The director and the PA

sometimes there are calls that really put my imagination to the test , here was one of them.

Ring, ring

“Hello , who am I speaking to?”

“Hello, is that Sofia?”

“It is indeedand who might you be?”

“My names Charles Sofia ”

“Hello charle, what can I do for you?”

“it’s probably a bit of a strange request Sofia . I’m a managing director of a large conglomerate . What I would like is for my PA to totaly humiliate me.”

Hmm I need to get my thinking cap on and pteytty quickly

“What’s your PA’s name Charles?”

“She’s called Celia ”

“ok Charles , we’ll take it where Celia just comes into the office .

l’ve bought those adjustments in for you Charles. ”

“Ok Celia, just put them on the desk”

“You didn’t even look at me Charles, am I so worthless to you?”

“I beg your pardon Celia, why are you talking about, your here to do a job”

“A little politeness and consideratio goes a long way Charles and it’s time I had some . I think it’s about time things started to change.”

“What are you talking about , silly woman”

“Silly woman am I Charles ? Well we’ll see about that. I came into your office early this morning ”

“So, what’s your point?”

“My point is Charles, you left your laptop open and logged on”

“Logged on, what do you mean? Logged onto what?”

“Logged onto a very interesting site ”

“Now, look here Celia”

“No, you look here Charles. There were two very dubious women , wearing very little , tits hanging out, crutch less panties , whips in their hands . There in the middle of them was a pathetic little man on his knees , with a collar around his neck, A big shiny cock ring on his less than adequate ¬†dick ”

“It’s not what you think Celia ”

“Shut up Charles, it was exactly what I thought , not the best look for you I must say ”

“ok Celia, what do you want ?”

“What do I want Charles ? ¬†Well I have always loved this office Charles, always loved your desk , in fact always loved your job ”

“Oh my god Celia, you can’t be serious?”

“Deadly Charles. Well you’ve gone very pale and certainly don’t seem to be ignoring me now”

“Oh Sofia, thank you so much ,that was wonderful

” Your welcome Charles, just make sure you don’t leave your laptop open in future”

Charles chuckles, click 😉

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