The Master And The Girl


Aww baby, I move the cover down a bit, you get into bed, get on top of me with your legs either side and I pull the covers over our heads. We giggle kissing each other as I slowly caress your hips and thighs, running my hands so gently and slowly, sending tingles up your spine, making goosebumps across your beautiful soft skin. You pull away from my lips and bury your head in the crook of my shoulder, kissing, licking and biting my neck. You put your hand in between us, dragging your nails down my chest and stomach until you reach the hard outline of my solid cock in my trousers. You grab it, making me lean towards your ear, holding you tighter I growl “So, you want to tease do you?” I dig a little deeper with my nails, as I run them down your spine, until I reach your panties, then I gently slide them down to expose your peachy bum, I want to play with it, grab it with my hands, mould it between my fingers. Our hands are over each other, like it was the first time for both of us. Kissing, our lips lock and our tongues spiralled and danced out of control. Our breathing begins to accelerate, becoming deeper faster, little moans of pleasure echo round the room.. I slowly bring my fingers to rest on your soft warm pussy. Then slowly, gently, at first, I begin little circular motions around your clit. I feel you arching your back as you start to move in unison against my fingers. It doesn’t take long before I can feel the sweet wetness as your cunt  swollen and receptive. I take hold of my hard throbbing cock and start to rub it against your swollen clit. Your moans become more intense and spur me on, rubbing harder, God, I so want to fuck you now. You start to grind your hips against my cock, but I stop you. Now, I was in control. I wanted to tease you, play with you until the waiting is unbearable. That’s when I produce the cord. I tie it around your hands, making sure your knees are tucked up against your chest. I want a perfect view of your cunt and your arse, your sweet glistening juices running from your aching pussy to your enticing arsehole. I give your arse a stinging slap leaving welts the shape of my fingers across your cheeks. I move my cock across to your arse so I can feel the burning heat triggered by my slap. Then I push your legs apart, taking hold of my shaft,I begin rubbing from your arse to your pussy lips, feeling your juices running onto my cock, I begin to tease , rubbing first your little rosebud, then up to your pussy lips, I hear you moaning, wriggling, trying to free yourself from the confines of the cord wrapped tightly around you. I stop and watch your struggle for awhile realising your frustration just increases my desire. Then I crouch down and grab your legs pulling your whole body towards me. I hover over your clit breathing warm air onto it. My long wet tongue stretched out to tease it, circling the tip of my tongue around and around. Then, I pull out my little bag of tricks, I see the look of fear cross your face, it makes me as horny as fuck. I pull out a blind fold, wrap it around your head, kissing and biting your lip as I secure it A few antagonising minutes later, you feel something soft brush along the soles of your feet, around your ankles and up your thighs. It’s really light and the bristles teasingly tickle your skin, it finds its way to your inner thigh, stopping just short of your pussy. I hear you whimper as I move up and softly brush the bristles across your erect nipples. I can feel your legs shaking with desire. You feel a warm heat over your nipple leaving you puzzled, without warning I take your nipple in my mouth biting it sharply. My nails claw down the centre of your beasts and down your stomach, making you arch your back pushing yourself towards me. I pull away and you sigh deeply, this torture is almost too much to bear. I grin seductively as I watch your body twitching , yearning for more attention. You feel my teeth bite down on your inner thigh, shocking you slightly, you groan “I want you now” ” oh no, I don’t take orders from my pet” I take something cold and smooth , pressing it against your clit , you feel my tonge press deep inside your pussy. A sudden vibration pulsates through your body, your head thrusts back onto the pillow. I turn the control up higher. Your legs shake violently tightening around my head aas I push my tongue deeper inside you. I pull away, grabbing your legs tighter and sliding the metal deep inside your cunt I turn the control as high as it will go. I watch as you curl your toes up and I hear you cry out my name, making me want you more and more. I know you are on the verge of cumming, but not yet baby. I stop again, relishing the knowledge of my complete control over you, the pleasure and excitment is still coursing through your body, your legs shaking, your body contorting, wriggling and tensing on the bed. I touch you softly, unexpectedly and you almost jump, your body ultra sensitive, I decide it’s time to relieve you of the blind fold. The light temporarily blurs your vision, but you soo focus on my stiff cock. I see your mouth open, your tongue licking your lips, then I  slide my shaft between your lips, you take it hungrily, pushing me right to the back of your throat. I feel your teeth biting into me, punishing me for  the torture I’ve put you through, denying your orgasm. I undo the cord, and place it around your neck, pulling you down I take a handful of your hair and pull you onto my cock, pushing my shaft harder and faster into your mouth, I want you to swallow all of my cum. I’m so hard for you now, as my spunk hits the back of your throat I see it running down your chin, tease me baby, play with me. Let me see you spread that hot cum over your lips, I want to taste it, I tongue it from your lips. Now, swallow the rest bitch, let me see it’s all gone. You smile like an innocent girl, proudly showing her master that she had taken it all. I’m not finished yet and you know it. I bend you over and sink my teeth into your peachy bum, then I smack it hard, you let out a yell, but that just makes me slap you again. You’ll take your punishment like a big girl, no crying, you feel the heat of my hand stinging you again, I hear you yelp. I want you to scream my name the next time I slap you ” please master, I’ll be good, I’ll obey you master” I smile as I wet my fingers and rub them over the stinging welts on your arse ” good girl, you handled your punishment well” I tease my cock against your swollen pussy, then plunge it deep inside your cunt. I push in deeper, leaving your nails to rake down my back, your hips grinding on mine. I fuck you hard now, feeling your tight pussy around my shaft. I grab your hips and pull you back and forth against my pulsating member. I hear you crying out ” oh god baby, I wanna cum all over your cock” I dig in harder, feeling my swelling deep inside you about to explode and knowing that you will too. Your breathing is laboured and fast, you grab my neck and pull me close kissing me passionately. I whisper in your ear ” not yet baby, hold it, I’m close, let’s cum together” Then, your pussy , shaking and tightening, locked around my cock, as my hot cum shoots deep inside you and your cum trickles downthesides of my cock Passion spent, we lie in each other’s arms, but the girl is looking at me in a new light !

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