A couple of obscurities

Here are a couple of calls that I guess I can only refer to as rather odd fetishes, or maybe it’s just my perception , anyway check them out and make your own mind up.

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”

, “Hello, this is David ”

“Hello David, what can I do for you?”

There was a nervous laugh and some hesitation.

“Actually Sofia , I have a rather strange fetish , but it’s very specific ”

“Then I’m your girl David , fire away, I’m not easily shocked”

‘Ok, I want you to be wearing a 1970s long white polo neck jumper, I’m also turned on by the word busy “. Hmm ok let’s have a stab at this then

“Oh , I’m such  a busy girl in my flat , wearing my 1970s white polo neck long jumper , busy, busy, busy, I love my long polo neck jumper ” then I heard.

“Oh well”

I thought, oh bummer , I’d obviously got it wrong, I hate failure

“That’s me done then “. With that he started to laugh

“I know, it’s very odd isn’t it ? I can’t explain it ”

Next thing , I was laughing . He’s called several times since and always the same scenario and we’ve never managed to say goodbye because we’re both laughing so much.

Here’s another strange one

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Hello, I’m mark”

” what can I do for you mark?”

“I know this is a bit strange Sofia but I have an obsession with the word jail . Also the magazines , cosmopolitan and Marie Clare . I want you to take me to the worst jail imaginable , talk about the magazines too and compare them .

Bloody hell, no pressure then, why can’t he just settle for a quick wank like most of them . I’d need a degree in political journalism to sort this one out

” Mark, you have been sentenced to life in jail , I’m sending you to bank ok”. Hah, very appropriate name , nice touch on my part.

“It’s the worst jail in the world , cockroaches, rats, pigs swill for food, riddled with desease . Not to mention gang rapes , murders , it’s the worst possible jail you could possibly imagine. We will travel by train I’ve bought a couple of magazines , cosmopolitan and Marie Clare for you do read . There’s an article in cosmopolitan about the very jail your going to ”

” oh Sofia, that was amazing . Thank you so much I loved it ” What any of that had to do with sex is beyond me  but I’m not to reason why . Still don’t know wether he had an orgasm but he went away happy .

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