Me Matt and the hotel toom 

Guys sometimes ask me what a normal call is like, is there such a thing?  So, here is a call without any comical intervention 

Ring. Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

“Hello , it’s Matt ”

“Hello Matt, what  can I do for you?”

” do you role play Sofia?”

“Yes, of course Matt, tell me the scenario”

” I’d like us to be meeting in a hotel, can you take it from there”

“We meet in the bar don’t we Matt?”

“Yes we do Sofia ”

“I’m wearing black silk panties , matching bra , black stockings and a tight red pencil dress. I have black stilletos with a peep toe and an ankle strap. I push myself onto a stool next to you and cross my legs. I’m aware of your eyes on me and I discreetly pull my dress a little higher. Oh, I love to tease you Matt”

I hear Matt swallow and his breathing quickens, no, not yet Matt , I havnt even started. 

” you ask if you can buy me a drink and I say , that’s kind of you , l’ll  have a gin and tonic thank you. You watch as I slowly lick around the rim of the glass, my eyes locked onto yours . I glance down and see the bulge steadily growing in your trousers. I slip off the stool and take your hand . You show no resistance as we enter the lift. I keep my back to you but press myself hard against your body, I hear a small groan escape your lips as your body sinks against mine .the lift opens and I lead you to the room. Once inside I let you unzip my dress, you watch as I step out of it, then I feel your arms slip around me. Your lips are on mine , hot and wanting , your tongue hard and searching . You unhook my bra and bending your head take my erect nipple in your mouth . The feeling is exquisite and I feel a tingling between my thighs . I push you down to your knees, your lips are on my stocking tops , then I feel your tongue on my bare flesh slowly licking up until you find my clit through my panties.i push your head against me and you can feel the wetness as my juices begin to flow onto my panties . You slide my panties down and I step out of them leaving me naked except for my stockings. ”

I hear Matt gasp

“Then I undo your shirt, pulling it off your shoulders, followed by your trousers, I can see your cock hard beneath your boxers and the little wet patch indicating the level of your arousal . I pull them down and your magnificent cock springs out . I push you onto the bed, lying next to you pressing my warm body tight against yours. Opening my legs slightly I slide your hard cock I between my thighs and grip it tightly . I feel it swelling as  I slowly gyrate my body encasing your shaft as I move backwards and forwards. Then I kiss down your body untill my head is close to your cock. I wrap my hand around it and squeeze . Then you feel my soft lips around your glans , my tongue licking and probing your japs eye, sliding my tongue down your shaft I start to lick your balls , gently taking them into my mouth and sucking them , then I slide my tongue back up and take your cock and push you right to the back of my throat 

That proved too much for Matt with an “oh my god” he was gone.

So I guess that gives you an idea of the average ‘normal’ call. Smile !! 

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