”

“Yes miss, sorry miss”

“You will be sorry, you are one minute late. Take down your trousers and bend over my knee ”

He did as he was told. She pulled down his pants and he felt the first sting as she slapped his bottom with the flat of her hand . Thirty times she spanked him until his bottom was red and hot .

” Now get up boy and sit at the desk ”

He walked to the desk resisting the temptation to rub his stinging bottom. He pulled out the chair and gingerly sat down.

” Open the desk top, take out the excercise book . You will write until I tell you to stop I will not be insolent to miss Sofia ”

“Yes miss”

He started to write , from the corner of his eye he watched as Miss Sofia took a rattan cane with a curved handle out of its container . She stood up and lovingly stroked the length of the cane, it was her turn to smile.

” You see this cane boy?”

“yes miss”

” This is why you are here , to learn your lesson and when I think you are ready you will feel the sting of my cane , do I make myself clear?

” Yes Miss thank you miss”He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a shiny red apple , placed it on the desk and pushed it towards her.

” For you miss ”

She looked disdainfully at the Apple , chose to ignore it , then she approached him, he continued writing but his hand began to tremble . Sofia took hold of his ear and pulled.

” Stand up boy”

He did as he was told, any thoughts of this being a game had long dissappeared .

“pull down your trousers and bend over the desk ”

As he bent he felt her pull down his pants . The first blow from her cane landed right across the middle of his bottom , he bit his lip as the pain seared through him.

” Now boy, you will receive 50 strokes , I want to hear you count each one and thank your mistress”

” Yes miss , thank you miss”

He heard the swish of the cane each time before it found its target . Neat even strokes , each one leaving a purple welt across his bottom . He counted each one as instructed and thanked his mistress . At one point she suddenly stopped and he felt her finger tracing along the welts . He knew she was enjoying administering each and every stroke. At last, just when he thought his legal would buckle he heard his voice.

” Fifty, thank you miss”

“Stand up, pull up your trousers ”

He did as he was told, all too aware of the searing pain he was feeling .

“look at me boy, never ever smirk at me again , do I make myself clear?”

“Yes miss, I never will, thank you miss”

” now you may leave”

He opened the door and left. Sofia sat back down , picked up the apple and took a bite

11 Apr 2017

Don’t mix your cocks with your hens

it’s been quite a while , so I thought I  would get back to basics , especially as calls have been a little humorous of late

Ring Ring

” Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” D’ya want ma big fat cock hen?”

“I beg your pardon? No, I’m sorry I can’t talk about animals or birds”

“what? I didna mention any birds or animals hen”

“Ahh, I get it, your a scot aren’t you?”

” Aye ya ken”

” yes I understand perfectly now ken”

” No hen, ma names Leonard ”

” Right then Leonard , I suggest we start again”

Heres another, only short, but they make me smile, hope they will you too.

Ring Ring

” Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” This is your lucky day babe . I got a big hard throbbing cock here , hard as a rock and I’m gonna fuck that tight little pussy of yours ”

“oooooooh wonderful. How big is that hard cock?”

” It’s a big throbbing four inches Hun”

” Lol , oh you want small cock humiliation?”

” What? Small? Is it small?”

” No no , of course not , that was just a joke , really.”  Click  oops


22 Mar 2017

Punishment fits slaves desire 

He woke early, his cock throbbing,partly from punishment but mostly from unsated desire . His joints were stiff , the chain searing through him was short and left him little room to manoeuvre . His mind was racing , he knew if he was to escape more abuse then he must contain his urges .

Sofia stretched , pushed back the quilt and slipped out of bed. She ran her hands over her naked body . A new slave always heightened her sensuality. She enjoyed the thought of punishing him , she loved hearing the muffled cries as he tried to contain himself, knowing that to show suffering would make his punishment tenfold . Sofia stepped  into the shower , turned on the tap and let the warm water to cascade over her body . For a brief moment she allowed her mind to wander , thinking about the night she had spent locked in her slaves arms . It was short lived before anger took over . Anger at herself for allowing the encounter to happen . She stepped out of the shower dried off and put on her robe.

Sofia entered the kitchen, she silently walked over to to slave , picked up the key and unlocked the padlock removing the chain. Then she perched onto the stool . She crossed her legs and her silk robe slipped down exposing her long legs up to her hip making her nakedness all too obvious.

“Get up slave I want coffee ”

He rose up and went over to the percolator 

” You are like a dog on heat slave”

“I’m sorry mistress,I’m trying to contain myself and avert my eyes but your presence overpowers me ”

Sofia smiled to herself , she was cruel and heartless and would certainly enjoy teaching this slave a lesson. She wanted him to suffer , she knew he was already devoted and would take her sadism without complaint. He placed her coffee in front of her as he did she slipped her robe down passed her shoulders 

” My neck and shoulders are aching this morning slave , massage them for me”

He stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders , her skin felt soft and smooth and he could smell her fragrance . He was careful to stand back , conscious of his arousel , if she felt it he knew he would pay dearly . But Sofia was aware of his desire, her gown slipped further down exposing her breasts , she was enjoying teasing him and she knew she would enjoy punishing him even more . He caressed her shoulders, her back, resisting the temptation to bend and kiss her neck , but he already knew he had transgressed , she had warned him the night before, maybe his lips on her neck would be worth the punishment.

Suddenly her demeanour changed , she slipped from the stool seemingly unaware that her robe was now open exposing her tanned naked body.try as he might slave could nor avert her eyes and that was all Sofia needed.

“How dare you, you disgusting low life , how dare you let your eyes linger on my body”

“Please forgive me mistress, I tried not too but you are just too beautiful”

She fastened her robe , picked up the lead and attached it to his collar. She led him to her dungeon. It was dark, just a little low lighting. Slave looked around , it hadn’t changed,still as foreboding as ever. Memories came flooding back . He had endured many punishments in here and was only too aware of his mistresses sadistic nature , in his eyes it made her the goddess she was.

“Take off your shorts slave”

He peeled them down and stepped out of them, his cock sprang out hard and erect, precum glistening on the end. Sofia stepped forward and wrapped her hand around it squeezing tightly .

” This is the cause of your punishment slave, be very aware of that ”

He lowered his eyes

”  yes mistress ”

He watched as she unhooked a shiny leather viper from its home. His heart sank , he remenbered all too well the searing pain it could and did inflict. He had a sudden urge to turn and flee , but it was only for a fleeting moment 

” Bend over the bench slave ”

H did so and felt the cold steel cuffs clamp around his ankles. Then his mistress secured each wrist 

” I am tempted to remove your mask slave ”

He felt a surge of panic , knowing that if that was to happen then all would be lost .

” But I will honour my promise to mistress Matilda ”

Relief flooded through him, but was short lived as he felt the first agonising sting as Sofias viper found its mark. Time after time it reigned down on him , his back, his thighs , his ass, the pain was excruciating but he didn’t flinch or utter . When Sofias appetite was satisfied she stopped . She dropped the viper , walked up to him and almost gently caressed his shoulder 

” Well done slave ,you took your punishment as I would expect ”

She unlocked him .

“Go and wash slave, I want lunch at one ”

Then she left. He stood up , felt the blood running down his legs , this was the worst beating he had endured , but the touch of her hand on his shoulder made every stroke of her viper worthwhile .

17 Mar 2017

Slaves first night

The car stopped, slave got out and opened the door for his mistress . Sofia stepped out , she stopped for a moment and looked at him.

” I made a promise to mistress Matilda and I will keep it. Your mask will stay on , but don’t for a moment deem it a sign of weakness on my part. It is out of respect for mistress Matilda, is that clear?” Slave lowered his head.

” Yes mistress, thank you mistress”

He opened the front door and stood aside , Sofia walked in and headed for the kitchen . She sat on the high kitchen stool and crossed her long shapely legs , she was aware of his eyes lingering on them and it irked her.

” Why are your eyes not cast down slave?”

“I’m sorry mistress,forgive me, you are so beautiful I forgot myself ”

He wasstill wearing the leather shorts he had worn during the auction and Sofia was very aware that he was erect. He cursed under his breath , he knew he was hard and the more he fought against it, the more his desire for his mistress grew.

sofias shoe slipped and was dangling from her foot, she began to slowly rock her leg . She was teasing him and he knew it.

” Get onto your knees slave ”

He dropped down in an instant . She offered her foot.

” Clean my shoes slave”

He held her foot up to his masked face and pushed his tongue out through the slit . He licked the shoe until it gleamed . He remembered her passion for beautiful designer red shoes and these were certainly no exception. Sofia offered him the other one and he did the same . Then she let the shoe drop to the floor . Slave was almost overcome and couldn’t contain the sharp intake of breath , it didn’t go unoticed .

” You like my feet slave?”

“yes mistress, they are exquisite ”

“Then you may kiss them ”

He took one foot and pressed his lips against her soft toes , along the sole and over the bridge . His cock was so hard now he thought it would burst.

“Lick them now slave and massage them , they ache and need attention . He was in heaven . He caressed and licked them as if he were making love . Sofia felt disturbed and pulled away.


She was angry . She felt her full control slipping and needed to reaffirm her dominance . She placed her foot on his shoulder and pushed him hard . He fell back onto the floor and Sofia slipped off the stool . She put het foot back into het shoe and holding onto the breakfast bar , she stood , full weight onto his erect cock  making sure her sharp heel was in the middle oh his shaft . The pain was excruciating, he bit his lip until it bled and let out a groan

” Silence slave, you do yourself no favour , take your punishment without any utterance .In future  you would do well to curb your desire, do I make myself  clear slave ?”

” Yes mistress , I beg your forgiveness”

Sofia picked up a heavy chain from the bar , attached it to his collar and secured it to a fixture in the floor

” Sleep well slave”

Sofia turned and walked out. He looked around, it was the same kitchen he had spent his first night in four years ago . He wondered if she would eventually recognise him as the slave she had cruelly dismissed and what the consequences would be for him.He peeled down his shorts , the little black mark in the middle of his shaft was raised and angry and throbbed intensely

sofia unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor , she stood in front of the mirror and smiled as she examined her tanned body. She slowly ran her fingers down her flat stomach, stopped at her panty line , she slipped her fingers down the front , toyed with the idea for a few seconds then pulled them out. No , she would not allow slave to arouse her , she would never make that mistake again. Tomorrow he would know who is in control in no uncertain terms

14 Mar 2017

Independent, dominant and proud 

This is for women , women like me and believe me there are plenty of them. 

Just approaching my 60th birthday and my husband unceremoniously dumped me for a younger model. Being left at any age is devistating , but when your in your senior years , when you’ve planned your retirement with your partner then it’s monumental 

It would have been so easy to just bury myself, give up on life and for a short while I did. It was my daughter who brought me to my senses, telling me in no uncertain terms that she couldn’t stand to watch me give up , she said I was slowly dying before her eyes. That was really the catalyst for me, that’s when I decided to turn my life around .

Now ladies and I know there are many , take stock of your life , realise that your freedom is precious, you can do or be whatever you want . The most exciting thing about my life now is the knowledge that I don’t need a man in my life , I might want one but that’s so different to needing , that’s my choice . I’m independent, successful, happier than ever 

I’m proud of who I’ve become , proud of my dominance , my ability to keep men at my feet. So ladies , don’t think being single means being unfulfilled. The world is your oyster , use it wisely 

11 Dec 2016

Just when I think I’ve heard it all

Its been a while hasn’t it! Time for a catch up I think . Back to the realms of fantasy , or should I say from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Ring Ring

” Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” Hello mistress, I’m jethro”

“What can I do for you jethro?”

“I’m wearing a chastity cb6000 mistress”

“Good choice slave”

” Yes miss, I thought so”

“Very secure slave, won’t get loose from that in a hurry”

“No miss, that’s the problem”

“What do you mean that’s the problem slave?”

“I was unlocking for cleaning purposes and I dropped the key . I have a golden retriever and he retrieves everything, he picked up the key and swallowed it , that was three days ago, I’m at my wits end . I thought I would ring you to see if you would have any ideas miss .I’ve been taking a little fork out on our walks so I can have a good dig around in his poo but so far there has been nothing , it should have gone through him by now. I’ve been getting some very funny looks I can tell you miss”


“Oh dear slave how very unfortunate, don’t you have a spare key slave?”

“Yes miss, I put it somewhere safe but I’m buggered if I can remember where , excuse my language miss”

“I will on this occasion slave. The only thing I can suggest is you phone a locksmith ”

“OMG , really miss? What would I say?”

“I don’t think you would need to say much, it’s pretty self explanatory ”

“Yes miss, thank you miss”

“One thing slave, do ring me and let me know how you get on”

“Yes of course miss, thank you miss”


This was a call I had to book a session with me . It’s normally straight forward but this quite unbelievably stupid

Ring Ring

” hello, how can I help you?”

“Good morning, is that mistress Sofia?”

“It is ”

“my name is Peter , I would like to come to you for some sissy training ”

“Very well , how is Monday at two?”

” Well my secretary makes all my appointments but I think that will be fine, can I confirm in an hour”

“Yes , don’t leave it any later”

“No miss thank you ”

Ring Ring

“Hello how can I help?”

” Hello miss its peter. I have spoken to my secretary, I decided to tell her my intention. She is very interested and would like to come along and take instruction on some domination.”

” That wouldn’t be a problem, I have trained Dom’s before ”

“She is very insistent that she takes control and wants to ring you to book the session herself and also have a chat, she has also forbidden me to speak to you again until my session. May she phone you this evening miss?  Her name is Veronica ”

“Yes , that will not be a problem, I will look forward to hearing from her”

Ring Ring

“Hello what can I do for you ?”

“oh good evening, I’m Veronica, sorry about my voice l have a bad throat ”

” ok peter , I don’t know what made you think you could sound remotely like a woman . I have a very busy life and do not have the time to pander to your fantasy while you get off on it. Please do not bother me again ”

Click ! Twat !


05 Dec 2016


Sofia woke early, she had slept well, the forthcoming day had not perturbed her, it needed to be done and she certainly hadn’t lost sleep over the prospect.she showered, then dressed slowly, shiny black cat suit , no need for any lingerie, she pulled on her thigh length boots and went down stairs

Sofia went into the utility, picked up the box and headed for the kitchen. She placed the box on the table made coffee, then sat down on front of it.Sipping her coffee she nonchalantly brushed her fingers over the lid. Coffee finished she picked up the box and headed for the playroom.

Slave had endured an uncomfortable night , his cock was sore from the caning , his arms and legs were stiff and his right buttock was chapped from lying in his urine all night . He heard the door open and his stomach flipped

Sofia walked over to him, pulling a pair of latex gloves from the rack as she went. She placed the box on the floor, pulled the gloves on and lifted the lid of the box . His cock was flaccid and she could clearly see the welts her cane had made , but she needed it to be erect, in anticipation of her retribution. He felt her hand slowly start to stroke him , even though her touch renewed the pain he felt himself becoming aroused  Sofias teased him , softly coooed to him

” There , that’s not so bad is it slave ? I knew you wouldn’t resist my touch for long ”

He was hard now, fully erect, his breathing heavier . He heard the piercing buzz a couple of seconds before he felt the pain . He tried th scream but the ball gag was tight in his mouth and all he managed was a garggled groan before he sank into welcome oblivion . Sofia was annoyed he had passed out , she wanted him to be aware of every second . The task was done, she picked up the box and left the room . Let him stew for a while.

Sofia went into the utility , opened the cupboard and replaced the box , it looked like it had never been moved, she smiled and closed the door

After coffee and toast Sofia checked her watch , she had a slave due soon and she wanted th be rid of the monster hog tied in her playroom before he arrived.

He heard the door open and fear gripped him , he was in no doubt now of her capabilities, the searing pain in his groin confirmed the fact.

Sofia knelt beside him, she looked at his pathetic cock , she needed him to be hard before she removed the blindfold . He felt her touch and despite the searing pain , once again she aroused him . Sofia gently soothed him as she stroked him , encouraging him with soft words until his cock was standing erect . Only then did she slowly remove the blindfold. It took a few moments fore his eyes to adjust to the light . Then he looked down , the ballgag prevented the scream , he felt bile rise in her throat which threatened to choke him . He looked wide eyed at Sofia ,she smiled victoriously at him . His cock was still hard and his brain was trying to make sense of the sight his eyes were seeing . Sofia removed his gag.

” Nothing to say then slave? Cat got your tongue?”

“You fucking bitch, what have you done? I’m married , what will I tell her?”

“I doubt you will need to tell her anything slave, it speaks for itself doesn’t it?”

She flicked his wilting cock with her fingers, it sprang to life again growing to its full 8 inches . Sofias smiled as she looked at her handywork along the length of his cock RAPIST . She was so pleased she had kept the tattoo gun

03 Dec 2016

Mistress Sofia’s Blog


Slaves Transgression unnamed-1

23 Nov 2016

Slaves transgression

He stood in front of Sofia, six foot two, broad shoulders, handsome, she guessed around twenty eight. His head was bowed, she surveyed him carefully as she sat crossed legged on her punishment bench.

” You wish to serve me, to be my slave?”

” Yes mistress, if you’ll have me”

” Remove your clothes and get to your knees”

He did as he was told then fell to his knees . Sofias noticed he had become aroused, that didn’t please her. She was about to admonish him for his disrespect when he jumped to his feet.

“Now bitch, you get on your knees, I’m going to do to you what I’ve done to all the others. You deserve a hard fucking ”

Sofia felt her throat constrict with fear, it lasted a second , then was replaced with utter rage. She leaped off the bench unhooked her raton cane from its home and with her full force she brought it down with precision aim across his erect shaft. His scream was piercing , he sank to his knees clutching his cock. This time Sofia brought the cane down across his back again and again as he yelped cowering with pain. She pushed him hard with her boot, as he fell to the floor she grabbed her cuffs from the wall , sat astride him and secured his wrists behind his back . Then she rolled him over .She placed the six inch heel of her boot in the middle of his cock and stood on him pinning his shaft to his belly . Moving swiftly she placed the soul of her other boot against his throat. His eyes began to bulge as she adjusted her weight placing most of it against his throat. His face became contorted turning blue, just as he was about to lose consciousness Sofia jumped off leaving him coughing and spluttering for breath. She pulled the rope from the wall and deftly tied it around his ankles then his wrists until she had him securely hog tied . She pushed a ball gag into his mouth and lastly blindfolded him . He heard her heels clicking as she walked across the room , then the door slammed shut . Only then did he become aware that he was lying in his own piss.

Sofia walked to the end of her kitchen, placed her hands either side of the sink and closing her eyes she let out a long sigh. Never before had she felt such an urge to keep her boot held firmly to his neck. Leaving the room had been a good move, but she knew she wouldn’t release him without adequate punishment. Suddenly her eyes sprang open and a smile crossed her face . When she had put the box away her daughter had chastised her.

” Your such a hoarder mum, when on earth will you ever use that?”

” You never know Amy, things have a habit of popping into my head at unexpected times. One day it will be useful to me”

Sofia walked to the utility , opened the cupboard and took out the box. She opened the lid checked the contents , yes all there. She replaced the lid and put the box on the side, giving it a reassuring tap she went to bed

Slave lay hog tied on the floor wondering what fate had in store for him


26 Oct 2016

Back from Marbella

Tanned and refreshed after four weeks, too long without my whips and chains. Available for sessions as from now , seven days a week . img_5849