Sofia woke early, she had slept well, the forthcoming day had not perturbed her, it needed to be done and she certainly hadn’t lost sleep over the prospect.she showered, then dressed slowly, shiny black cat suit , no need for any lingerie, she pulled on her thigh length boots and went down stairs

Sofia went into the utility, picked up the box and headed for the kitchen. She placed the box on the table made coffee, then sat down on front of it.Sipping her coffee she nonchalantly brushed her fingers over the lid. Coffee finished she picked up the box and headed for the playroom.

Slave had endured an uncomfortable night , his cock was sore from the caning , his arms and legs were stiff and his right buttock was chapped from lying in his urine all night . He heard the door open and his stomach flipped

Sofia walked over to him, pulling a pair of latex gloves from the rack as she went. She placed the box on the floor, pulled the gloves on and lifted the lid of the box . His cock was flaccid and she could clearly see the welts her cane had made , but she needed it to be erect, in anticipation of her retribution. He felt her hand slowly start to stroke him , even though her touch renewed the pain he felt himself becoming aroused  Sofias teased him , softly coooed to him

” There , that’s not so bad is it slave ? I knew you wouldn’t resist my touch for long ”

He was hard now, fully erect, his breathing heavier . He heard the piercing buzz a couple of seconds before he felt the pain . He tried th scream but the ball gag was tight in his mouth and all he managed was a garggled groan before he sank into welcome oblivion . Sofia was annoyed he had passed out , she wanted him to be aware of every second . The task was done, she picked up the box and left the room . Let him stew for a while.

Sofia went into the utility , opened the cupboard and replaced the box , it looked like it had never been moved, she smiled and closed the door

After coffee and toast Sofia checked her watch , she had a slave due soon and she wanted th be rid of the monster hog tied in her playroom before he arrived.

He heard the door open and fear gripped him , he was in no doubt now of her capabilities, the searing pain in his groin confirmed the fact.

Sofia knelt beside him, she looked at his pathetic cock , she needed him to be hard before she removed the blindfold . He felt her touch and despite the searing pain , once again she aroused him . Sofia gently soothed him as she stroked him , encouraging him with soft words until his cock was standing erect . Only then did she slowly remove the blindfold. It took a few moments fore his eyes to adjust to the light . Then he looked down , the ballgag prevented the scream , he felt bile rise in her throat which threatened to choke him . He looked wide eyed at Sofia ,she smiled victoriously at him . His cock was still hard and his brain was trying to make sense of the sight his eyes were seeing . Sofia removed his gag.

” Nothing to say then slave? Cat got your tongue?”

“You fucking bitch, what have you done? I’m married , what will I tell her?”

“I doubt you will need to tell her anything slave, it speaks for itself doesn’t it?”

She flicked his wilting cock with her fingers, it sprang to life again growing to its full 8 inches . Sofias smiled as she looked at her handywork along the length of his cock RAPIST . She was so pleased she had kept the tattoo gun

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