Feather Duster In One Hand C..k In The Other


Now, here’s the thing, I have the ideal job, but, you have to be able to multitask. I can give the most amazing blow job and still have my feather duster in my hand dusting the curtain pelmets, now, not many women can say that. I can hear a guy cum and know it’s my own handy work and I’ve still managed to clean my oven at the same time, gives me a feeling of power, as soon as I have the caller on the phone, he is mine, I can make him do what I want, it’s very empowering, until he shoots his load of course, then, it’s not even kiss my ass, ignorant bastards, you think I have a low opinion of men? Lol not at all, I just know what they are good for. Smile!!

Ring, Ring

” hello, who am I speaking too?”

“Steve, suck my big hard cock”

oh, how joyful, just what I need when I’m trying to clean the cooker, some caller with illusions of grandeur who thinks his semi flaccid 4 inch dick is a  big hard cock

” oh steve, let me slide my wet lips around your glistening bell end,feel my wet tongue, licking probing”

” fucking hell”

click Oh well, back to the cooker then

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