The auction

Sophia stood at the end of the drive gazing towards the big house.the lighting was exquisite and fell across the house making it look elegant and mysterious . She had dressed with care ,only too aware that tonight she would be surrounded by the very elite of the town.

The moment Sophia rang the doorbell it was opened . The beautiful Asian girl was dressed all in white, making her skin appear like velvet . She showed Sophia into the drawing room , where Sophia recognised many familiar faces , all from different walks of life but all extremely wealthy . She was handed a glass of champagne and took a seat next to people she had a nodding aquantance with, but she had no desire to socialise , there was only one purpose for her attendance , she needed to replace the slave she had dismissed , she had been without for too long.

Slave paced nervously up and down the bedroom, how would Sophia not recognise him , they had spent one night of passion together and he can remember every inch of her body, surely she would be the same. He picked up the gimp mask mistress Matilda had instructed him to wear , it was hideous , just two slits for the eyes, and a slit for the mouth, would it be enough to fool Sophia. He pulled it over his head, stood in front of the mirror and had the urge to laugh. How grotesque , he looked like an extra from Texas chain saw massacre . The little leather pouch encasing his cock and balls was chaffing and tight . Mistress Matilda had certainly done her best to make him feel ridiculous although he knew that was not her intention . She had asked for his trust and she had got it completely . He had become very fond of Matilda since Sophia had so cruelly thrown him out .

The door opened and mistress Matilda entered the room, Everyone rose from their chairs, she was well liked and respected.

“I am so glad you could all attend. It’s been a long time since I held an auction. I don’t need to tell you , if they have come from my stock they will indeed be formidable” everyone clapped and nodded.

” Well, let’s not waste anymore time, “Matilda nodded towards a black slave standing by the door and it was immediately opened . A beautiful tall tanned young slave entered . There was a mumbling of appreciation as he walked to the centre of the room. He was blonde blue eyed and as he gazes around the room he knew all eyes were scrutinising him . Suddenly a bid was called , it was a rather greasy short fat man with beads of sweat on his forehead who eyed the slave laciviously . The slaves heart sank . The thought of being bitch to this overbearing little man made his mouth go dry . But then another bid was made and before he knew it bids were coming from left to right. Sophia kept silent, although he was a sight to behold she just didn’t feel he was for her . He was eventually won by a middle aged lady not unattractive and the slave tried to keep his smile under control . He had always loved an older mistress and was already imagening being between her legs pleasuring her, the thought made his cock harden which didn’t go unnoticed by the greasy little man who had started the bidding and he was sleazily clutching at his crotch.

The nrxt slave was brought in and the bidding went smoothly again he was bought by an elderly lady who was extremely attractive and the slave looked pleased

Then it was slaves turn , but before he entered Matilda stood up

“Before this slave is auctioned I need an undertaking that whoever wins him will not remove his mask under any circumstances and I will ┬áinsist on a contract to that end”

Then he entered . His body was still perfect and regardless of his face being invisible the bidding started in earnest . This time Sophia had taken notice , she didn’t realise why but knew that she wanted him and so joined in the bidding. Sophia was a very successful business woman and had no problem I holding her own during the bidding .Eventually it was just between Sophia and a rather plump red head who had a well known reputation for her love of young virile slaves who she would keep on their knees pleasuring her for hours on end. But Sophia was a force to be reckoned with and although the bidding was astronomical she eventually won him

Sophia walked to the door where he was waiting , for a moment she stopped , there was something about him but she couldn’t put her finger on it . She looked at him and scowled , she would make him suffer for the unfortunate incident with her previous slave there was no doubt about it

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  1. Wow an auction is a thing of fantasy for me ,
    I would love to be auctioned off for a day or weekend with the proceeds going to a charity.
    Lovely writing and thank you for shaing