A male escort ? In your dreams 

I thought I was the one creating the fantasies , but I do get the occasional wannabees.

Ring. Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“I’m jason”

“Hello jason, what can I do for you?”

“I’m just at home today chilling . Thought I’d ring up for a chat.”

“Hmm, that’s nice jason , so a day off. What do you do?”

“A bit of this and that , but mainly I’m an escort”

Well I nearly chocked , an escort , with a day off ! So he phones a sex line, doesn’t sound very likely.

“Wow, that sounds exciting . So how many clients do you have a day Jason?”

“Usually three or four ”

“My, your a busy guy”

“Yeah, I’m popular with the older ladies ”

“How old are you Jason?”

“I’m twenty six”

“What would you do to me if I were one of your clients?”

Hmm, professional male escort this is going to be horny

“I’d grab your ass cheeks , pull them apart ”

What the fuck! So this is foreplay is it.

“Well Jason, you seem to have done your homework , do you do that to all your clients?”

“Yeah, pretty much”

“How much do you charge for such an erotic experience?”

“Um, five hundred pounds”

“My word Jason, cheap at half the price, you should be in 50 shades of grey”

Jason gives a nervous laugh

“How long have you been an escort Jason ?”

“Oh years”

“You must be pretty wealthy now then ??”

“What? Oh yeah”

” you seem to have had my ass cheeks pulled apart for some time Jason , any chance we could move on a bit?”

“Yeah sure, gonna shove my cock up your fanny”

Oh joy be unconfined , it’s a long time since I’ve been erotically stimulated , I can hardly contain myself . Jason on the other hand didn’t even try , as I listened to his moans , I couldn’t help thinking maybe I should be the one getting the five hundred pounds .

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