Slaves transgression

He stood in front of Sofia, six foot two, broad shoulders, handsome, she guessed around twenty eight. His head was bowed, she surveyed him carefully as she sat crossed legged on her punishment bench.

” You wish to serve me, to be my slave?”

” Yes mistress, if you’ll have me”

” Remove your clothes and get to your knees”

He did as he was told then fell to his knees . Sofias noticed he had become aroused, that didn’t please her. She was about to admonish him for his disrespect when he jumped to his feet.

“Now bitch, you get on your knees, I’m going to do to you what I’ve done to all the others. You deserve a hard fucking ”

Sofia felt her throat constrict with fear, it lasted a second , then was replaced with utter rage. She leaped off the bench unhooked her raton cane from its home and with her full force she brought it down with precision aim across his erect shaft. His scream was piercing , he sank to his knees clutching his cock. This time Sofia brought the cane down across his back again and again as he yelped cowering with pain. She pushed him hard with her boot, as he fell to the floor she grabbed her cuffs from the wall , sat astride him and secured his wrists behind his back . Then she rolled him over .She placed the six inch heel of her boot in the middle of his cock and stood on him pinning his shaft to his belly . Moving swiftly she placed the soul of her other boot against his throat. His eyes began to bulge as she adjusted her weight placing most of it against his throat. His face became contorted turning blue, just as he was about to lose consciousness Sofia jumped off leaving him coughing and spluttering for breath. She pulled the rope from the wall and deftly tied it around his ankles then his wrists until she had him securely hog tied . She pushed a ball gag into his mouth and lastly blindfolded him . He heard her heels clicking as she walked across the room , then the door slammed shut . Only then did he become aware that he was lying in his own piss.

Sofia walked to the end of her kitchen, placed her hands either side of the sink and closing her eyes she let out a long sigh. Never before had she felt such an urge to keep her boot held firmly to his neck. Leaving the room had been a good move, but she knew she wouldn’t release him without adequate punishment. Suddenly her eyes sprang open and a smile crossed her face . When she had put the box away her daughter had chastised her.

” Your such a hoarder mum, when on earth will you ever use that?”

” You never know Amy, things have a habit of popping into my head at unexpected times. One day it will be useful to me”

Sofia walked to the utility , opened the cupboard and took out the box. She opened the lid checked the contents , yes all there. She replaced the lid and put the box on the side, giving it a reassuring tap she went to bed

Slave lay hog tied on the floor wondering what fate had in store for him


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