God I’ve missed you Matt

the train seems to take forever. I try to keep my mind occupied , if it wanders too much I end up thinking about my destination and I become anxious . It’s been months since my last meeting with Matt . I’ve thought about it so much , reliving the tiniest detail , longing for his touch , remembering how it felt having him inside me , his lips on mine , his muscular body pressed on mine while his shaft moved rhythmically . My reverie is rudely interrupted by the loudspeaker announcing we have reached Paddington . I raised my head and realised the man opposite was watching me intently with a bemused look on his face . I blushed, concious that my expression may just have portrayed the content of my daydreaming . He smiled , aware that he had caught me in my fantasy .

I arrived ar the hotel early , I wanted time to freshen up and change into something more appealing than skinny jeans . I dressed carefully , black matching lingerie , black stockings and a red fitted pencil dress. My shoes were high, I was tall but Matt was much taller so I could afford to indulge myself .

i made sure I was a little late , in fact I waited untill I received his text ” are you here sugar ?” I didn’t answer , just made my way to the lift. I saw him as soon as the door opened , sitting on the stool , running his finger around the rim of his glass and glancing down at his watch . He didn’t see me approach. My stomache was doing somersaults and I felt like the first time we met.

“Hello Matt

“Hello Sofia , I was miles away ”

he slowly looked me up and down, pulled me close and kissed my neck

” I’ve got you a gin and tonic, that’s right isn’t it?”

“lovely thanks.”

i lifted myself onto the stool , crossed my legs and sipped my drink aware of his eyes watching my every move.

“I’ve booked a table for dinner”

” Oh have you”

the thought of eating made my throat constrict. My body was reacting to his closeness , the smell of his aftershave , the same aftershave he had worn the last time we met. I wanted his arms around me, his lips on mine , his body possessing mine. I raised my eyes and they met his , we gazed at each other for what seemed like a lifetime untill he took the glass from my hand. He stood up gently pulled me from the stool but instead of guiding me towards the dining room he steered me towards the lift . Just as he went to press the button another couple entered. I moved back untill I was pressed against him , I could feel his hardness , his breathing became heavy next to my ear. I slowly put my hand behind me and placed it over his hard cock , he pushed against it and let out a soft moan . The lift opened and he pushed me out more urgently this time . Taking my hand he led me down the corridor . He stopped at the room , swiped his key , the door opened , we entered , it closed.

Matt turned to me , pushed me against the wall , his lips came down on mine hot and wanting . I stretched my arms around his neck , I felt him fumbling with his belt , then his zip. He fervently pulled my dress up , lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him as I felt him pulling my panties to the side . His lips were on my neck , biting, licking. I was wet with desire for him as I felt his hard throbbing cock enter me , I cried out with passion as he pushed his shaft deep inside me . He took me hard and fast against the wall . I felt my body begin to tremble . Then the exquisite feeling of my impending orgasm , he drew back , looked into my eyes as he thrust deep inside me as we both came together . We were still for a time then he gently kissed my cheek

“Dinner I think Sofia”

i laughed

” Yes sugar, that would be nice. God I’ve missed you Matt”

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