There’s a what in my hot tub? 

There are some weird and wonderful fetishes about , I guess the same can be said for fantasies , but this one had me in stitches although the caller took it very seriously 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“I’m josh”

“Hello josh, what can I do for you?”

“Do you have a hot tub Sofia?”

Now as luck would have it I do although it’s empty at the moment , but even if I didn’t I would be saying yes, it’s the same principle as with the cigarettes , it’s what the caller wants to hear

“Yes josh, of course I have a hot tub”

“That’s great, so you slowly slide your body into it , When suddenly , through the bubbles you see a shark ”

What , well I wasn’t expecting that, is this guy on crack or something 

“Why would I get into my hot tub if there’s a shark in it ?”

“You didn’t know it was there”

“So where did it come from? How did it get in there?”

“Does it matter sofia ?The fact is its there”

“Ok josh”

” then I see you in the hot tub and I notice the shark fin , I hear you scream. ……….. Scream then Sofia ”

“Oh, ahhhhhhhhhh”

“So, I jump into the hot tub and grab the shark round the neck”

“Neck josh? I don’t think a shark has a neck”

“Ok, body then , I hold it down under the water and drown it”

“Hang on a minute josh, a shark is a fish, how can you drown it ?”

“It’s not a fish it’s a mammal”

“I beg to differ josh, I think you’ll find it’s definitely a fish ”

“For fuck sake Sofia, ok so I pick the fucking thing up and chuck it over the wall ok?”

God , what will the neighbours think 

“Ok, oh josh , your so big and strong , you’ve saved my life, how can I ever repay you ?”

“Well Sofia , you can come over here and suck on this big hard cock ”

“Ha ha ha ha ha “.  Click

Damn it, how unprofessional , I guess even I lose the plot sometime . I’m just going to have a quick look in my hot tub !! 

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