Masked Malcolm , super hero 

I love my job , because it makes me laugh so much . Not always , of course I take it seriously and I’m very professional but some aspects of it are hilarious 

Ring Ring 

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

” hello , it’s Malcolm the masked hero ”

It’s ok he’s a regular , so nothing surprises me 

” oh master , I’ve been waiting  for you”

” have you my dear? Well I’m here now, with my mask on and my cape and my big erect penis”

” oh master, how wonderful that erect penis looks”

” so my dear tell. masked Malcolm what your wearing ”

” black lace panties matching bra, black lace stockings, a red pencil skirt and a black top”

” take that top off for your master”

“Yes master, it’s off master”

“Now let me hear you pull the zip down on that beautiful skirt”

Shit, I’m wearing leggings , so I quickly improvise and scrape my long nail down a magazine . Luckily it works 

” Sofia that sounds divine , slip those panties off too”

” yes. Master”

” your masters penis is ready for you Sofia”

” yes master I’m waiting ”

” then you must beg for your masters penis Sofia”

Oh bugger, do I have to 

” master please I beg you , let me have your hard penis” I bloody hate that word

“Very well Sofia , get ready for your master to fuck you Sofia , you know what to say”

Oh god

” please my masked super hero Malcolm I beg you to fuck me ”

” oh well done Sofia , now your masked hero is going to cum for you  oooooooooooooh ”

Just one little point , masked. Malcolm is 78 so fair play to him 

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