Corner shops can certainly hold some surprises 

This could be from an X rated Open all hours. It’s my little corner shop Raj, although if he’s to be believed then not so little.

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello, it’s Raj, I’m really  horny baby”

“Mmmmm just how I like it sugar, tell me what I should do to you”

” oh baby, I wanna  fuck you , hard and deep, hard and deep, oh just a sec. Lentils, bottom shelf my love, there, next to the rice”

Then, to my amazement I heard a till open, then Raj was back like he’d never been away. 

” yeah deep and hard, fuck you deep and hard, oh just a sec, ”

Then he was gone again , this time I heard a guy laughing and

” your not on that phone again are you Raj?” 

“No, not me sir”

Then he was back, this time I said”

“Raj, are you in a shop? ”

“Yes, it’s ok, I come out the back . Now I’m gonna fuck you with my ten inch cock , deep and hard, deep and hard, oh just a sec.  Yes madam, what you looking for?”

I hope madams eyes didn’t wander too far down because if Raj rally does hav e a ten inch cock then she’s in for a nasty surprise . Then he’s back again. 

“Deep and hard, deep and hard, bet you never had a guy like me baby?”

Well he’s not wrong there. Most guys aren’t that good at multitasking . That call lasted 35 minutes. Raj and I spoke for 4 of them . Still I guess he lasted a minute longer than most men. 

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