Bend over Oliver

I think it is becoming apparent that not every call ends up being a hot blooded sexual experience . Suffice to say, there are more disasterous calls than sexually gratified , I think this is probably one of the latter .

Ring, ring

“Hello, who am I speaking too?”

“it’s Ollie mistress”

“Ollie! and what can I do for you?”

“I want to be your sissy slut mistress”

” do you?  So what is my sissy slut wearing ?”

“I have a black thong. Black bra and black stockings on mistress”

” Hmm well now , do you know what I do with my sissies ?”

“no mistress, but I have a dildo mistress”

oh bugger , a do it yourself bum fucker, always trouble

“Good, now Ollie I want you to take that dildo and slowly push it deep into your tight little arse ”

“Yes mistress, going to do it now”

well that was the last I heard from him , apart from a loud clatter, lots of scraping , what sounded like moving furniture, a few sighs and then ” For fuck sake” Eventually

“Hello, hello. Are you still ther mistress?”

“Yes Ollie , I’m still here”

“Sorry mistress, I dropped the phone , it fell between the bed and the cabinet , that cabinet is bloody heavy mistress, it’s oak.”

” Well, that’s all very interesting Ollie , where is  your dildo?”

“It’s still up my arse mistress”


“I think you had better check it then Ollie”

“Yes, it’s still there mistress. I’m just trying to work out how I’m going to fuck my arse, wank my cock and hold the phone all at the same time mistress”

“Well, can’t you put me on loud speaker Ollie?”

“God no, can’t do that mistress, my brother is in the  next room . If he knew I had a dildo , he’d tell all my mates, could you imagine mistress?”

“Yes I can see that might be a problem ”

“Hang on mistress, I’m going to try and balance my phone on the pillow so I can hear you but still have my hands free”

” Yes that might work Ollie ”

Then I heard another clatter and “Oh bollocks , fuck it not again ”

“Ok Ollie , maybe I’ll catch you later”  click


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