Sofia returns to her slave 

Sofia walked through the door and down the hall, she had no doubt he would be in exactly the same position and it irked her somewhat. She had not had a successful meeting and needed to vent her anger. She opened the kitchen door 

“Has my little puppy been a good slave?”

He was still in exactly the same position , his knees hurt like hell and he could feel his calves beginning to cramp . Beads of sweat lined his top lip and he licked it away , tasting the saltiness he fleetingly wished it was her saltiness he was tasting. She stood looking down at him and he thought how incredibly sexy and powerful she looked, he was aware of his shorts tightening as his cock began to harden and too late he realised he had been staring into her eyes.

“What do you think you are doing slave? How dare you presume to be good enough to look into my eyes ”

“I’m sorry mistress, your so beautiful I forgot my place, please forgive me”

“I don’t want pathetic excuse. This could have been so different as I see you haven’t moved since I went out and would have rewarded you . Remove your shorts slave. You will go into chastity for 5 days . It will serve as a reminder, never lift your eyes to mine again . Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes mistress, very clear, ”

He stood up and removed his shorts and Sofia put the cumbersome cage around his throbbing cock. He was desperate to cum but knew, due to his transgression , that would be a long way off.  He was so disappointed , he’d tried so hard to please her . He could kick himself and vowed that tomorrow he would do better. 

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