Naughty neighbours

This is very popular, so for any ladies approaching middle age, or even older, take note, if you have a young horny neighbor he may well be holding a passionate yearning for you.

Ring Ring

” Hello,  who am I speaking too?”

“Hello, I’m Simon , is that Sofia?”

“It is indeed, what can I do for you Simon?”

“I take it from your introduction your an older woman?”

“your absolutely right ”

“That’s great , Can I as how old?”

“Of course you may, I’m 64 Simon”

“That’s brilliant, do you enjoy role play Sofia?”

“of course , it’s my specialty Simon , what would you like to do?”

“I would like you to be my next door neighbor. She’s 57, very fit, married, but I fantasise about her all the time. I’m 33 by the way.”

“ok Simon, do you have a senario in mind?”

“I’m a bit embarrassed Sofia , I don’t want you to think I’m a Perv or anything, but I would love her to seduce me”

“That’s not Pervy at all, you’d be surprised how popularity is. What’s her name Simon?”

“She’s called Sarah”

“Ok Simon, your just knocking on my door to borrow some milk”

“yes ok”

i tap the table next to the phone

“Hello Simon, havn’t seen you for a while, what can I do for you?”

“Hello Sarah, just wondered if you could spare a drop of milk?”

“Of course, come on in, excuse my state of undress, you just caught me stepping out of the shower , the towel only just covers my modesty I’m afraid”

“Um, I don’t mind at all Sarah”

I laugh softly

” So I see Simon ”

“I’m so sorry Sarah”

“no need to be sorry Simon, just proves your a full red blooded male. I find your blushing very endearing ”

“Your so attractive Sarah, I see you coming back from the gym with those tight leggings on”

“really Simon, have you been spying on me?”

“no no Sarah, I didn’t mean that”

“It’s ok Simon , I’m just teasing, it’s a while since anyone has payed me any attention, all my husband talks about these days is golf”

“He must be mad, if you were my wife I wouldn’t leave you alone for a minute.”

“That’s a lovely thing to say. Come here Simon”


“I said come here. Put your arms around me.”

Of course it can’t all be conversation, you have to remember this is all on the phone and as men are very visual beings a little embellishment is usually called for .

“at this point Sarah’s towel slowly slips to the floor”

I hear Simons breathing quicken and think maybe I should slow down , there’s so much more to come and I don’t want him peaking too early

“Simon , have I flustered you sugar?”

“No , no, it’s just!”

“you like what you see?”

“I love what I see Sarah”

“Sarah slowly moves her hand down Simons body until she comes to his hard cock which is straining agains his shorts     Simon, he wants to come out to play , should we let him?”

i hear Simon gulp

“Yes please Sofia, I mean Sarah”

“Out you come , mmm what a beauty, Sarah has a nice cosy home for you to visit. Sarah presses her warm body against Simons hardness and!!!”

“oh fuck, oh Sarah!”

Damn it, am I ever going to get to finish one of these senarios

“Thank you Sofia’s, that was so horny”

“Your welcome Simon, don’t forget your milk”

Simon chuckles.  Click


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