Swindon Mistress Sofia

15 Dec 2015

A couple of obscurities

Here are a couple of calls that I guess I can only refer to as rather odd fetishes, or maybe it’s just my perception , anyway check them out and make your own mind up. Ring Ring “Hello, who am I speaking to?” , “Hello, this is David ” “Hello David, what can I do for you?” There was a nervous laugh and some hesitation. “Actually Sofia , I have a rather strange fetish , but it’s very specific ” […]

13 Dec 2015

Slave and mistress Matilda 

He stopped the car at the wrought iron gates, pressing the intercom he steeled himself for the acknowledgment , but was surprised when the gates just opened. He drove down the long winding drive until the house was in sight . It was quite breathtaking although to him it felt intimidating. He parked and walked to the front door, it was several minutes before he could bring himself to ring the bell and that was only after he had given […]

13 Dec 2015

You want me to take my what out? 

I have to say, some calls leave me speechless. I’m totally confused as to what turns some guys on. Ring, Ring “Hello, who am I speaking to?” “Hello, this is Raymond, are you old?” “Well Raymond, I wouldn’t describe myself as old, but I’m certainly a more mature lady” “Oh great, big saggy tits then?” Great! No I don’t have big saggy tits but what the caller wants the caller gets. ” Yes Raymond they are humongous , in fact […]

09 Dec 2015

The start is her slaves challenge 

He woke early very concious of the pain in his knees. It was the legacy from his punishment the night before , he was determined to redeem himself today. He stood up and pulled his jeans on , silently opened his bedroom door intent on heading for the kitchen , but on noticing his mistresses bedroom door was ajar he crept across the landing and looked through the crack. Sofia was lying on her back , the quilt had been […]

06 Dec 2015

Love a judge in a basque 

I never cease to be surprised by some of my callers , just when you think you’ve heard it all.  Ring Ring  “Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” hello I’m Sebastian ” “Hello Sebastian , I’m Sofia , what can I do for you?” ” I’m wearing pink panties and a basque, I want to be your sissy” ” where are you ? What are you doing sissy?” “Well actually , I’m a judge it’s  my lunch time” Bloody […]

04 Dec 2015

Sofia returns to her slave 

Sofia walked through the door and down the hall, she had no doubt he would be in exactly the same position and it irked her somewhat. She had not had a successful meeting and needed to vent her anger. She opened the kitchen door  “Has my little puppy been a good slave?” He was still in exactly the same position , his knees hurt like hell and he could feel his calves beginning to cramp . Beads of sweat lined […]

02 Dec 2015

Corner shops can certainly hold some surprises 

This could be from an X rated Open all hours. It’s my little corner shop Raj, although if he’s to be believed then not so little. Ring Ring  “Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” hello, it’s Raj, I’m really  horny baby” “Mmmmm just how I like it sugar, tell me what I should do to you” ” oh baby, I wanna  fuck you , hard and deep, hard and deep, oh just a sec. Lentils, bottom shelf my love, […]

30 Nov 2015

It’s not all sex drugs and rock and roll 

When I tell people what I do , some of them are under the impression I sit about in a basque and stockings and talk erotica all day!! Wrong !!  Ring, Ring  “Hello , who am I speaking too?” ” hewo, I want girly for fucky ” ” oh dear no, I’m sorry this a phone sex chat line” ” so we have fucky?” ” lol ah , yes of course, for a minute I thought you meant” “So I […]

28 Nov 2015

Then there was Archibald 

Where do I start about Archibald! What an absolute sweetie. Ring Ring!  “Hello, who am I speaking too?” ” it’s Archibald my dear, ” “Hello Archibald, or may I call youArchie?” “Oh of course my dear” “What can I do for you Archie?” “Well my dear, I’m feeling rather amorous and my penis is quite erect ” ” oh Archie, how very saucy of you, may I ask how old you are?” “Yes my dear, I’m 87, but it’s ok […]

26 Nov 2015

Slaves punishment 

After kneeling on the floor for two hours his knees felt like they were becoming an extension of the cold stone tiles.  She hadn’t needed to chain him, that was the absurdity of it, she knew without a doubt he would be in exactly the same position when she returned. His mistress had surrounded him with flour, so there was absolutely no room for error,his punishment would be severe if he lost concentration and moved involuntarily. He knew his situation […]