Misunderstandings, I guess it sounds better than f…k ups 

There are occasional calls that end in a complete balls up. That’s all I can say really , best to just get on with it 

Ring Ring 

“Hello who am I speaking too!”

” I am Abawabadaby ”

” pardon?”

“Abawabadaby ”

Well I can’t say pardon again

“Hello Abawabadadawabrt ”  oh god 

” what can I do for you?”

“I want fuck you”

” oh wonderful Abda,, um  sweetie , How would you like to fuck me!”

“You want me come your house?”

Oh my god here we go again. 

“No, no, Abadabwhatsit , I’m not an escort, it’s phone sex”

“Oh sorry madam, you find me girl then?”

“I beg your pardon , I’m not a madam either , or a pimp for that matter, find your own bloody girl”  click 

Ring Ring 

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Um , it’s jason ”

” hello jason , how old are you sugar?”

” I’m seventeen, oh I mean eighteen , oh shit.”  Click 

Ring Ring 

” hello , who am I speaking too?”

“Hello I’m Arnold ”

“Hello Arnold , I’m Sofia , what can I do for you ?”

“Hello Cynthia ”

Huh? Cynthia? What the fuck?

“Well Cynthia , I want you to suck my big cock”

“Could we just get something cleared up Arnold, it’s Sofia not Cynthia . I think your confusing me with Cynthia Payne , I’m more Sofia Loren ok?”

“Oh sorry Sofia , I must have misheard ”

” that’s ok Arnold, no harm done . Now let’s get back to the matter in hand. Hmm nice hard cock Arnold , really want to get my lips around that, oh Arnold, so big and hard, I want to suck that spunk out of you”

“Oh oh , I’m cuming , oh yes Cynthia “.  Oh bollocks !! 

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