Foot tickle Torture

Justin phones every week and each week I give him a new senario , but it’s always along the same lines. He has a very strong passionate foot fetish but especially about tickle Torture .

Ring Ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Hello Sofia , it’s Justin”

“Hello Justin , how are you? Ready for your fantasy?”

“omg Sofia, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop , yes I’m certainly ready.”

“I stood outside the entrance for a few moments , faltered fleetingly , then became focused again. I took a deep breath and walked in. It was quite dark and I had to pause for a moment while my eyes became accustomed to the lighting.

i looked around , it appeared to be empty but I could hear some music playing softly in the background . Then I saw her, she was standing on the stage, scantily clad, her hands clasped around the long silver pole. She didn’t see me, I stayed well back in the shadows. She kicked off her shoes and wrapped her legs around the pole . She slowly turned upside down and held the pole between her feet, she began caressing it like it was a phallic symbol and I had no doubt she had done that to my husband ¬†on more than one occasion .

She returned her feet to the floor , picked up a towel and began wiping her neck . She sat down with her back against the pole . I saw my chance, like an alley cat I sprang across the floor. Before she could react I had the leather straps around her wrists and tight around the pole. I stood in front of her hands on my hips, she looked frightened, confused.”

“who are you, what are you doing?”

“Well jade, it is jade isnt it?”

“Yes, what do you want?”

“you seem to have aquired something of mine and pathetic as he is I want him back”

with that , I picked up her foot and slowly drew my long red painted nail along the sole of it . She squirmed and tried to pull away.

“Oh god , please don’t do that”

I took a crochet hook out of my pocket and started drawing up and down her foot with it . She started to moan which spurred me on and i began tickling her foot more rapidly . I saw tears form in her eyes and she started to beg me in a pathetic whiny voice which just resulted in angering me

“what jade! You don’t like a taste of your own medicine ”

” I don’t know what your talking about”

“stupid girl , you found my husbands weakness, seduced him with your feet, tickled him , played with his pathetic cock with your feet , now it’s your turn”

” please I’ll do anything but don’t tickle my feet anymore I can’t bare it”

i produced a small silver flask from my bag , unscrewed the top , then slowly started to trickle the melted chocolate over her feet. She wiggled her toes and cried out as the hot chocolate ran down her foot . Then I bent down and with the tip of my tongue I started to lick the chocolate from her heel along the sole of her foot untill I reached her toes. I pushed all of her toes in my mouth and sucked hard feeling the chocolate fill my mouth

At this point I heard a deep sigh and moan on the other end of the phone

“Omg Sofia, that was so hot , thank you so much , same time next week?”

“sure Justin, take care, bye ”


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