He said,”omg, your pussy’s amazing”

I have 2 beautiful Bengal cats, but they are very naughty. Consequently, when I’m working they are banned from the bedroom. But on this one occasion Pooky was fast asleep on my bed , so I figured it would be pretty safe. Half way through my second call she woke up, but she just moved closer against my hip and snuggled back down, great, no problem. Things were hotting up and as far as the caller was concerned I was on the brink of orgasm ( yeah right) suddenly Pooky lifted her head and started frantically chewing her side , unfortunately she has a nasal problem so it always sounds like a cow stuck in quick sand. Too late I realised my caller had heard but before I could make my apologies he said. 

” oh baby, your pussy is so wet for me, you’ve made my cock as hard as fuck”

Well now, there’s a result , but I must deflea her tomorrow.

Sound effects can play a big part in some calls . But like everything there are sometimes malfunctions . Some callers like to heat a vibrator and firmly believe I’m using it , I used to use my electric toothbrush but come the morning when I went to clean my teeth the battery would die a death. So I invested £2.99 in a vibrator from Hong Kong, big mistake, after 2 calls it died a death . Do you think I can find batteries to fit the bloody thing, and I’m damned if I’m going into a shop and asking 

” excuse me sweetie , have you got a battery’s to fit this?”

So for the time being its back to the tooth brush !! 

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