Slave and mistress Matilda 

He stopped the car at the wrought iron gates, pressing the intercom he steeled himself for the acknowledgment , but was surprised when the gates just opened. He drove down the long winding drive until the house was in sight . It was quite breathtaking although to him it felt intimidating. He parked and walked to the front door, it was several minutes before he could bring himself to ring the bell and that was only after he had given himself the pep talk he needed. This was important to him and failure was not an option , but although he was determined he also knew that his body would only obey if the desire was there, that was seeming very unlikely to him.

He rang the bell. The door was opened by a stunningly beautiful oriental girl which surprised him, for some reason he was expecting a butler. 

“You are slave?”

” yes I am, mistress Matilda has sent for me”

” yes, enter please, I have instruction to prepare you for my mistress”

He walked behind her , her body was exquisite, she wore a tight white dress with a split at the side showing a long tanned thigh, he couldn’t help wishing his task involved her, he knew if it did he would be bound to succeed . She took him into a room furnished quite sparcly with just a long sofa and a wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and took out a white towelling robe. 

“I am Star, I take care of you , prepare you, ”

Star began to undress him, she unzipped his jeans and pulled them to his ankles”

“Step please”

Then she pulled down his boxers, a smile crossed her face. He stepped out of them and as he did he felt her hand wrap around his cock.

“Mmm , you will please my mistress I think”

She began to stroke him slowly, he felt his cock begin to grow as her stroking became more intense . Then just as quickly she released him. 

” my mistress would be cross with me, playing is forbidden for me.”

Star held the robe open. He put his arms in and she deftly tied the belt, giving him a last playful stroke. He willed the hardness to remain but the nervousness he felt in his gut was no aphrodisiac and he was soft before they reached the door of mistress Matilda’s room. Star pushed the door open. 

“Slave is here and ready mistress”

Matilda was sitting at a small table, she was wearing an orange kaftan , her hair was in a large bun on the top of her head. Time and the debauched lifestyle had not been kind to her. Too many cosmetic procedures had left their mark as she tried to hold back the ravages of time, but for all of this he could see that she had once been a very beautiful woman 

“Well Star, did you manage to keep your hands to yourself?”

” sorry mistress”

“Get out , I’ll deal with you later”

” well slave, come here, let me take a look at you, open your robe”

He slowly untied it and pulled it apart to enable Matilda to see hid body. He felt humiliated , like he was a prize bull on show .

“Don’t look so terrified slave I don’t bite.so would you like to go up in your mistresses estimation?”

“Yes mistress, it’s my dearest wish”

“Then I think we will both get what we want. Much as I admire your beautiful body slave I have no desire to be intimate with you or anybody else, but I have a reputation to uphold and so as far as your mistress and all who are told this meeting was extremely sexually successful, do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal clear mistress”

“Good, now then, do you play chess slave?”

” yes of course mistress”

Several hours later he was in his car driving home. How surprised he had been, what a pleasant few hours and he had built quite a rapport with Matilda, so much so that she had asked to see him again. 

Sofia was sitting on a stool in the kitchen obviously waiting for his return.

“You have excelled yourself slave , mistress Matilda has already phoned me, she is very happy and wishes to see you again , well done. Yes I remember I promised you a reward of your choice and I will stick to my word. What would you like slave?”

“Mistress Sofia, you said I could choose anything I desired.”

“I did , would you like a female slave? Or two perhaps?”

“No mistress, I want a night with my mistress, not as a slave but as your lover”

He watched as the colour drained from her face. 

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