Swindon Mistress Sofia

25 Nov 2015

The art of domination 

It didn’t take very long before I came across a submissive caller, this was new territory for me and I think I should have googled a few things before I started. It also bacame clear to me that I had found my vocation and soon I acquired my very own slave harem, but we’ll talk about that later. My beginning wasn’t quite so successful  Ring Ring  “Hello, who am I speaking to?” ” this is Gerald,  is that Sofia?”  ” […]

24 Nov 2015

Be sure your sins will find you out 

I guess I’m like most people , I hate and detest liers , but in this job you have to be prepared to please the caller and if that means being a little liberal with the truth then so be it, I like to call it poetic licence and doesn’t do anyone any harm except you have to have a good memory and your wits about you to get away with it , as I found out to my cost.  […]

24 Nov 2015

Attempt number two 

Well a new day . Gave myself a good talking to and decided to give it another go , after all how hard can it be . This time I’m going to approach it from another angle . Sober !!  Ring ring  “Hello who am I speaking too?”  “This is Paul”  “Hello Paul , I’m Sofia . What can I do for you ?” “I got a great big throbbing  cock , I want you to get your mouth ” […]

23 Nov 2015

Water sports with Henry

The first think I needed to do was find myself an alter ego . I settled on Sofia. as I had always admired Sophia Lorens amazing beauty and perfect body. Oh, I’m going to love this, I can be everything I’m not , I can have my own little fantasy . There was very little training and I was more one less the own in at the deep end Ready as I’ll ever be, I necked almost a full bottle […]

23 Nov 2015