Love a judge in a basque 

I never cease to be surprised by some of my callers , just when you think you’ve heard it all. 

Ring Ring 

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello I’m Sebastian ”

“Hello Sebastian , I’m Sofia , what can I do for you?”

” I’m wearing pink panties and a basque, I want to be your sissy”

” where are you ? What are you doing sissy?”

“Well actually , I’m a judge it’s  my lunch time”

Bloody hell, I thought I’d heard it all , I hope it wasn’t the judge that presided over my divorce, it wouldn’t surprise me, I thought his mind was on something else, didn’t think it was my knickers though. 

” so you want to be my sissy do you slut? Well let’s get rid of that cock first, I don’t suppose you have any cling film?”

“Well actually I do mistress. I have a little kitchen here”

” good, get some and wrap it around that disgusting little cock”

“Yes mistress”

I could hear him doing just that , then I had him on his hands and knees , well you wouldn’t want to know all the ins and outs , suffice to say it would have made a judge blush”

“Ok Sebastian , I think you’ve earned your reward , do you want to cum for your mistress?”

” oh god, yes please mistress, but could I take the cling film off first?”

” omg, I’d forgotten about the bloody cling film”

” only the thing is mistress, it’s got really tight and my cocks very swollen ”

Jesus, I’ve killed the bastard. I had a sudden vision of me in the dock “Sofia, you’ve been charged with murder, and that you did wilfully strangle judge Sebastian’s cock with cling film . Shit.

“Go to the sink and stick your cock under the cold tap, it’ll bring the swelling down”

” yes your right mistress, it’s beginning to come down, ah that’s better, it’s loosening now”

Thank fuck for that

“Well sissy, we better leave your orgasm, didn’t you say it was your lunch time?”

” yes mistress , but it’s ok, I’m in my chambers,”

Good god, some poor bastard is going to be sentenced by this pillar of the community this afternoon . Speaks volumes .

“Ok Sebastian , here we go then”

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