Mistress Sofia

My breathing is short , my heartbeat tremors

The first time I messaged sofiasdilemmas

I first saw and admired her on collarspace

The lovely slim body, the beautiful face

I took several days, building courage to write

And then took the plunge late one Saturday night

I told her, I’m real not an every day Perv

I told of devotion and longing to serve.

Immediately struck by her strength and her power

That even from distance I started to cower.

She outlined her terms in a manner so cool

She told me, she’s harsh, she told me , she’s cruel.

And if I can’t cope then now is my chance

To walk away safely without backward glance.

But if we commence and set this in motion

I need your obedience, awe and devotion.

I took a deep breath and a long slip of wine

Then asked her,” please mistress , where do I sign?”

tribute from my slave Edward

2 thoughts on “Mistress Sofia”

  1. Nice. Captures very well some key attributes of Mistress Sofia. Strength, power, authority. Mistress Sofia has these in spades.