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Hello, I’m Sophia and I’m a phone sex operator, nothing too unusual about that, except I’m 64. So I guess I should give a brief explanation as to how I came to be doing such an unusual job for my age . Simple really , my ex husband traded me in for a younger model and left me with absolutely nothing, quite a frightening position to be in at my age. I knew I had to do something drastic and seeing a documentary on the TVs seemed to be the answer, although little did I know the avenues it was going to open up for me. I hope you enjoy my journey and find it as amusing as I have done on occasions .

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  1. Hi Sofia. It’s so good to finally see you back online. I look forward to your many adventures. Wishing you all the best for the future. Lots of love. Paul.

  2. A very good Evening. I stumbled onto your profile in collarspace but as I cannot messages until my profile is activated I have tracked down this site . I would love to exchange word or two . Just maybe I could be worthy subject for you to take and have pleasure with. I have read your fabulous stories and they grip the very deepest parts of soul and I am already so jealous of the recipient of your attention .
    Be wonderful to chat .
    Kindest regards
    Take care x

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