There’s something about Mary 

Sofia stood at the end of the kitchen . She knew Mary was unaware of her presence, too busy cleaning the worktop, so she was able to study her without being noticed . Mary’s little black dress , although short, was neat and the little apron on the top was gleaming white . She wore black stockings, her legs were very shapely. She walked surprisingly well in her black heels. Her makeup was immaculate and she wore her hair in a long bob and had a cute way of flicking it back off her face. In fact the only giveaway was the bulge in the front of her black panties. Sofia had noticed it and it unsettled her, she tensed her thighs together trying to dispel the growing desire she felt between them, what the fuck was happening? . This was her sissy maid , fully made up , her slave, her sub, there to do her bidding and all Sofia wanted to do was rip her clothes of and fuck her. It had been a long time since she had felt this much intense desire and it irked her. It made her angry, she felt she was losing control and she didn’t like it.

“Mary, have you cleaned the floor?”

“Yes miss”

“But it’s streaky Mary”

“Is it miss, I’m sorry l’ll do it again”

“No Mary, that’s not good enough, it should have been done properly in the first place, you know I need to punish you don’t you ?”

Mary kept her eyes to the floor 

“You know the rules Mary”

” yes miss, forgive me miss”

“Bend over Mary”

Mary bent over showing her firm lean buttocks and Sofia brought her leather whip down hard across them , much harder than she would normally have done . She heard Mary’s sharp intake of breath but she never uttered a sound . Sofia saw the ugly red welt appear almost immediately across Mary’s ass .

“Stand up Mary, now has that taught  you a lesson ?”

“Yes mistress, thank you mistress”

Sofia knew Mary was fully erect now and it was too much for her to bare

“Finish your jobs Mary”

“Yes miss”

Sofia went to her room . Damn it, damn it, she knew she couldn’t let that happen again. 

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