Swindon Mistress Sofia

03 Jul 2016

My slaves lament

My legs ache, my knees are sore. Spending the whole of the day on the floor. Wearing the cuff and shackle restraint With ten beautiful toe nails to paint I have forgotten , what was that colour she said ? Was it deep purple or bright red? I have no option but to take a guess I carefully paint them red for mistress I know that if I have chosen wrong My chastity sentence will be prolonged Tky

01 Jul 2016

The auction

Sophia stood at the end of the drive gazing towards the big house.the lighting was exquisite and fell across the house making it look elegant and mysterious . She had dressed with care ,only too aware that tonight she would be surrounded by the very elite of the town. The moment Sophia rang the doorbell it was opened . The beautiful Asian girl was dressed all in white, making her skin appear like velvet . She showed Sophia into the […]

13 Jun 2016

That damn cage key

There really can be a problem with age when slave is wearing a cock cage Misress can occasionally forget perhaps slave may get upset now where  did she leave that little key? Looks like you are staying in chastity A week has gone by, still no sigh of the key My poor little slave keeps on following me Then I suddenly think, “oh , it’s under the bucket ” But on lifting it up I discovered”oh fuck it,” No key […]

12 Jun 2016

The director and the PA

sometimes there are calls that really put my imagination to the test , here was one of them. Ring, ring “Hello , who am I speaking to?” “Hello, is that Sofia?” “It is indeedand who might you be?” “My names Charles Sofia ” “Hello charle, what can I do for you?” “it’s probably a bit of a strange request Sofia . I’m a managing director of a large conglomerate . What I would like is for my PA to totaly […]

30 May 2016

Slave takes his punishment

He entered the room, stopped a respectful distance from his mistress and fell to his knees. Head bowed he waited silently for her to vent her wrath on him. ” Well slave, what have you to say for yourself ?” ” Forgive me mistress , I tried my hardest to finish my task in the time you generously allotted me but I failed , I have no excuse and am here to receive my punishment” “You had every chance slave, […]

18 May 2016

Bend over Oliver

I think it is becoming apparent that not every call ends up being a hot blooded sexual experience . Suffice to say, there are more disasterous calls than sexually gratified , I think this is probably one of the latter . Ring, ring “Hello, who am I speaking too?” “it’s Ollie mistress” “Ollie! and what can I do for you?” “I want to be your sissy slut mistress” ” do you?  So what is my sissy slut wearing ?” “I […]

11 May 2016

“Then what would you say?”😩😩

Once in a while I get a caller that drives me up the wall , until I lose the will to live Ring, Ring “Hello, who am I speaking too?” “Your speaking to Colin ” “Hello Colin, I’m Sofia , what can I do for you?” “Tell me what turns you on Sofia?” “Everything turns me on Colin, oral, anal, fucking. Tell me what you like ?” “Do you like women Sofia? ” Oh bugger !! “Yes coilin, I love […]

17 Apr 2016

Naughty neighbours

This is very popular, so for any ladies approaching middle age, or even older, take note, if you have a young horny neighbor he may well be holding a passionate yearning for you. Ring Ring ” Hello,  who am I speaking too?” “Hello, I’m Simon , is that Sofia?” “It is indeed, what can I do for you Simon?” “I take it from your introduction your an older woman?” “your absolutely right ” “That’s great , Can I as how […]

19 Mar 2016

God I’ve missed you Matt

the train seems to take forever. I try to keep my mind occupied , if it wanders too much I end up thinking about my destination and I become anxious . It’s been months since my last meeting with Matt . I’ve thought about it so much , reliving the tiniest detail , longing for his touch , remembering how it felt having him inside me , his lips on mine , his muscular body pressed on mine while his […]

06 Feb 2016

Mistress Matilda takes charge 

Matilda was sitting in the same chair wearing a red kaftan , her hair was scraped back and covered with a turban in the same red. She was sipping a dry martini with a green olive . The door opened and she slowly raised her eyes from the glass. “Come slave, I don’t bite. I have been reviewing my strategy . It’s not often I am beaten at chess. You present me with a challenge and I like that . […]