The start is her slaves challenge 

He woke early very concious of the pain in his knees. It was the legacy from his punishment the night before , he was determined to redeem himself today. He stood up and pulled his jeans on , silently opened his bedroom door intent on heading for the kitchen , but on noticing his mistresses bedroom door was ajar he crept across the landing and looked through the crack. Sofia was lying on her back , the quilt had been pushed down , one leg was hanging over the bed , long , tanned, her nails painted deep red. He could just see the rise of her left breast and realised that she was naked. His hand went to his crotch as he was aware of the stirring beneath his jeans as his cock began to harden. Sofia turned over and a little moan escaped her lips which was enough to bring him to his senses and he quickly made his way to the kitchen . Sofia sat up stretched and slipped on her white silk robe. She was pondering on her next move, her meeting hadn’t gone well but she had received a call from Mistress Matilda, an honour indeed as she was the matriarch of all mistresses, this could be just the feather in her cap that she needed. 

He didn’t hear her enter the kitchen , busying himself preparing breakfast for his mistress.

“So slave, I hope you are prepared to redeem yourself today?”

” yes mistress , I want to please you anyway possible” He had looked at her for only a moment , her robe had slipped  off one shoulder , she was perched on a stool and the robe had fallen open to reveal the smoothness of her pussy. Damn it, he felt the familiar stirring , unfortunately for him it had not gone unnoticed. Sofia slipped off the stool , a little smile crossed her face , she walked across to him and deftly unzipped just jeans slipping her hand inside she released his cock, which was now hard and throbbing . He waited for the dissaproval but was surprised when instead her smile widened. 

” I’m glad to see your cock is playful today slave, he is going to be busy”

“Yes mistress. Always ready to please”

” you are aware of mistress Matilda slave?”

” yes mistress, of course”  what slave hadn’t, the most feared but reveared mistress , well into her 70s  maybe even 80s . 

” well slave, she has heard I have a new slave and is keen to try you out. Don’t let me down slave , I want you to please her. Obey her as you would me, if you are successful then I will grant you a wish”

“A wish mistress?”

“Yes, anything you desire . Go and get ready . She wants you for the day”

“Yes mistress, I won’t let you down”

He left the kitchen , he already knew what his wish would be. But could he be successful, could he fuck a wizened old lady in her 80s . His heart sank  

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