Just when I think I’ve heard it all

Its been a while hasn’t it! Time for a catch up I think . Back to the realms of fantasy , or should I say from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Ring Ring

” Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” Hello mistress, I’m jethro”

“What can I do for you jethro?”

“I’m wearing a chastity cb6000 mistress”

“Good choice slave”

” Yes miss, I thought so”

“Very secure slave, won’t get loose from that in a hurry”

“No miss, that’s the problem”

“What do you mean that’s the problem slave?”

“I was unlocking for cleaning purposes and I dropped the key . I have a golden retriever and he retrieves everything, he picked up the key and swallowed it , that was three days ago, I’m at my wits end . I thought I would ring you to see if you would have any ideas miss .I’ve been taking a little fork out on our walks so I can have a good dig around in his poo but so far there has been nothing , it should have gone through him by now. I’ve been getting some very funny looks I can tell you miss”


“Oh dear slave how very unfortunate, don’t you have a spare key slave?”

“Yes miss, I put it somewhere safe but I’m buggered if I can remember where , excuse my language miss”

“I will on this occasion slave. The only thing I can suggest is you phone a locksmith ”

“OMG , really miss? What would I say?”

“I don’t think you would need to say much, it’s pretty self explanatory ”

“Yes miss, thank you miss”

“One thing slave, do ring me and let me know how you get on”

“Yes of course miss, thank you miss”


This was a call I had to book a session with me . It’s normally straight forward but this quite unbelievably stupid

Ring Ring

” hello, how can I help you?”

“Good morning, is that mistress Sofia?”

“It is ”

“my name is Peter , I would like to come to you for some sissy training ”

“Very well , how is Monday at two?”

” Well my secretary makes all my appointments but I think that will be fine, can I confirm in an hour”

“Yes , don’t leave it any later”

“No miss thank you ”

Ring Ring

“Hello how can I help?”

” Hello miss its peter. I have spoken to my secretary, I decided to tell her my intention. She is very interested and would like to come along and take instruction on some domination.”

” That wouldn’t be a problem, I have trained Dom’s before ”

“She is very insistent that she takes control and wants to ring you to book the session herself and also have a chat, she has also forbidden me to speak to you again until my session. May she phone you this evening miss? ┬áHer name is Veronica ”

“Yes , that will not be a problem, I will look forward to hearing from her”

Ring Ring

“Hello what can I do for you ?”

“oh good evening, I’m Veronica, sorry about my voice l have a bad throat ”

” ok peter , I don’t know what made you think you could sound remotely like a woman . I have a very busy life and do not have the time to pander to your fantasy while you get off on it. Please do not bother me again ”

Click ! Twat !


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